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  • Fit Cord - Sleeved Resistance Band Stroops Slastix Alterative - Joinfit Pro - 2022 - keyFit Cord Sleeved Resistance Band Stroops Slastix Alterative Joinfit Pro 2022 1

    Sleeved Resistance Tube | Stroops Slastix Alternative | Fit Cord || Joinfit Pro

    • 4 levels of Single resistance offers: 
      • Red – 10 lbs
      • Green- 20 lbs
      • Blue – 30 lbs
      • Black 40lbs
    • You can choose the intensity of your bands to suit personal goals or buy all 4 to get a set
    • POLYPROPYLENE SLEEVE AND PREMIUM RUBBER TUBE – Protected premium-grade resistance tube. Never worry about overstretching this product or fear it snapping while in use.
    • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH HANDLES – Two strong and durable handles meet the needs of any athlete. Increase strength and build toned, lean muscles fast.    
    • UNIQUE COLORED JUNCTION POINTS – Easily identify the resistance level of your bands from these color-coded protective junction points.
    • COMBINE WITH OTHER EQUIPMENT – Joinfit Pro Fit Cord or Power Tube with Nylon Sleeve last longer than other bands when wrapped around fitness equipment or combined with other tubes thanks to the protective sleeve.
    • Length of Cord & Handles : 150cm (handles included)
    • Stretch: 4 times original length


  • Sale! Resistance Band TPE Flat Joinfit PRO 1Resistance Band TPE Flat Joinfit PRO 2

    Exercise Band | With Handles | Flat TPE | Constant Resistance | Joinfit PRO

    Original price was: HK$160.00.Current price is: HK$144.00.
    • Single Resistance Band with Handle on each end.
    • 5 kg resistance
    • Flat Band:  it does not roll beneath your feet when you do exercises that call for your feet to be the band-anchor, e.g overhead press
    • Made of commercial grade TPE, 100% snap-resistant, , no cheap latex band can compare
    • Quality TPE gives relatively constant resistance even if you pull it double its length, no cheap latex band can compare.
    • Constant 5kg resistance when stretched 10% to 100% of its length, 10kg resistance when stretched 200% of its length. (10% deviation)
    • DURABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP. This series of fitness tube / exercise band and handles are all made from heavy-duty materials to stand up to frequent use.
    • Band: 128cm long, 3.5mm thick, 2.8cm wide, made with TPE
    • Handles : 28mm grip diameter, 12cm wide grip length. made with TPR & ABS
    • Colors: Red Band & Black Handles
    • Great for gym, home, travel and office use


  • Sale! Resistance Running Harness Stroops Alternative Joinfit Pro 2022 body harness OldResistance Running Harness Stroops Alternative Joinfit Pro 2022 body harness 1

    Overspeed Trainer | Resistance Running Harness | Stroops Alternative | Double Tubing | Joinfit Pro

    Original price was: HK$1,000.00.Current price is: HK$900.00.


    • The Joinfit ”Overspeed Trainer – Double“ consists of Bungee, Padded Resistance Running Harness and Tether Straps.
    • Bungee Cords in the overspeed trainer system are a great functional training tool because of their limitless applications, portability, and low cost. Created for the extreme demands of the elite athlete, this  training tool takes ballistic movement training to the next level. Agility and speed can be addressed concurrently by incorporating resistance drills emphasizing all major muscle groups through an overload effect.
    • The Padded Resistance Harness is a one-size fits-all adjustable belt designed to withstand extreme exercise activities with the comfort of the athlete in mind. The lightweight harness provides for resistance training and allows freedom of movement while concentrating the stress of the training at the athlete’s center of gravity.
    • The Tether Straps can be used to anchor the bungee to a fixed object using included (two) snap hooks.
    • Bungee Cords are all 2.4m in length in the retracted position and can be stretched to a maximum of 8 m. The bungee is enclosed by a sleeve that protects it and provides safety stretch limitations.
    • Resistance running harness, easy buckle straps adjustable for fit
    • Harness has steel ring clips positioned according to different specific sports needs for attaching overspeed bungee cords
    • Padded harness for comfort and built to protect you when running under a lot of resistance

