Fast Adjustable Small Dumbbell Blue Front

Fast Adjustable Small Dumbbell Pink Front


Andy LI

I bought this product with very low expectation based on the products price compared to other premium, similar products. About 3 years ago I actually tried to make a DIY version using a jigsaw and a makeshift massage ball. It was very industrial and not a great solution, so I was resigned to just ask my wife for massages instead until I came across this affordable solution.

I was blown away by how premium it felt and the results it delivered. My wife, who was sure she would hate it and was reluctant to try it, was also a convert and found the massaging head to be very effective on her upper back, especially at the higher speeds. At the low speeds it actually feels more intense for us, but some probably like that deep intense slow massage motion. It was also nice being able to charge it and use it untethered compared to other massage equipment we have purchased. Very good buy.

1 month ago
Quinton Yuan

This product is as advertised. It’s well made and not too difficult to install if you have experience. It also allows for a very very wide pull up grip which I like a lot. Highly recommended. This unit replaced a portable one used over my door. This unit is well build…no concerns about stability if properly installed.

1 month ago
Raymond Chan

Good quality and very useful training set , I can improve my swimming skill out of the water

1 month ago
Simon NB

I just got this and it took me from opening the packing to assembling and done in less than 30 minutes with goofing around. It comes with everything you need. Very easy instructions and the font size is made for an 80-year-old could see.

I have a standard bathroom doorway, no need for the extender but it comes w/ it for a wider doorway.

It’s very light and sturdy. Don’t buy the others that don’t have a lot of surface area in the back for support against the top doorway to counter your weight.

The handles or grip areas are nicely padded and you can always roll a towel over it if it starts to wear out due to use…
You can also take it down from a pullup bar to a dip or push up bar on the floor…it’s sturdy enough.

1 month ago
Jake Schaefer

This is awesome! My knees have been sore from yoga lately (too many table tops and forward lunges). Instead of buying a thicker mat, I found this. It’s been awesome! It’s small enough that I can still carry it with my other yoga gear. It fits perfectly across my mat and between the thickness of this mat and my actual yoga mat, my knee pain is gone!

My only “con” to this is how it was sent. It was so tightly curled, I had to spend a day to weigh it down with two dumbbells to get it to stay straight.

1 month ago
David Cohen

For the money this is a great product. Well built, easy on floor space and the wide feet make it very stable. I am a personal trainer and am very picky about my exercise equipment. This piece has three stations. Pullup, push up and dip. because I have seen these over the years assembly was easy. The only two things I did not like are: no perpendicular handles on top in order to switch grip for more bicep isolation that is nice to haves. For the have to haves, this tower checks all the boxes.

2 months ago
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