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  • Single solid-iron cast kettlebells , body and handle are from the same cast, therefore extra durable
  • Extra-wide handle with sand-polished and glossy coating for superior grip feeling
  • Durable PVC coating on bell body
  • Comes in very unique modern colors, choose you weight size, Every weight size has a different color
  • Every kettle is clearly Marked to make easy to identify the weight size
  • Specially designed rubber base to protect flooring from getting scratched, or in case you drop the kettle-bell
  • CE marked, conforming with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA)

JS054  ME-E


Kettlebells by Joinfit are uniquely designed free weight system, cast iron kettlebells are an ideal weight-training complement to traditional dumbbells, barbells and weight machines. The rounded handle facilitates a unique lifting method and greater range of motion and control, and the novel design creates additional leverage that enables different muscle groups to work together effectively, optimizing your workout. Perform squats, swings, snatches and clean-and-jerk exercises to build muscle, increase aerobic endurance and promote cardiovascular health.

Now featuring a rubber base to protect your flooring!


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JS054 Kettlebell(LB)

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7 reviews for Kettlebells | Cast Iron | PVC Coated | Rubber Base | LB | CE Marked | Joinfit

  1. Linsy

    This is a great kettle bell to add to the home gym. I purchased this bell along with an adjustable one from another vendor, and this is hands down the most comfortable one to handle. Having the kb bottom padded is a great protector anatomist damaging wooden floors even if you have a exercise mat in place. The ergonomics is better compared to the adjustable kb when doing Turkish getups. The downside is it’s only in American pound, no kg, anyway, Recommend!

  2. Jeremy

    Great kettlebell for indoor use. The weight is better suited for beginners (like myself) versus someone who is already stronger or used to kettlebell exercises.
    The things that make this one especially good compared to others of similar weight is 1) its bottom is covered with a thick pad so it won’t damage your floor should you drop it. And 2) it has a smooth handle that is wide enough to be used with two hands enabling you to use it for a two handed (center) lift or use it with one hand.

  3. Gem

    Okay so I’m 5’4 115lbs right, I have the smallest hands and I hate kettle bells that I can barely grip I wear gloves for that. This changes everything, I love that I can do snatches and not hurt my wrist and I love that I can grip this easily. 10/10 working on buying more so it’s a set!

  4. Cruz

    I was really excited when it came. It came with a scratch on it , over Whatsapp they told me to carry on using it while they were sending out replacemment that arrived in 3 days later, wonderful customser service! I was really nervous about getting a kettlebell, since I am a newbie with excerise (I decided on the 10lb; Best Choice for me ) it was worth the price. I’m really excited to include it in my workout and go for a full set later when I learn more moves!

  5. Samson WU

    Love the bottom cushion as its better on wood floors. My son and I have a 20 minutes Kettlebell routine we found on Youtube. Bought the 15 and 20 lb in one go, looking to get more.

  6. Herman Lee

    Fantastic shape, solid materials, perfect presentation, super confortable. Looks long lasting and for an excellent price.
    Fabulous strengthening exercise.
    I’m very happy with the product.
    Recommend 100 %

  7. Emily

    I am so Happy with this product! I am 5’2 it’s perfect size for petite ladies, easy and comfortable handle, smooth body it makes easy transition to switch with one hand to the other and since the bottom is soft, I can always set it on the floor with ease. I am definitely buying more of them. Let’s get fit!!!

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