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  • Sale! door anchor resistance tube Joinfit 2021 2door anchor resistance tube Joinfit 2021 1

    Door Anchor for Resistance Tube | Joinfit

    • Nylon strap firmly connect to resistance tube(s)
    • Durable sponge foam jam head safe to application and to door
    • Height can be set according to individual needs,
    • Can be used with Joinfit’s or any other exercise bands or tubing
    • Put at top of door for different pull down exercises such as lat pull down and tricep extension
    • Put along the height of the door for pull or row or extension exercises at various angles
    • Put at the bottom of the door for lat row up, bicep curl, arm and leg extension exercises etc.
    • Materials: NBR, Nylon, PP
    • Dimensions:
      • Sponge stopper  12.5 x 3.5 x 1cm
      • Nylon stripe width : 3cm
      • Loop Diameter : 6.5cm
      • 40gram
  • products joinfit resistance tube tie JR033B

    Joinfit Resistance Tube Handles ( with ring for karabiner attachment)



  • Sale! products joinfit anchor P.0.003C 1Pole Anchor Strap 1

    Fence and Pole Anchor for Resistance Tube | Joinfit


    Fence and Pol Anchor for Resistance Tube

  • products joinfit belt JR017 1JR017 弹力绳腰带13

    Waist Belt for Resistance Tube Exercises

    • Durable webbing easily adjusts to accommodate your waist.
    • Fits waist from 61 to 105cm
    • With 5.5mm thick PVC padding ,padded section 9cm wide
    • 2 Moveable rings attaches easily to do cable kickbacks and resistance trainers.
    • Waist belt length 41.5 inches / 105cm,  3.7 inches / 9cm wide .
    • Attached rings size: 3.8cm (ring diameter), 5mm ring thickness.
    • For strength,speed and agility training.
    • Belt only, resistance tube not included.
  • JM034 001JM034 001

    Joinfit Tubing Rack with Wheels

    • Sturdy, powder-coated steel
    • Ideal for storing a variety of tubing and other rubber resistance products
    • Resistance Bands not included
    • Assembly required
    • 185cm tall, 65cm wide, 53.6cm deep.

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