Refund, Return, Terms & Conditions

1,Unless otherwise specified on particular product page, we can ship your purchase to you in 4 to 7 work day, depending on remoteness of your shipping address in Hong Kong. We always try sooner delivery if any opportunities arise. 

2,  No change, refund, return or cancellation of order is allowed after payment, please conclude your order very carefully.


  • We can ship your purchase to you in 4 to 7 work days, depending on remoteness of your shipping address in Hong Kong. We always try sooner delivery if any improving opportunities arise.
  • After successfully placing your purchase order online, on or before the next business day you will receive a man-written email from us confirming your order, payment and delivery DAY RANGE. (no specific delivery time can be promised).
  • Our key delivery contractor is SF Express (in some cases Hong Kong Post also). They run the best delivery services locally in Hong Kong, however SF Express usually only deliver between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday. If delivering to residential address but you do not have anyone to answer the door in DAY TIME, or you would need to go the distance to make special labor arrangement to wait for the delivery at home, to avoid disappointment then we would suggest you choose to ship your purchase to your work address or pick up your purchase at one of the SF Locations instead because SF Express CANNOT handle request for delivery at any specific time.
  • For delivery of non-cardio-machine items, on the delivery day  (usually in 4 to 7 work days) a SF delivery guy will call you ahead but in the phone call he can only promise delivery in a period from usually as little as 30 minutes to sometimes as much as 6 hours depending on their run-down of the day, if their proposed delivery time of the day doesn’t fit you, on the phone the delivery guy will try to work out the best time on the next day with you and so on until a mutual convenient time is agreed on.
  •  Joinfit understands that if waiting anxiously for a delivery at home in a time-tight, schedule-rushing or labor costing manner could be a very disappointing experience. If delivering to work address and self-pick up at any SF Location is not a possible option to you, we suggest if your residence has a concierge or security post, please ask them to do you a favor by signing off, receiving, keeping and later passing the parcel(s) to you in case no one answers the door when delivery, in this way you can stay relaxed and enjoy using our equipment happily when they arrive in our promised delivery period (usually 5 to 7 work days)
  • If unfortunately anyway residential address is the only place you can receive your purchase and no one can answer the delivery in day time or you would need to sacrifice precious time or trading other important appointments or even a day of work for waiting for delivery of your purchase , in such case we apologize that our operation limits do not allow us to meet your delivery service expectations very well, it would be at your own discretion if you should buy from us in such condition.
  • We hope that our products will meet and exceed all of your expectations and we have very stringent quality control procedures in place to avoid faulty products being shipped out. However in very rare cases, should there be any product defects due to faulty product materials,  bad manufacturing practice or abusive shipping handling, please take digital pictures showing defect(s) of the faulty product(s) and then send to within 5 calendar days after delivery. After our verifying the defects, you will be asked to come to our office in Kwai Chung for SAME MODEL product exchange at a specific time in office hours on weekdays.
  • We provide full refund ONLY in case we cannot provide product exchange for defective items.
  • However, similar to soccer ball or sneakers, due to the very intrinsic depreciating nature of fitness equipment application, no service warranty or other product warranty is provided 5 days after delivery.
  • We provide 1 year warranty on parts on all cardio machines, rigs and racks covering manufacturing defects only (no warranty service on any other products), and such warranty would be voided should the equipment be used inappropriately, such as exposing the equipment to outdoor elements.
  • If you are not sure what products can fit your needs, we have a sample room in Kwai Chung where you can make an appointment with us for coming to test and try our product sample before buying, therefore we do not accept requests for refund, return  or exchange for other products due to unmet personal preference, careless mistakes when ordering or any particular product specifications that you forgot to bare in mind when shopping with us online.
  • Please whatsapp  852-46299644 between 10am and 6pm Monday to Friday (non-holiday) if you have any questions regarding your order. (English/Chinese)
  • We provide free delivery to any DOOR ADDRESSES in Hong Kong for any sizes of purchase from this online shop, no extra postage or shipping fee needed even you buy only one item, assuming that your delivery address is a door address that private vehicles can reach in day time without the need for special permit, and no climbing any stairs is needed, OTHERWISE you may be asked to pay extra porter fee by delivery company when delivery.
  • For example, though this is very rare in Hong Kong, if you order a pair of 20kg dumbbells from us and your delivery address is the third floor of a no-elevator villa that only a walking trail can reach, Our delivery contractor SF Express may ask you to pay them a few hundred dollar additional porter fee on site when delivery.
  • In case you place an order with us and pay us successfully based on incorrect number(s) of stock inventory or incorrect price value(s) shown in our online shop stemming either from our system glitches or malicious online hacking that make us not able to provide you with the item(s) in your purchase, we will return the money you paid via Credit Card/ PayPal / STRIPE / FPS / Cash Cheque to you or other fastest means as soon as possible and we have the right to cancel your purchase order (even after you receive an order confirmation our system sends to you after your placing the order). We bear no liability or obligation of any values more than returning the money you paid us.

Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program using Joinfit’s products. Discontinue exercise and consult your physician again if you feel faint, ill or experience any unusual discomfort. Not all exercises and Joinfit’s fitness equipment products are for suitable for everyone, and use of Joinfit’s fitness equipment may result n injury. Any user of Joinfit’s exercise equipment assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing the exercises or utilizing any Joinfit’s equipment. Extreme care must be taken in selecting and using properly selected, assembled and maintained Joinfit exercise equipment. The instructions and advice presented in our website  are in no way a substitute for medical counseling. The creators, producers and owners of Hong Kong Joinfit Sports Company disclaim any liabilities in connection with Joinfit fitness equipment,  exercise and advice herein.

Last updated on 21th August 2022