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  • Workout Gloves Joinfit Pro 2021 1Workout Gloves Joinfit Pro 2021 2

    Workout Gloves | Joinfit

    • Workout Gloves with extra-thick Ergo-positioned padding
    • Provides the Best Grip For Big Lifters – availble in Medium or Large for Men, Small or Medium for Ladies.
    • Has the Right Amount of Padding That Provides Protection Against Painful Calluses & Blisters
    • Perfect for Weight Lifting, Crossfit Training, Gym, Powerlifting and Other Heavy Fitness Workouts
    • Two sizes for each gender




  • Workout Gloves Men Joinfit 2021 1Workout Gloves Men Joinfit 2021 2

    Weight Lifting Gloves | Men’s Sizes | Anti-Slip PU Paddings | Wrist Support | Joinfit

    • Men
      • Small : palm width from 7.5  to 8.5cm
      • Medium:  palm width  from 9 cm to 10 cm (out of stock)
  • Workout Gloves Lady Joinfit 2021 1Workout Gloves Lady Joinfit 2021 6

    Lady Workout Gloves | Open Fingers | Joinfit

    • Top grade PU and “3D” curve design for max grip
    • Stretchable mesh adjusts to hand movements
    • Secure, custom-fit pull patch
    • Color: S/M-Pink   S/M-Blue

    ME – S

  • Weight Lifting Belt Leather Joinfit 2021 1products joinfit belt JAT018 2

    Weight Lifting Belt | Padded Leather | Joinfit

    • 11cm wide (back) top quality 7mm thick cowhide (brown or mustard yellow)
    • Suede lining covers a foam lumbar pad
    • Sturdy double-stitched edges
    • Double-prong roller buckle closure
    • Double loops to secure belt tab



    • S = 99cm
    • M= 109cm
    • L =  119cm


    • Width of the most narrow part = 6cm ,
    • Width of the widest part in the back is 11cm
    • Thickness =0.7 cm
    • Thickness of padded area in the back is 1.8 cm
  • Weight Lifting Belt fortified Joinfit 2021 1Weight Lifting Belt fortified Joinfit 2021 3

    Weight Lifting Belt | Extra Support Back Bars | Slide & Velcro Buckle | Joinfit


    • 5 vertical back-support-nylon-stripes pressed inside the back of belt for extra support!
    • Adjustable, Non-Slip Fit
    • Stretch and Tear Resistant
    • Heavy Duty Metal Buckle
    • Enhanced Width: 10cm
    • Double Stitched Belt
    • Three Waist Sizes:

    • Small : waistline between 70 & 80 cm
    • Medium : waistline between 80 & 90 cm
    • Large : waistline between 90 & 105 cm


    • SLIDE STOP BUCKLE WITH PRECISE ADJUSTABILITY: Unlike a leather belt with a predetermined set of holes, the hook and loop support strap lets you adjust to the exact tightness you need for optimal comfort and support. Further, you’ll never worry about your belt coming unfastened during your PR’s. Our buckle is designed to keep your belt secure during your heaviest lifts. Whether you are a Bodybuilder, Olympic Lifter, Powerlifter or a Cross Trainer, our belt won’t let you down.
    • DESIGNED FOR OPTIMAL COMFORT AND FUNCTION: With its lightweight contoured design, our weightlifting belt helps prevent injury from hyperextension or hyperflexion (forced arch) of your spine during weightlifting. By offering support to your abdominal wall and your lumbar vertebrae, this lifting belt promotes safe lifting technique for Back Squats, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, Clean and Jerks, Overhead Squats and even heavy lifting at work or at home.
    • OUR BELTS SUPPORT MORE THAN YOUR BACK: We lift others up. Many of our belts are designed to show support for servicemen and women across the USA. We appreciate those who put their lives on the line for others. 


    JAT075 ME-N