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WONT CRACK YOUR FLOOR | Rubber coated head encased with 6mm odorless durable rubber, will not crack or fade and prevents damage to floors, furniture or your other equipment

  • SOLID GRIP | Chrome coated handle  – Contoured handles are thicker in the center than the edges, making for a wider and more ergonomic solid grip
  • WONT FALL APART | One piece solid cast and steel head – will not spin or come loose like bulky pro-style dumbbells. Last forever if used and maintained properly
  • ACCURATE BALANCED WEIGHT | One piece solid cast and steel head design encased in rubber offers accurate weight and precision balance
  • BEST PRICE-2-QUALITY RATIO | Only a bit more costly than cheap dumbbells that are uneven in weights and leave rusty smell in your hands
  • 5 TO 50 KG  | In 2.5 kg increments – Extensive weight range that can fits all kinds of fitness training programs .
  • CLEAR MARKINGS Easy to read weight markings encased into surface
  • FREE DELIVERY IN HONG KONG to any no-stair-climbing door addresses in non-restricted zones in Hong Kong & Macao
  • SINGLE dumbbell sold individually, BUY TWO TO MAKE A PAIR
  • 1KG = 2.2LB
  • 10kg or up takes 6 work days to shp
  • Dumbbells between 5 and 30KG are always in stock, those between 30KG and 50KG are also available but shipment time is 10  days.
  • If marked “Backorder”, delivery will be after 14 Feb 2022


Dumbbells – If you’re looking for something more robust and resilient than the adjustable type dumbbells, you may want to look at the standard hex dumbbell sets. These are commonly sold as a single dumbbell or in a set and can stand up to drops and other abuses better that the adjustable type. They are also better suited for when you are performing quick circuits or floor exercises such as the pushup row. You don’t have to worry about adjusting the weights during short rest times and they will hold your body weight better that the adjustable types.

The hex dumbbell design is a go-to standard, also the rubber coated version is excellent for protecting floors and the occasional bump with another dumbbell. Rubber coated is always preferred over the non-coated version because they also provide traction on hard floors when doing exercises such as the pushup row.

Dumbbells from IRONWOD Gym Grade Hex Headed & Rubber Coated Series combine one-piece cast heads with steel inserts, bolted onto the handle. Then the bolt is welded to secure the head for extra durability and safety.

The rubber coated dumbbells will never rotate like the conventional dumbbells on the market. The one piece design offers many benefits, this series are smaller than conventional ones and accurate in weight. Furthermore, molded end caps with numbers permanently marked prevent stickers from coming off during use. In 2.5 kg increments – Extensive weight range that can fits all kinds of fitness training programs .

Dumbbells between 5 and 30KG are always in stock, those between 30KG and 50KG are also available but shipment time is longer

Come learn from Michael Vazquez  about some efficient metabolic way of using a single HEX dumbbell for a full body workout here:

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Fitness equipment used in this video is very similar to but not Joinfit’s products.

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Rubber Dumbbell-KG-SINGLE

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7 reviews for Dumbbell | Hex | Commercial Quality | Rubber Coated | KG

  1. Watson Fu

    This product is as advertised. Very limited rubber smell; gone in a few days. Accurate enough weight for general rubber dumbbells. Packaging was better than much more expensive dumbbells that I have purchased from other Hong Kong vendors.
    But most importantly, the price is a fair price. Highly recommended at this price point.

  2. Donald Gosling (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for good basic hexagon dumbbells at a decent price these are for you.

    Excellent metal handle grips and quality that will allow you to workout at home and give you as close to a gym experience.

    Overall quality seems good, responsive whatsapp service, reasonable shipping time , SF Express sent total 200kg db sets to my door in Discovey Bay, impressive!

  3. Jason (verified owner)

    These weights are great quality and the grip is comfortable. For the price, this has to be one of the highest quality dumbbells in Hong Kong. Easy to hold, easy to stand up or stack (for storage), and the ends are rubberized to protect your furniture and the floor.

    I looked over many stores and I didn’t see anything that looked better than this, so I can definitely recommend it.

    A big hint that this is a single dumbbell, buy two if you need a pair.

  4. Carlos (verified owner)

    Why I bought it:
    – I was looking for economical but practical dumbbells for my home workouts

    Things I liked:
    – The solid cast iron is very strong and doesn’t rust or break after multiple use
    – Hex shaped ends make them to stay in place whenever I put these down
    – Grips are grooved and comfortable, gives those amazing impressions on hands after I workout (I like it)
    – Even if I sweat these don’t slip away from my hands
    – For the quality, these are pretty affordable

  5. Ada Tong (verified owner)

    These are really good, strongly recommend and wish I had bought them earlier.

    – Price. This is why you’re buying these weights.
    – Rubber coating keeps the noise down and gives them a nice clean look.
    – Hex shape makes them great for ground work like push ups.

    – Packaging. These come heavily wrapped. Kind of a pro in that your purchase is protected, but you’re gonna have your hands full with tape and cardboard.
    – No 0.5kg increment below 10kg

  6. Ke Aides

    Amazing the amount of joy I’ve gotten from these. They are high quality and the grip is awesome. I ordered two 15kg weights. Wish I had gotten some 10 kg and some 20kg weights too but 15kg is great for most lifts. I found the weights to be true—pretty spot on. There is a slight rubber smell at first and a week after I haven’t been able to sense any odors anymore. Good buy.

  7. Paula Shing (verified owner)

    I ordered on Friday and they came on Tuesday, resaonably fast shipping. It’s a great dumbbell. Just like those at my gym. The grips are good, not too rough. I’m a small woman, not dainty (see I do boot camp) and they don’t hurt my hand. I have 6, 8, 10 and 12.5kg sets now. May push for the 15kg and will def get them here!

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