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  • Sale! Balance Cushion Air Filled Beginner Joinfit 3Joinfit Balance Cushion J.B.007A 1

    Balance Cushion | Air-Filled | Easier | Beginner | Joinfit

    • Less floppy, easier to achieve balance, suitable for beginners
    • Size: 35cm
    • Massage surface on one side only
    • Colour: Blue
    • Main Material: PVC Plastic
    • Presented In: Colour Box
    • Air pump included
    • Packed Weight: 1.40kg




  • Sale! products joinfit balance pad JB001C 1products joinfit balance pad JB001C 5

    Balance Pad | Stability and Balance Trainer | Commercial Grade | Alternative to Theraband & Airex | JOINFIT

    • Soft but solid specialty TPE foam suitable for training and restoring motor skills and balance
    • Balance pad combines both exercise and balance skills to increase strength, stamina, and coordination
    • Balance and stability trainer does not absorb water and is pre-sanitized
    • Great for balance, mobility, standing stability, and motor-skill training
    • Improve joint stability through moderate instability
    • Tear-resistant TPE foam for long-time use
    • Measures 47cm in length, 39cm in width, 6cm thick.
    • Packing weight 2kg
    • Blue in color



  • Sale! Balance Cushion Air Filled Advanced Joinfit 1Balance Disc Air Joinfit 2021 1

    Balance Cushion | Air-Filled | Intermediate | Joinfit

    • More floppy, more difficult to achieve balance
    • Massage surfaces on BOTH sides
    • 34cm in diameter
    • Max user weight = 400 lb
    • 6mm thick ultra durable PVC skin
    • Air pump included



  • balance disc Joinfit 1Abalance disc Joinfit 1

    Balance DIsc | Flat Edge | Floppy | Advanced | Joinfit

    • Flat edge, more  floppy , for  experienced users
    • Massage surfaces on BOTH sides
    • 34cm in diameter
    • Max user weight = 400 lb
    • 6mm thick ultra durable PVC skin
    • Presented in Box


  • Sale! Stability Disc Balance Pad Theraband Alternative Joinfit Pro 2022 Front keyStability Disc Balance Pad Theraband Alternative Joinfit Pro 2022 box

    Stability Trainer Disc | Inflatable Balance Pad | TheraBand Alternative | Joinfit Pro

    • ideal for preventing injuries specifically ankle injuries. The trainers can be used to strengthen the joints and ligaments of the ankles to help prevent and sprains, strains or injuries that could occur.
    • Inflat / deflatable to adjust stability levels.
    • heavy duty PVC, and molded in closed-cell foam
    • Disc Diameter :33cm, 4.8cm tall.


    X.B.007A   ME-SF

  • products joinfit balance pods J.B.020 1products joinfit balance pods J.B.020 3

    Joinfit 4pc Balance Pods




    The Joinfit Balance Pods are a great way to improve overall balance and core conditioning.
    With the Joinfit Balance Pods you can do a wide range of exercises which covers the lower body, core and upper body, the inflatable pods can be arranged so that you can step from one to another or used individually. They can also be used on both sides (pebble side downwards to make it even more challenging).
    Ideal for developing balance and motor skills.
    Features: 4 x Balance Pods



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