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  • Sale! weight plate rubber grip holes Olympic 1weight plate rubber grip holes Olympic 2

    Weight Plates | Olympic | Tri-Grip | Rubber Coated Iron | Joinfit

    • Buy 2 to make a pair
    • Thick rubber coated, durable, provides years of trouble free performance without cracking, fading or damage to floors and equipment
    • Quality single piece cast iron, never breaks down.
    • Easy to hold, grip & pick up, doubled as Plate-bells!
    • Aesthetically pleasing design that will enhance the look of the free weight area!
    • 50mm hole that will fit all Olympic barbells
    • Large weight labels in Kg for easy identification
    • Additional ‘ridging’ on handles for grip!
    • Available in 25, 20, 15, 10, 7.5, 5, 2.5, 1.25 kg
  • Weight Lifting Bumper Plate Fractional 2022 FrontWeight Lifting Bumper Plate Fractional 2022 all bb

    Small Barbell Weight Plates | Fractional Bumper Plates

    • Fractional Bumper Discs meet high demands of International Weightlifting Federation (IWF)
    • 1.25kg – Green 225mm diameter x 20mm thickness
    • 2.5kg – Blue 305mm diameter x 23mm thickness
    • 5kg – Red 375mm diameter x 28mm thickness
    • Collar Opening : 508mm
    • Sold in Pairs, no single discs available.
  • Weight Plate Tri Grip Plate Chrome 2022 frontVitox Chrome Plates JOINFIT 8

    Weight Plate | Olympic Tri-Grip Barbell | Chrome Coated | KG

    • Buy 2 to make a pair
    • Durable, quality chrome coated cast iron
    • Provides years of trouble free performance without cracking, fading or damage to floors and equipment
    • Aesthetically pleasing design that will enhance the look of the free weight area!
    • Easy to hold, grip & pick up!
    • 50mm hole hole that will fit all Olympic bar with 50mm loading sleeves
    • Large weight labels in Kg for easy identification
    • Additional ‘ridging’ on handles for grip!
    • Trip-Grip Plates available in 25, 20, 15, 10,  5 kg, 2.5kg and 1.25kg



  • JM076 6JM076 7

    Weight Plate | Olympic Weight | Grip Holes | Qdourless Rubber | Sand Finishing | Joinfit

    • Colors:Black body,
    • Surface finishing: sand-feel-sprayed with scratch-resistant rubber coating, more resistant to scratching than average rubber weight plates.
      • 2.5kg:dia. 22cm,thickness: 2.5cm
      • 5kg:dia. 25cm,thickesns: 3.5cm
      • 10kg:dia. 32cm,thickesns: 3.6cm
      • 15kg:dia. 36cm,thickesns: 4.1cm
      • 20kg:dia. 40cm,thickesns: 4.3cm
      • 25kg:dia. 43cm,thickesns: 4.6cm
    • Buy 2 to make a pair
  • Olympic Weight Lifting Bumper Weight Plate Joinfit Pro 1 15Olympic Weight Lifting Bumper Weight Plate Joinfit Pro 1 5

    Olympic Weight Lifting Bumper | Bumper Plate | Urethane | KG | Joinfit PRO

    • Thinner design than other styles of bumper plate- fit more weight on the bar.
    • Extremely durable, will last for years in a garage or gym.
    • At a glance differentiate weights with these color-coded plates.
    • Expertly designed stainless steel “hooked” insert that remains firmly seated.
    • Higher density virgin rubber means thinner bumpers and you can fit more weight on the bar.
    • Low, dead bounce makes these safe in tight spaces.
    • Premium, proven and consistent performance at a great value
    • IWF standard dimensions, 45cm plate diameter
    • 14cm hardened chrome steel center hub with 52mm center bore
    • One-piece steel hub, no bolts or welds
    • PU shell is molded, cured and adhered to an inner flange to ensure strength and stability of the bumper as one unit

    JM068  ME-9

  • Tri Grip Olympic Weight Plate Black 2022 20kgTri Grip Olympic Weight Plate Black 2022 front

    Weight Plate | Tri-Grip Plate | Olympic Grip Plate

    • Classy appearance, full Commercial Rated – Garage Gyms, School Weight Rooms, Fitness Studios and Commercial Gyms
    • Plate Material: Solid cast iron
    • Classy Plate Coating: High quality, impact resistant rubber helps protect facility floors and surrounding equipment from abrasions
    • Bright markings make weight identification easy from any distance
    • Three gripping areas in each plate make carrying, loading and offloading plates safer and easier (except for 1.25 & 2.5kg plate)
    • Heavy-duty rubber coating will not split, crack or peel and are impervious to rusting, chipping and flaking
    • Plates feature a 2″ or 5cm diameter heavy gauge metal hub that accepts Olympic bars only
    • Plate Weight Markings: kg.
    • Reduce noise and vibration during workouts
    • Great for barbell and machine training, gaining strength and adding muscle
  • Olympic Weight Plate Rack Hong Kong Joinfit Free Delivery 8Olympic Weight Plate Rack Hong Kong Joinfit Free Delivery 8

