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  • Instead of grip strength, focus on the targeted muscle groups
  • More ergonomically comfortable & efficient than old-school round handles
  • Proper form in lifting is important, each grip design is tailored to specific back exercises
  • Durable and washable rubber coated high grade steel construct
  • Scratch and chip-resistant surface texture
  • Suitable for high-end gym and club environments
  • Five grips available, with three variations; neutral, pronate and supinate
    •  A – Close Grip Pronate –  20cm wide, 13cm grip, 2.8kg
    •  B – Close Grip Supinate –  23cm wide, 13cm grip,  2.85kg
    •  C – Medium Grip Natural –  49cm wide, 9cm grip, 3kg
    •  D – Medium Grip Pronate –  57cm wide, 9cm grip, 2.95kg
    •  E – Wide Grip –  71cm wide,  9cm grip, 3.3kg
  • Best mag-grip alternatives


  • Work your back muscles, not your fingers and wrists!
  • Finally you can achieve an effective back exercise protocol without the use of  hooks, straps or any redundant lifting aids .
  • Joinfit Ergo Grips offer handle for cable machine pulling movements with 5 grip options:
    •  A – Close Grip Pronate
    •  B – Close Grip Supinate
    •  C – Medium Grip Neutral
    •  D – Medium Grip Pronate
    •  E- Wide Grip
  • Five Joinfit Cable Grips in total, with three variations; pronate (palms facing away), supinate (palms facing yourself) and neutral (palms inward), . Different grips exercise the back muscles at different angles, more ergonomically effective than other traditional cable attachement or cable handles.
  • Premature grip failure is always the cause of ineffective back muscle training. With Joinfit Grips no compensations tools such as wrist straps or other devices needed.
  • WHen holding a standard round bar in back exercises, wrists flex and therefore biceps are also flexed, at this position the line of force is through the middle phalanx; When reps go on and the exercise becomes tiring, the hand rotates, causing the wrist to extend. At this point the line of force passes through the ends of the fingers, which is not an efficient position for the wrist and make the fingers go fatique much sooner than your back muscles.
  • Joinfit  Ergo Grip keeps the wrist in a partial flexion state at all times, the most efficient and less tiring grip position. As the back exercise progresses, the wrist still maintains its original position.
  • Joinfit  Ergo Grip takes the focus off gripping the handle but puts focus back on the targeted back muscles
  • Over-gripping or squeezing traditional lat bar handles too hard always puts the wrist in a state of extension, which often results in Tennis elbow after a period of time.  Joinfit Grip keeps the wrist in a partial state of flexion, and takes the focus off the grip.



Additional information

Egro Grip

A – Close Grip Pronate – HK$380, B – Close Grip Supinate – HK$390, C – Medium Grip Natural – HK$420, D – Medium Grip Pronate – HK$430, E – Wide Grip – HK$460

6 reviews for Ergo Grip | Cable Attachment | Mag Grip Alternative

  1. Ken Carrigan

    These (5) attachments are outstanding. They are priced cheaper of all similar items & I see no difference in workmanship or design in the manufacturing. They are identical to the “name brands”. The angles of the hook grips are also the same & the various lengths are the same. So, why are all the others a lot more expensive when in reality they are of the same quality & Durability? Because they don’t have a fancy colored sticker emblazoned on the handles. These are great, why pay more for the same thing? These will suffice!

  2. Melissa O.

    You can use them with any pulley system and can definitely use them with any machine at the gym. The holes fit most of the clips I use so there hasn’t been any issues there. The rubber coating makes it very easy to grip and you can also use for different body parts like tries or Bi’s. All in all, I am very happy with the quality and have already recommended to the gym I go to.

  3. Kent

    I came across these generic ones from Joinfit and since building a home gym decided for the price why not add them to arsenal.

    First off – the quality beyond exceeded my expectations. The grippy rubberized coating is so heavy duty feeling that I can’t imagine it’ll ever be an issue for my one person use. I’d put these in a commercial gym in a heartbeat tbh.

    The ergonomics of them are just unreal. Back work is one of those things that trainees can sometimes have a hard time ‘feeling’ work. Man do these grips really engage the back to a degree you can feel. What furthermore is just how much they remove the delts, biceps, and forearms from the work.

    Ive been using these for 3 weeks and every back day I’m amazed by just how freaking hard I can smash my sets, but still feel like I have more volume in me – and its clearly because most other back work is fatiguing my ancillary muscles before my back itself (notably forearms).

    I also have elbow issues but With these grips my tendonitis is not only not bothered – but its actually improving. Back day is currently my favorite workout in my rotation just because of how productive they’ve been.

    If you’re considering these, I wouldn’t hesitate. Well worth the money.

  4. Gary

    I wasn’t sure if I would need all 5 of them when I first got them. After trying them all I knew my back days wouldn’t be the same. Heavy duty with a quality finish. I’ve been hitting the muscles that I never felt existing before. Now I can’t go back to the regular bars at the gym.

  5. Jones Davis

    they are heavy solid set coated with rubber texture makes it comfortable when used, covered in a grippy, rubber-type duracoating that is very comfortable & effective. Very effective & you’re getting exactly what you pay for (honestly happier with them on my first back day using them than expected upon purchase ~ my back is fried). You simply cannot beat this price point, In short, get it, best value for your back workout and best price.

  6. Marc Forster

    Been using these now for a good while. After suffering a serious left hand injury, I can’t make much of a fist or make a hard grab.

    The angle of the grips on these help me tremendously with my Cobra Wrist wraps w/the palm pads.
    I can’t grab the traditional wide-bar with the wide grips since it isn’t skinny enough like these are.
    I get a better handle on it and can target my back better. The standard metal row handles and wide bars don’t work well for me anymore sadly.

    If you have any deformities, trigger finger, or arthritic issues in the hands, or boutonniere’s deformity in on your finger, these really do make a difference.

    Quick turnaround customer service.

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