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  • Vibration Bar Alterative to FlexiBar Joinfit PRO 4Vibration Bar Alterative to FlexiBar Joinfit PRO 2

    Vibration Bar | Flexi-Bar Alternative | Joinfit PRO


    Light: Yellow Band

    • 1.43m long
    • 460gram

    • 7.9mm pole diameter

    Medium: Green Band

    • 162cm long
    • 590gram

    • 9.5mm pole diameter

    Strong: Red Band

    • 162.5cm long
    • 600gram

    • 9.9mm pole diameter

    ME-N   X.C.009

  • Sale! Flexi Bar Alternative Adjustable 2022 Joinfit front AFlexi Bar Alternative Adjustable 2022 Joinfit front

    Flexi-Bar Alterative | Bodyblade Alternative | Adjustable Oscillation Frequency | Joinfit

    • Joinfit Oscillating Bar is a true all-rounder and a better alternative to Flexi-Bar and Bodyblade. It’s oscillation frequency (therefore difficulty) can be adjusted by positioning differently the weight wedges on each end of the bar.
    • Various levels of oscillation frequency can be used to improve your endurance, coordination, posture, stability and body perception.
    • No single joint or muscle is the same,  no matter your objective is rehab or improving sport performance, one adjustable oscillating bar can cover all the needs for different scenarios.
    • After adjusting the weight leverage, the trickier or easier it is to get the bar to oscillate. Moving the weights closer to the center make it even more challenging to use as it feels significantly heavier. For an easy workout, move the weights away to the end so it becomes easier for the bar to oscillate.
    • Smooth and variable resistive workout. Adjusts to the fitness level of the user. Challenges every major muscle group.
    • Lightweight and portable – travels anywhere.
    • Length: 152cm
    • Difficulty options : 4 different levels
    • Color options : Lake Green or Black

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