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  • products joinfit roller JS020 1Joinfit Wrist and Forearm Blaster JS020 4

    Joinfit Wrist Roller | Forearm Training | Wrist Training

    • Works with all standard weight plates (23mm hole).
    • Padded foam grips minimize hand fatigue and provide maximum grip
    • Steel bar construction doesn’t slip when using heavy weights
    • Perfect for training for all sports
    • Excellent rehabilitation tool for hands and forearms
    • Weight not included. The weight in the picture is for application reference only, to be sold separately.
  • Joinfit Fitness Equipment Hand Grip Trainer J.t.017 1

    Joinfit Hand Grip Trainer


    Dealers only – MOQ=10 or total order value larger than HK$1000

  • Joinfit flexibar resistance bar JF053 1JF053 4

    Joinfit FlexiBar Resistance Bar


    JF053  ME-N

  • products joinfit finger webs JAT063 1JAT063 3

    Joinfit Thera-Grip Finger Web


    JAT063   ME-N

  • Fingers Hand Grip Trainer Joinfit 1Fingers Hand Grip Trainer Joinfit 2

    Hand Grip Trainer | Finger Strength Exerciser | Joinfit

    • Simple, light weight, mobile yet complete fingers and hand strength training solutions.
    • A choice of either 6kg or 9kg resistance, train at your own pace
    • Improve grip strength, dexterity, range of motion, also injury prevention and rehab.  provides a gentle, comfortable way to engage and isolate each muscle in your fingers, hand, wrist and forearm.
    • No need for expensive exercise equipment or a bag of gadgets. Take it with you, use it at home orwork, – turn your slack time into a productive finger or hand training session.
    • SAFE – TPR coated steel spring, latex free, BPA free, Unscented, no toxic materials.
  • Sale! Grip Strength Training Ring Joinfit 2021 1Grip Strength Training Ring Joinfit 2021 7

    Grip Strength Training Ring | Joinfit

    • 2 RESISTANCE OPTIONS: Its rally value is from 30 & 40 lb resistance. Buy the starter ring first and later buy the advanced one. Progressive levels resistance allows the difficulty of each workout to be gradually increased as your grip improves.
    • FUNCTION AND APPLICATION: Hand Exercise Rings build strength in fingers, hand, wrist and forearms, various exercises that involve crushing, pinching and extending to improve the dexterityof both the fingers and hands. Perfect for athletes, musicians and physical therapy patients.
    • DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR HANDS PERFECTLY: This grip trainer makes you feel comfortable when doing hand exercises. 
    • EXERCISE YOUR HANDS ANYWHERE: You can use your hand strengthener at home, office as the rings are lightweight and easy portable. It is a perfect prehab tool for rock climbing, guitar playing or other activities.
    • Sold as single ring or a pair in bargain pack
    • Outside ⌀74mm, Inside  ⌀36mm & 20mm thick.
    • Toxin & smell free silicon rubber