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  • Sale! Yoga wheel Joinfit Pink BYoga Wheel Black Joinfit 2021 1

    Yoga Wheel | Premium Commercial Grade | Joinfit


    Yoga Wheel by Joinfit :

    • Deepens Yoga/Fitness Postures: The yoga wheel is a effective and fun way to open the chest, shoulders, back, and hip-flexors. It also develops balance, strength, and flexibility. The yoga wheel is used to help beginners and advanced yoga practitioners achieve back-bends and loosen tight muscles before yoga class.
    • Enhances Yoga Poses: Achieve deeper stretches to take your practice to the next level. Offers support for challenging poses and adds creativity to your yoga practice.
    • Lightweight & Portable: The Joinfit Yoga Wheel will easily fit in your gym bag or carry-on luggage.
    • The yoga wheel is the latest and hottest prop in yoga! Use it at home, the studio, or the gym.


  • yoga block EVA Extra high density 300 gram Joinfit 1Byoga block EVA Extra high density 300 gram Joinfit 14

    Yoga Block | One Pair Set | Premium Quality | Joinfit

    • Sold as one pair
    • 300 gram in net weight, scoring 45 of overall supportive hardness, top in the range.
    • Non-stick surface, durable EVA foam, high Density and Studio quality
    • L*W*T: 22.7cm*15cm*7.7cm
    • Made from durable, supportive and environmentally friendly EVA foam.
    • Advanced polishing and surface finishing craftmanship, feeling good to touch.
    • Two olor combination options: Blue + Grey  / Pink + Grey

    JAT040 ME-N

  • Sale! spine corrector pilates barrel Joinfit 5spine corrector pilates barrel Joinfit 2

    Spine Corrector | Step Barrel | Arc Barrel | High Density Foam | Joinfit

    • Three durable, lightweight exercise tools in one:
      • An Exercise Arc. With a gentle curve on one side and a steeper curve on the other, its  asymmetrical shape is extremely versatile for different uses and body types.
      • A classic Spine Corrector. You’ll appreciate the improved comfort and ergonomics — a gentler curve on the barrel and a more rounded step.
      • A Wedge for your Reformer. Slide it onto the shoulder rests, and use it to provide back support and stability for a variety of strength and mobility challenges. Especially useful during pregnancy.
    • Specifications : (L x W x H): 37.8 x 14 x 10.2 in/ 96 x 36 x 26 cm
    • Net Weight: 4 .4 lb / 2 kg
  • Pilates Ring Joinfit 2Pilates Ring Joinfit 2

    Pilates Ring | Joinfit

    • Two models give two levels of resistance – 18.5kg ($200) and 28kg ($220) respectively (theoretical force needed for making the two sides touch)
    • Net weight:360g    Dimension: 35cm diameter, 6cm handles
    • The ring is also lined with two sweat-resistant foam grips with nonporous padding that resists moisture build-up
    • Made out of fiber steel, covered by durable rubber, and soft cushion foam handles on the sides
    • Non-Slip TPR Handles, Easy-to-Store, EVA Foam padded grips
    • Helps maintain proper alignment and strengthens and tones your body
    • Toning, Stretching, Total Body, Lower Body, Upper Body, Obliques
    • Core Muscle Conditioning, Flexibility, Total Body Workout, Strength Training
    • Colors available : Green, Grey, Pink , Purple

    JAT079 ME-N

  • Sale! Pilates Bar Joinfit 2021 2Pilates Bar Joinfit 2021 1

    Pilates Bar

    • Suitable for reformer-style movements
    • Can be used for all-body workout
    • 2-section foldable stick, easy to assemble &  carry around
    • Thickened steel pipes with soft foam covering
    • High-quality latex cords, Easy to wash straps
    • Eco-friendly material
    • No-slip loops for hands and feet
    • Specs
      • 92.5cm bar length
      • 32CM bar grip ⌀
      • Resistance cord length : 78cm,⌀11mm/ 6mm
      • 875g net weight