Workout Timer | Gym Timer | Built-in Magnetic | Portable Fitness Clock



  • Slimline design
  • Inbuilt rechargeable 1800mAh batteries – USB-C
  • Time to fully charge: 3 hours
  • Continuous operation time : 10 hours
  • LED display, 3mm Thick Digit-Line, 7 to 10 meters clear visible distance
  • Magnetic spine
  • 12 inbuilt functions
  • Controllable via Bluetooth or as a standalone device
  • Very Loud Alarm (excellent when used indoor without loud background music)


  • 12 functions, including 12/24H Real Clock, MIIT, HIIT, TABATA, EMOM1/2, FGB1/2, WRC, UP/DOWN and Stopwatch.
  • Suitable for All Sports, Training & Skill levels. You can control it through the on board button or Bluetooth APP from your smart phone.
    • CLOCK MODE 12Hours-[H1 HH:MM] 24Hours-[H2 HH:MM]
    • STOPWATCH MODE : [MM SS:MS] from [00 00:00] to [99 59:99]
      • Count UP Mode : [UP MM:SS]between [UP 00:00] and [UP 99:59]
      • Count Down Mode : [dn MM:SS] from [dn 99:59] to [dn 00:00]
    • MIIT—1min work,1min rest,99 rounds.
    • HIIT—30s work,30s rest,99 rounds.
    • TABATA—20s work,10s rest,8 rounds.
    • EMOM1—1min work,no rest,17 rounds.
    • EMOM2—1min 30s work,1min rest,17 rounds.
    • FGB1—5min work,1min rest,5 rounds.
    • FGB2—5min work,1min rest,3 rounds
    • WRC—10 sets of custom training



  • Length – 15.6cm x Height – 5.2cm x Depth – 2.4cm
  • Number Height: 2.7cm
  • Number Colors: Blue & Red
  • Net weight: 128g


  • 1 * Portable Magnetic Timer
  • 1 * USB-C charge line
  • 1 * User Manual
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The Magnetic Gym Timer is the perfect accessory for every home gym hero, garage gym warrior or aspiring functional fitness athlete.

With a slimline, pocket sized design that utilizes inbuilt, rechargeable batteries to power a super bright LED display and speaker, The Magnetic Gym Timer is highly visible and audible, despite its compact size.

The durable magnetic spine allows you to easily secure the timer to any rig, rack or machine; making it perfect for solo trainees and small groups.

With 12 inbuilt functions including Tabata, EMOM and ‘Fight Gone Bad’, the timer is fully controllable via a Bluetooth app or simply as a standalone device.

Its lightweight design and handy USB-C charging cable  makes the Bulldog Magnetic Gym Timer the next best addition to your gym bag.


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