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  • Water Weight Aqua Log Weight Stability Training Joinfit 1Joinfit water column J.S.013 3

    Water Weight | Aqua Bag | Instability Training | Weight Training | Joinfit

    • AQUA BAG is one tough bag! Filled with air AND water, it has the huge advantage of the unstable water flowing action.
    • MUSCLE CONFUSION // When you are using the Aqua Bag, the destabilizing forces come from top down, not bottom up. Since most sports/activities are done with your feet on a stable surface, the Aqya Bag destabilizing exercises emulate the real conditions far better than those done with an unstable base.
    • FUNCTIONAL // This is vastly more functional and specific to most sport situations where the athlete has to act in a highly challenging environment with impact or contests from many directions.
    • SPORT OR FITNESS TRAINING // Excellent applications for the Aqua Bag can be found in sports such as rugby, football, tennis, golf, canoeing, judo and gymnastics as you mimic many of the movements required in these sports.
    • SAFE // Optimizes motor control and helps prevent injuries and aids rehabilitation

    Key Benefits:

    • Increase Core Strength
    • Improves Power & Strength
    • Builds Stability Muscles
    • Improves Reaction Time
    • Optimizes Motor Control
    • Helps Prevent Injuries
    • Aids Rehabilitation


  • Sale! Joinfit Pro Water Weight Foam Roller 2021 smallAqua Log Foam Roller Joinfit PRO 1

    Water Weight | 6kg | Foam Roller | 2 in 1 | Joinfit PRO

    • 2 in 1 : Sport massage foam roller, also a water-weight training bar , two in one!!!
    • Full Body Workout: The sloshing of the water will awake your whole body.  Add more water when you progress! Or fill it up and use it as a 6kg weight bar or “medicine log”.
    • Two handles allow more exercise variations to your current routine.
    • 6kg when filled up with water
    • Train Wherever: the aqua log is light and portable when empty. Just fill with water and you will be all set with a 6kg weight in just a couple of minutes!
    • 58 cm long x 15cm diameter
    • Net weight, 1 kg when empty, 6 kg when filled up with water
    • Crack proof log body made of toxin free PP (won’t crack under 80kg  rolling force and 150kg static force)
    • Covered with firm and skin-friendy EVA sponge layer, great rolling massage tool for relieving muscle fatique.
    • Rated the best hotel quarantine exercise equipment by hong kong media

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