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    Joinfit Wooden 360 Wobble Board



    This Joinfit – 40cm Wooden Wobble Board with an easily cleanable wood surface and anti-slip coated-strips would be excellent in any physiotherapy department or anyone who requires regular use of the balance board.

    There are many different exercises that works your lower, core and upper body.

    This wobble board has a 12 degree tilt and is recommended for the beginner to intermediate user. Ideal for rehabilitation and sports people, it is built to last. Ideally suited for physio departments, sports/rehabilitation centres and home use.

    Recommended up to a maximum user weight of 200 lbs, wobble boards or balance boards can help retrain proprioception (the sense of balance) after injury, preventing further injury and ensuring a speedy return to sport. Failure to retrain balance after ankle sprains can lead to chronic weakness and recurrent sprains.They can also be used for exercising and strengthing core stability.


    Size: 40cm

    Tilt Angle: 12 Degree

    Anti-slip Surface

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    Joinfit Wobble Board Elite – Intermediate to Advanced Wobble Board.


    JB006D  ME-N

  • Joinfit Lateral Balance Board Jb0161JOINFIT LATERAL BALANCE BOARD 2

    Joinfit Lateral Balance Board


      JB016   ME-N 105cm x 31cm x 13.5cm Made in Taiwan

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    Balance Platform | Proprioception Training Platform | Joinfit PRO


    Proprioception Training –  training program using a one plane balance board can improve proprioception and enhance dynamic and static balance in multiple sports discipline. On a practical level,  this Joinfit PRO propiroception training platform can help prevent injuries in different sports disciplines that feature high contact and high balance requirements.

    Dynamic Platform – Develops necessary proprioception in the elderly to the stabilizers in the elite athlete. Simulates a slip through motion in all horizontal planes. Provides secure footing and supports up to 80 kg.

    Safe – Convenient rails on the two sides provide security and increased confidence during all phases of training. Can be used with your favorite balance accessory ie: Foam pad,  balance board, half dome or BOSU.

    Adjustable Suspension Springs – two sets of springs (yellow & black) available for switching between two levels of stability and tilt sensitivity. Perturbates in both standing and seated positions for therapeutic treatments and sport-specific training.

    • Yellow springs (set of 4) : for body weight below 55 kg
    • Black springs (set of 4) : for body weight between 55 and 80 kg

    Size: 58×58×45cm


    Net weight : 8.6kg