Frequently Asked Questions

All our products can be purchased online in this digital online shop, we also run a sample-gym in Kwai Chung where you are welcome to make appointment and then come and CHECK OUT & TRY only the product quality in person before making your purchase decision (OUR SAMPLE ROOM IS NOT A SHOP, PURCHASE STILL NEEDS TO BE MADE IN THIS ONLINE SHOP AND WAIT FOR FREE DELIVERY).

Joinfit only sells A FEW SELECT fitness training equipment through the following outlets in Hong Kong

  • ME Fitness in Olympian City
  • Grand Waterfall Gyms
  • Some outlets of Decathlon Hong Kong.

We offer free delivery for any sizes of purchase to clients in Hong Kong, Macao and some key cities in China, we also ship SOME SELECT items to SOME COUNTRIES at additional shipping fees,  if your shipping destination is not in either Hong Kong or Macao please send enquiry to or Whatsapp  +852-46299644 to see if we can sell any particular products to your place at reasonable additional shipping fees

Yes, stock levels of all our products are updated in the online shop everyday, therefore 99.9% of the time on a product page when the shop shows stock of a product is available , you will be able to check that product out and we can certainly ship it to you.

We diligently update the stock levels in our online shop however if unfortunately in very rare event it occurs that more number of clients are buying a limit amount of the same product at the same time, though your order will still go through,  our sales people behind the online shop system will know it in minutes and will provide refund to you right away in case you do not want to wait for our next restock, which is usually in a few days.

Joinfit accepts all sorts of CREDIT CARD (Worldwide), FPS, ATM, Octopus, Wechat Pay & Alipay (Hong Kong)

You have the option of paying for your purchase online with a credit card through PayPal or Stripe (you do NOT need an account with PayPal or Stripe at all, we only hire their anti-fraud credit card payment system), or if you are in Hong Kong, you can also choose to use FPS, Octopus, Wechat Pay, Alipay. You could also bank into our Hang Seng Bank account via bank counter or ATM after sending us an online buying order. (HSBC and Hang Seng Bank accounts are inter-transferable on their  ATM platforms.

We will ship your purchase out after your money successfully clears in our bank account.

Our trading currency is Hong Kong Dollar

Yes, your credit card payment for purchase at is processed securely by PayPal or Stripe. You do not necessarily need an account with them to pay with your Credit Card. We only hire their anti-fraud credit card payment system so that  you can make secure credit card payments with PayPal or Stripe, you are still protected even though you don’t have an account with them.

After placing your order online, in addition to an instant automatic email response, on or before the next business day you will also receive a man-written email from us confirming your order, payment (if paid) and delivery day range (usually 4 to 7 work days). Calling us is not necessary although we are always happy to listen to your questions and talk to you in details over the phone if you want.

Your order will be shipped through HK Post or SF Express directly from our warehouses and will arrive within 4-7 business days from the date you made your payment.

Yes, all your purchase with Joinfit Hong Kong is protected with a 5 day faulty product exchange warranty should there be any defects in the product materials or manufacturing or shipping mishandling.

However, similar to soccer ball or sneakers, due to the very intrinsic depreciating nature of fitness equipment application, no service or other warranty is provided 5 days after delivery.

We hope that our products will meet and exceed all of your expectations. However in very rare cases, should there be any product defects due to bad product materials,  bad manufacturing practice or careless shipping handling during delivery, please take digital pictures showing defect(s) of the faulty product(s) and then send to  or Whatsapp +852-46299644 within 5 calender days after delivery. We will arrange SAME MODEL replacement as soon as possible.

We have a sample-gym in Kwai Chung where you can test and try our product sample before buying, therefore we do not accept return  or exchange of products due to unmet personal preference or any particular product specifications that you forgot to bare in mind when shopping with us online.

All information you input in the online order form is used for delivery purposes only by Joinfit Hong Kong. Our delivery address database is daily encrypted and protected by double layered passwords that are safe guarded by the general manager. All this information won’t be accessible to any other party and we will not supply or sell your personal infomation to any other businesses or persons.