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  • Sale! Yoga wheel Joinfit Pink BYoga Wheel Black Joinfit 2021 1

    Yoga Wheel | Premium Commercial Grade | Joinfit


    Yoga Wheel by Joinfit :

    • Deepens Yoga/Fitness Postures: The yoga wheel is a effective and fun way to open the chest, shoulders, back, and hip-flexors. It also develops balance, strength, and flexibility. The yoga wheel is used to help beginners and advanced yoga practitioners achieve back-bends and loosen tight muscles before yoga class.
    • Enhances Yoga Poses: Achieve deeper stretches to take your practice to the next level. Offers support for challenging poses and adds creativity to your yoga practice.
    • Lightweight & Portable: The Joinfit Yoga Wheel will easily fit in your gym bag or carry-on luggage.
    • The yoga wheel is the latest and hottest prop in yoga! Use it at home, the studio, or the gym.


  • Yoga Block Joinfit 2022 1aYoga Block Joinfit 2022 1 1

    Yoga Block | One Pair Set | Premium Quality | Joinfit

    • Sold as one pair
    • 270 gram in net weight, scoring 45 on one side and 60 on the other side of overall supportive hardness, dual hardness in one block, flexible application, top in the range.
    • Non-stick surface, durable EVA foam, high Density and Studio quality
    • L*W*T: 23cm*15cm*8cm
    • Made from durable, supportive and environmentally friendly EVA foam.
    • Advanced polishing and surface finishing craftmanship, feeling good to touch.
    • Two color combination options: Sky Blue + Lake Green OR  Pink + Violet

    F.T.003 ME-E

  • Sale! Pilates Ring Joinfit 2022 1Pilates Ring Joinfit 2022 1a

    Pilates Ring | Joinfit

    • Two resistance options – 18kg ($200) and 28kg ($220) respectively (theoretical force needed for making the two sides touch)
    • The ring is also lined with two sweat-resistant grips with nonporous padding that resists moisture build-up
    • Made out of fiber-reinforced plastic core, wrapped with durable rubber mid-layer, and soft cushion TPR handles on the sides
    • Non-Slip TPR padded grips
    • At least 10000+ full-compression product lifespan
    • Helps maintain proper alignment and strengthens and tones your body
    • Toning, Stretching, Total Body, Lower Body, Upper Body, Obliques
    • Core Muscle Conditioning, Flexibility, Total Body Workout, Strength Training
    • Net weight:360g    Dimension: 40cm ring diameter, 6cm wide handles, 5.5cm ring width
    • Two strength options available :
      • Light = 18kg resistance to make the two sides touch
      • Strong = 28kg resistance  to make the two sides touch
    • 3 color options: Lake Green, Cosmic Grey or Sakura Pink

    F.T.011 ME-SF

  • Sale! Pilates Bar Joinfit 2021 2Pilates Bar Joinfit 2021 1

    Pilates Bar

    • Suitable for reformer-style movements
    • Can be used for all-body workout
    • 2-section foldable stick, easy to assemble &  carry around
    • Thickened steel pipes with soft foam covering
    • High-quality latex cords, Easy to wash straps
    • Eco-friendly material
    • No-slip loops for hands and feet
    • Specs
      • 92.5cm bar length
      • 32CM bar grip ⌀
      • Resistance cord length : 78cm,⌀11mm/ 6mm
      • 875g net weight

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