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  • Sale! weight cuffs ankle weight Joinfit 1weight cuffs ankle weight Joinfit 2

    Weight Cuffs | Ankle Weights | 1/2/3/4 kg a Pair | Joinfit

    • extra long body that can wrap a longer distance and therefore hold on to your ankle or wrist more securely than other cheap options
    • extra long velcro area to ensure solid attachement even if you are doing the most virgorous move ever.
    • Zero metal or plastic parts, 100% comfortness.


  • Joinfit weighted vest weight vest J.W.013 1Joinfit weighted vest J.W.013 4

    Weight Vest | 0 – 40 LB Adjustable | Durable | Joinfit

    • [You Need Weighted Vest for Efficient Exercise]: The intensity of weight-bearing exercise is higher than that of no-load exercise, which can improve the metabolic rate, so it has better effect on reducing fat and increasing muscle
    • [No Need To Worry Unevenly Distributed Loads]:The shoulder straps hold it very securely and lock it down pretty good so the weight stays evenly distributed and doesn’t jostle around and messes with your balance while exercise and training, such as running and jogging.
    • [Widening Shoulder Design Release Shoulder Pressure]: 8.5cm extra wide shoulder areas padded with extra soft sponge inside would hurt you no more when exercising.
    • [Choose How Heavy You Will Bear]: With 20pcs pouches for loading 0 to 20 weight blocks (included) gives you the freedom to choose how heavy it will be…at least in increments. If you are patient and work your way up to the maximum weight it works much better than jumping right to the heaviest.
    • [What You Get]:
      • 40lbs workout vest with 20pcs pouches, Length: 40cm  ; Width: 33cm  OR
      • 20lbs workout vest with 20pcs pouches, Length: 46cm ; Width: 33cm  

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Wearable Weights & Weighted Equipment including, weighted vests & weighted cuffs