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  • Sale! skinfold caliper fat caliper black Joinfit 1Joinfit Fitness Equipment Fat Caliper Jat028 3

    Skinfold Caliper | Body Fat Caliper | Joinfit


    Why Using a Skinfold Caliper?

    • The skinfold caliper is the oldest yet still the most accurate and economical method of measuring body fat percentage. The skinfold caliper  measures skinfold thickness at different specific locations on the body, data from the measurements help estimates the body fat percentage.

    How to Take Skinfold Measurements?

    • Skinfold measurements are usually taken at specific sites on one side of the body. The skin at the location site is pinched and pulled away from the underlying muscle so only the fat tissue and skin are lifted up. Joinfit skinfold caliper is then used to measure the skinfold thickness in millimeters. Usually two measurements at one site are recorded and then averaged.

    How to interpret a skinfold caliper measurement?

    What are the body locations of skinfold caliper measurement?

    • The measurement sites on the body vary depending upon the specific skinfold testing protocol that you choose to use. From top to bottom, generally there are the following seven common body locations usually being referred to:
    • Triceps: The back of the upper arm
    • Midaxilla: Midline of the side of the torso
    • Subscapular: Beneath the edge of the shoulder blade
    • Pectoral: The mid-chest, just forward of the armpit
    • Suprailiac: Just above the iliac crest of the hip bone
    • Abdomen: Next to the belly button
    • Quadriceps: Middle of the upper thigh

    After all skinfold measurements are complete, you’ll need to punch in your sex, age, weight and all the measurement numbers into the online calculator in the link below to convert these numbers into a percent of body fat.


  • Sale! GYM Timer Programmable Wall Timer keyGYM Timer Programmable Wall Timer 2a

    GYM Timer | 4″/ 10cm Large Six Digits | Programmable | LED Wall Timer

    • 6 Digit, hr:mm:ss  accurate to a fraction of a second
    • 4″ / 10cm large digit
    • Interval Wall Timer helps you keep track of your WOD. With various settings, no matter your workout, you will be able to perfectly time all rounds.
    • ★TABATA STYLE– You can pre-program your own 5, 10 or 20 minute (1 to 4 founds) Tabata functions, by using this custom timer! Tabata is commonly used as 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, but you can customize this setting with the click of a button!
    • ★EMOTM – Known as “Every Minute On The Minute,” EMOTM routines are perfect for getting your heart rate up. Our timer will beep at 57, 58, 59 and then hold a long beep on every minute to clearly notify the athlete(s). With the GYM Timer, you can customize your own length of EMOTM up to 20-minutes.
    • ★ COUNT UP/ COUNT DOWN FUNCTION – with the GYM Timer, athletes have the option to count up or down for their time caps. You can set the clock to your desired time, then watch the clock work its way up or down until you complete your work out
    • Standard beep volume, loud enough for indoor use in premises smaller than 1000 sqft. (assume no other noise interference such as music)
    • Practical viewable distance ~28m
    • Dimension 725*160*40mm,  220V AC
    • Net weight: 2.5
  • Sale! Mini Gym Timer Magnetic 2022 Q20 FrontMini Gym Timer Magnetic 2022 Q20 Front 1

    Workout Timer | Gym Timer | Built-in Magnetic | Portable Fitness Clock



    • Slimline design
    • Inbuilt rechargeable 1800mAh batteries – USB-C
    • Time to fully charge: 3 hours
    • Continuous operation time : 10 hours
    • LED display, 3mm Thick Digit-Line, 7 to 10 meters clear visible distance
    • Magnetic spine
    • 12 inbuilt functions
    • Controllable via Bluetooth or as a standalone device
    • Very Loud Alarm (excellent when used indoor without loud background music)


    • 12 functions, including 12/24H Real Clock, MIIT, HIIT, TABATA, EMOM1/2, FGB1/2, WRC, UP/DOWN and Stopwatch.
    • Suitable for All Sports, Training & Skill levels. You can control it through the on board button or Bluetooth APP from your smart phone.
      • CLOCK MODE 12Hours-[H1 HH:MM] 24Hours-[H2 HH:MM]
      • STOPWATCH MODE : [MM SS:MS] from [00 00:00] to [99 59:99]
        • Count UP Mode : [UP MM:SS]between [UP 00:00] and [UP 99:59]
        • Count Down Mode : [dn MM:SS] from [dn 99:59] to [dn 00:00]
      • MIIT—1min work,1min rest,99 rounds.
      • HIIT—30s work,30s rest,99 rounds.
      • TABATA—20s work,10s rest,8 rounds.
      • EMOM1—1min work,no rest,17 rounds.
      • EMOM2—1min 30s work,1min rest,17 rounds.
      • FGB1—5min work,1min rest,5 rounds.
      • FGB2—5min work,1min rest,3 rounds
      • WRC—10 sets of custom training



    • Length – 15.6cm x Height – 5.2cm x Depth – 2.4cm
    • Number Height: 2.7cm
    • Number Colors: Blue & Red
    • Net weight: 128g


    • 1 * Portable Magnetic Timer
    • 1 * USB-C charge line
    • 1 * User Manual
  • Joinfit track specific stopwatch JAT023 1JAT042 2

    Sports Timer | Track-Specific Stopwatch

    • Stopwatch: measure up to 10 hours with 1/100 second resolution
    • Split time / lap time measurement
    • Large 3 row display panel: total elapsed time, split time or lap time are displayed on the same screen
    • Memory fucntion: storing up to 10 measurements. Best, average and slowest lap times can be retrieved rotationally
    • Time and calender display on standby screen
    • Pacer mode: Pacer can be adjusted from 1 beat to 320 beats per minute
    • Battery: CR2032, low power indicator available
    • OEM Export model, Joinfit logo not printed on product.

    Application manual available in print copy in the clamshell package and also available in PDF for download in this link below:

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