    Olympic Barbell Rack | Weight Plate Holder

    • Olympic weight tree / rack with six 5cm-by-18-cm Olympic plate storage posts
    • Holds up to 300 kg of weight in several configurations
    • Keeps plates safely suspended off the floor for easy storage and removal
    • Evenly distributed weight-loaded system
    • Measures 57 x 46 x 93 cm (W x H x D)
    • Fit all Olympic sized plates of 5cm diameter hole
    • Rack only, the weight plates in the pictures are for application reference only and are sold separately.
    • Come as parts in boxes, self-assembly required.
    • 10kg net weight


  • Tri Grip Olympic Weight Colors 2022 15kg YellowTri Grip Olympic Weight Colors 2022 Front d

    Coloured Grip Plates | Olympic Weight Plates

    • 3 hand grips per plate (from 10kg) for safe lifting and loading onto bars, equipment or for stand alone exercises
    • Single piece, premium quality cast center core
    • High content virgin rubber
    • 52.5mm bore hole
    • Suitable for commercial gyms, PT’s & home set ups
    • +/- 2% tolerance of claimed weight
    • Sold as singles, buy two to make a pair
  • Bumper Rack Cart 2021 1Bumper Rack Cart 2021 2

    Horizontal Plate Rack | Bumper Cart

    • Black
    • Rack holds a full configuration of Bumper Plates
    • Handle and wheels allow for easy movement around your facility
    • Designed for use on a per platform basis, these plate racks conveniently deliver a complete(or partial) set of bumper weight plates directly to the athlete.
    • Dimensions:
      150cm L x 40cm W x 29m H.    Five slots

      • N.W.:  14kg


  • Fractional Discs Steel 2022 FrontFractional Discs Steel 2022 1

    Fractional Plate Set | Steel | Small Weight Plate Set

    • Material: Steel
    • Minimum weight deviation
    • Weight indication in kg
    • Suitable for all Olympic weight bars (50 mm)
    This set includes:
    • 2 x 0.25 kg (Green)
    • 2 x 0.5 kg (Yellow)
    • 2 x 0.75 kg (Blue)
    • 2 x 1 kg (Red)
    • Total 8 plates in a set
    • Sold as one set, no individual single plates available
  • Training Bumper Plate 2022 5kgTraining Bumper Plate 2022 2

    Training Bumper Plates | Black

    • 450 mm diameter
    • 51 mm diameter stainless steel barbell hole
    • Premium quality
    • Pure rubber construction, designed for Olympic barbells and weightlifting.
    • Suitable for the toughest workouts, including commercial use.
    • Singe plate sold individually, buy TWO to make a pair
  • plate rack joinfitJM019 5 1

    Weight Plate Tree for Olympic Size Weight Plates

    • Stores Olympic size weights plates with 5cm hole on 7 posts (3 sides x 2 poles + 1 top pole); weights not included
    • Load capacity up to 440 lb/200 kg
    • Triangular configuration for stability
    • Keeps weights in one location to free up floor space
    • Durable & classy powder coated finish, suitable for commercial gyms or high end home gyms.
    • Measures 138 x 34 x 79 cm; each pole is 40 cm long
    • Net weight = 20kg


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The 3 Categories of Weight Plates

  • No matter home or commercial use, it is very important to understand the differences between and purposes of the three categories of weight plates available in the fitness industry.

  • 1-Olympic Weight Plates have a 50mm / 2" diameter center hole, this is the standard size across the fitness industry anyhere. They fit all commercial Olympic bars and all Sterling range gym equipment. Joinfit only carry this type of weight plates.

  • 2-Standard Weight Plates only have a 26mm/ 1" diameter hole and will not fit on an Olympic bar. Though they are made with much more inferior materials and lower tech production process, they were once popular for home gyms. However this has changed because prices of commercial range equipment dropping a lot in the recent decade. Joinfit DO NOT carry any bars or weight plates from this category.

  • 3-Studio Barbell or Weight Plates are specific to group exercise. They have a small 26-30mm center hole, often an essential tool in classes like Les Mills' body pump, in which participants typically do not work with very heavy loads. These weight plates are usually rubber or plastic coated, smaller in size, with grips or handles and colorfully colored. They are much smaller in size and therefore are easy to store, Joinfit carries one very good quality example of such barbell here:

  • Olympic Weight Plates & Bumpers

  • Olympic weight plates are much more stable on the weight lifting bar. They are much more versatile - The number of exercises you can do with Olympic weight plates far outweighs standard weight plates.

  • Olympic weight lifting bars are built to hold a greater total weight Most power racks and weight benches are made to fit the 2.2 meter / 7ft Olympic bars, as opposed to a shorter standard bar. Therefore Joinfit only carry and promote Olympic weight plates and bars.