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  • 10m  or 15m  long, 3.8 cm ⌀ poly-cotton-rope features molded handles and abrasion-resistant nylon shell for added safety and durability
  • Long lasting fitness ropes  suitable for most indoor and outdoor uses (kept from outdoor elements when storage)
  • Sisal and cotton fabric mix to increase rope core flexibility ( less rigid, producing more challenging “waves” than average cheap ropes)
  • Durable polyester shell increases application lifespan
  • Strongly molded end caps to prevent fraying
  • Soft but durable nylon shell covering the whole rope to avoid fraying, dirt and speed-aging.
  • Mid section is molded in extra plastic sleeve to avoid abrasion from anchor friction
  • Rope can be anchored easily to any sturdy object
  • Excellent for power and cardio training


  • 2 length options: 10m or 15m
  • 3.8 cm diameter
      • Black Sleeve (higher quality Joinfit PRO)
      • 0.95 kg/m
      • for body weight 60 to 80kg



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  • Simple to set up and equally simple to use, it provides a crushing upper-body cardio workout in a very brief period of time. Five minutes with the Joinfit Power Combat Rope and many will walk around it forever after as if it is a snake.
  • The benefit of the Joinfit Power Rope training is essentially twofold; it provides a gruelling cardiovascular workout while training both grip strength and shoulder endurance at the same time. As far as cardio goes, its application is quite lateral. Many people, ranging from athletes to the average punter, struggle with doing a lot of running. Power Ropes allow those people to achieve great results without the pounding and stress of running long distances. The extra benefit of working with ropes is that they require a coordinated physical effort emanating from the core; you have to revert to using your core as the prime mover to keep the ropes going.An added value of ropes is that they don’t require a high level of skill to use; minimal instruction and practise is all you need to get started. They are also easy to store and are mechanically simple, which makes them easy to maintain. The Joinfit Power Ropes are ideal for boot camps and outdoor applications.

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6 reviews for Battle Rope | Combat Rope | 38mm ⌀ | Black Sleeved | Flexible More Waves | Joinfit PRO

  1. Dan

    I am considered a reasonably fit 40-something, 5’8″ 165lbs, that does Spartans/Crossfit, and hits the gym 3-4x per week… I got the 15m 5cm battle rope from Joinfit. First, off the quality is excellent, I can tell these will last a LONG time.

    This is a tough workout. I can do 30sec on… then need a break. Love these ropes.. I’m winded after 30sec!

    That being said, if you are a beginner, get the 3.8cm or smaller one. I have excellent grip strenth, and still get winded.

  2. TNL

    I spent a lot of time looking at various options for battle ropes, both 1.5 inch and 2 inch diameter. I ended up ordering the 2 inch rope (5cm), 50-feet/ 15m long. This rope was definitely on the expensive side but the quality is worth it. The handles are semi-hard shrink-wrap rubber and cover about 10″ of the rope at both ends. They are very easy to grip and seem like they will last a long time. The 2″ diameter rope is very flexible but also heavy for maximum workout effort. The rope is completely concealed inside a tough nylon fabric sleeve for protection. This was important to me because I use it in my home gym with a concrete floor which eventually could damage the rope. I feed the rope around a workbench leg and it’s all well set and ready, love it!

  3. Tyson G

    I have a small space so I bought the 10m, 2.5cm one. Very good quality. The rope is very flexible and therefore challenging, I highly recommend this brand. Now it’s time for me to get back to exercising ?.

  4. Jana

    This is really an upgraded but easy way to increase the intensity of any workout! I do like the lining that covers the ropes. The weight of my 3.8cm diameter rope is good, not too heavy, but the flexibility will force you to work. I can attach it to the basketball court downstairs and don’t have to install any hardware on a wall or my house. The shorter option is perfect for me, it’s about 30 feet total, so 15 ft when using. The grips are great too, not too big for me to hold while training. I’m 5’2″

  5. Branda

    Very high-quality Rope. Way too heavy and long for me but perfect for my husband. He’s even having a little bit of a problem with it and he is a 240 lb 6 foot bodybuilder. I am a bodybuilder as well but I am 5 foot 2 and I’m having a very difficult time with the 15m x 5cm rope being it’s so long and heavy for me. You will definitely get a workout with this rope, I might get a shorter and thinner one for myself later.

  6. Hans

    I always wanted a rope for my home workout. I am 6 ft, 200 lbs, in pretty good shape. Not a weakling, but not a gym rat. The 10 meter rope fits perfectly at my balcony. It seems to be sturdy and long-lasting. The rope cover is a nice extra. This length is a great workout for me. I have average size hands and the 3.8cm rope is perfect. I think the longer and thicker ropes would be for more physical badasses. This length is already a tough workout for me. Wonderfuly toy!

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