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  • The Joinfit ”Overspeed Trainer – Double“ consists of Bungee, Padded Resistance Running Harness and Tether Straps.
  • Bungee Cords in the overspeed trainer system are a great functional training tool because of their limitless applications, portability, and low cost. Created for the extreme demands of the elite athlete, this  training tool takes ballistic movement training to the next level. Agility and speed can be addressed concurrently by incorporating resistance drills emphasizing all major muscle groups through an overload effect.
  • The Padded Resistance Harness is a one-size fits-all adjustable belt designed to withstand extreme exercise activities with the comfort of the athlete in mind. The lightweight harness provides for resistance training and allows freedom of movement while concentrating the stress of the training at the athlete’s center of gravity.
  • The Tether Straps can be used to anchor the bungee to a fixed object using included (two) snap hooks.
  • Bungee Cords are all 2.4m in length in the retracted position and can be stretched to a maximum of 8 m. The bungee is enclosed by a sleeve that protects it and provides safety stretch limitations.
  • Resistance running harness, easy buckle straps adjustable for fit
  • Harness has steel ring clips positioned according to different specific sports needs for attaching overspeed bungee cords
  • Padded harness for comfort and built to protect you when running under a lot of resistance

ME-SF   X.R.007


Overspeed trainer  (Double  Tubing) is a two person or one person overspeed training device.

When two persons, individuals are attached together with 2.4m safety sleeve tubing attached to one swivel belt and one shoulder harness.

By attaching the Overspeed Trainer to two runners you can overspeed the runner in back. The back runner allows the front runner to stretch the elastic up to 2 times its length. This then allows the back runner to be pulled forward with the help of the 2.4m safety sleeve elastic tubing. The safety sleeve elastic tubing makes the overspeed trainer safe and comfortable. It’s a terrific assistance device to train your nervous system to run faster and increase stride length and frequency, while still allowing you to maintain relaxation.

 Overspeed Trainer Operation: 

  • Hook one 2.4m tubing to a secure object or to lead runner’s waist belt.
  • Attach other end to your shoulder harness.
  • Stretch tube out to 3.6m.
  • Lead runner begins to jog forward to “sling-shot” rear runner forward at fast speed.
  • Stretch tube out to 4.8m max when you become accustomed to the device.
  • Come with tether straps to hook onto secure object. 
  • The extra tube can be used to double length of run, or double resistance of run if used in parallel at the same time.
  • Bungee cord length – 2.4m
  • Number of sleeved bungee cords / tubing – 2
  • Accessories = Tether straps & carry bag



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