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  • Nylon strap firmly connect to resistance tube(s)
  • Durable sponge foam jam head safe to application and to door
  • Height can be set according to individual needs,
  • Can be used with Joinfit’s or any other exercise bands or tubing
  • Put at top of door for different pull down exercises such as lat pull down and tricep extension
  • Put along the height of the door for pull or row or extension exercises at various angles
  • Put at the bottom of the door for lat row up, bicep curl, arm and leg extension exercises etc.
  • Materials: NBR, Nylon, PP
  • Dimensions:
    • Sponge stopper  12.5 x 3.5 x 1cm
    • Nylon stripe width : 3cm
    • Loop Diameter : 6.5cm
    • 40gram

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  • QUALITY DESIGN: The Joinfit Door Anchor is made with thick heavy duty nylon webbing. The Door Anchor Stopper is very large and soft, built to protect doors from scratching and denting. The Door Anchor Loop is made with an additional neoprene padding to help prevent your resistance bands from damage.
  • VERSATILITY: Works on all points of the door. The Joinfit Door Anchor utilizes dense but soft foam, it can secure your bands at all points along the 3 sides of the door. This feature greatly increases the number of exercises that you can perform.
  • PROTECTION: The soft foam end of the anchor (stopper) will help prevent scratching and denting of your door. This becomes important as you stretch the bands create great force between the anchor and your door. The front side of the anchor (loop) incorporates neoprene padding. This will help preserve your bands by creating a so

5 reviews for Door Anchor for Resistance Tube | Joinfit

  1. Mars

    If your gym is closed or if you just prefer working out at home, you’ll definitely need one of these gizmos. This door anchor is definitely heavy duty but is light as a feather and won’t damage your door. I’m a guy who lifts weights so I like to double up on my heavier bands. This means I’m putting more pressure on my door. This anchor holds up nicely and can handle the pressure either near the top or bottom of the door.

    You may want to get 2 so that you can get better utility out of your bands.

  2. Eric D

    These are a must for resistance band training. The door anchors that come with most kits damage the bands and are far from safe. I bought three so I dont have to continuously change positions of just one and I can set up my workout from the start. These are safe and save the bands from damage.

  3. Nordic

    Such a simple yet clever design! The strap is really well made and long enough to easily fit it around the door in whatever position you prefer. I have used it on the top of the door and on the side where the door knob is. I thought that one would give me problems because there’s nothing to keep it in position. I have really put stress on it and it holds solidly. This is well designed and well made with good materials that don’t leave a mark on the door and don’t cause any wear on my tubes. Good purchase!

  4. Bryan Kelly

    I purchased this after receiving my order of resistance bands to work out at home during these times. The set I received came with a door anchor, but it was a bit too small for my taste. I was afraid that for the exercises I was performing that the anchor included would not last and possibly break during a workout (ouch!) I feel much better (and safer!) that I am now using this heavy duty anchor with the resistance bands. I can now workout without having to worry that I’m going to get whacked in the face or back! Highly recommended.

  5. Nancy

    Purchased this product to aid with the use of resistance bands during work-out. I must say, I found the door anchor to be very solid; and able to hold and support the use of three bands thus far!

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