    ME-SF   X.R.007

  • Sale! products joinfit ankle resistance band JR010 1JR010 2

    Ankle Resistance Band | Resistance Cuffs | Heavy Duty | Joinfit

    • Heavy duty nylon webbing ankle cuffs
    • Resistance tubes are enclosed in extenable nylon sleeve which makes the system snap-safe
    • Alloy karabinars hold resistance tubes to ankle cuffs, extra safety.
    • Add or remove tubes for adjustable resisance  if more than one set and when there are redundant tubes
    • Adjustable Velcro ankle cuffs fit most athletes
    • 4 resistance options for purchase, 10, 15, 20, 30 lbs.
    • Supports both athletic stances and quick movements
    • Remove quickly to change-up training or swap between athletes
    • Great for individual or team training exercises


  • Joinfit cuff trainer JR011B 1products joinfit cuff trainer J.R.011B 2

    Joinfit Adjustable-Resistance Cuff Trainer

    • Heavy duty nylon webbing ankle cuffs
    • Adjustable Velcro ankle cuffs fit most athletes
    • Adjustable resistance achieved adding or removing karabiner-tube(s)
    • Resistance of each tube is 15 lbs each, making 60 lbs of total resistance possible.
    • Supports both athletic stances and quick movements
    • Remove quickly to change-up training or swap between athletes
    • Great for individual or team training exercises


  • Sale! bungee cord speed power Joinfit 1Resistance running harness Single Bungee Pro 2022 Main

    Stroops Alternative | Explosiveness Training Bungee | Resistance Running Harness | 3.5 Meters | Joinfit Pro

    Original price was: HK$1,200.00.Current price is: HK$1,080.00.
    • Speed training equipment: 3.5 meter stretch cord extends to 6 to 10 meters
    • Running training equipment adjustable belt with 360 rotation ring for movement in all directions
    • Build explosive movement, power and proper footwork technique during training
    • Maximize motions for a specific sport with resistance sports training and speed dynamics
    • Use for basketball training tools,tennis training equipment,workout training equipment and strength training for runners
    • Vest suitable for bodies with waistline from 95 – 145cm
    • Bungee length : 3 meters (possible 6-10 meter stretched length)
    • Resistance : 10 – 48kg
    • Includes : one 3.5 meter bungee cord, one resistance running harness, and one  set of anchor & tehter straps.


    ME-EF   X.R.008

  • products joinfit bungee cord JR012 1

    Joinfit 1.2m Limb-Power Bungee Cords



    Includes – 2 x 1.2 m bungee cords, two ankle cuffs, two arm straps and one tether strap.

    Resistance – 10 lb to 40 lb

  • Sale! Jump Rope Resistance Tube 2 1 Joinfit Pro 2022 2Jump Rope Resistance Tube 2 1 Joinfit Pro 2022 1

    Fast Jump Rope + Resistance Cord | 2-in-1 | Joinfit Pro

    • Fast Jump Rope / Speed Rope Mode
      • 2.6m long
      • Adjustable length to fit all body sizes
      • Ultra-fast ball bearing inside each handle
    • Resistance Cord Mode
      • Yellow handles : 5mm thick, 4kg resistance
      • Black handles: 7mm thick cord, 7.5kg resistance
        • Overhead Press
        • Bicep Curl
        • Tricep Extension
        • Squat
        • Deltoid Fly and many more…….
  • Joinfit Boxing Training Band Set J.R.021 1Joinfit Boxing Training Band Set J.R.021 6

    Boxing Trainer | Jump Trainer | Resistance Bands | Joinfit


    1. Light weight but Powerful: Fabric protector and strong latex tube. Soft pads for comfort and safety use.

    2. For boxing, basketball, volleyball and football sports training. Also for those people who have special resistance training needs that involve arms, legs, and lower back.

    3. An Updated Version: More professional,more efficient.Have great effect on improving leg strength,vertical bounce.Enhancing the leg muscle ,chest and lower back strength,speed and agility.


  • Joinfit vertical jump rope JR005 2Joinfit vertical jump rope JR005 1

    Joinfit Vertical Jump Trainer





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