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  • Sale! suspension trainer TRX alternative Joinfit coversuspension trainer TRX alternative Joinfit 5

    Suspension Trainer | TRX Alternative | Extra Durable | Joinfit Pro


    Workout anywhere with this lightweight, portable suspension trainer to earn the results you want on your schedule

    • User-friendlyThe suspension trainer can be set up in seconds. It comes with quick snap carabiners and one pull strap adjustment which allow you to assemble it in no time.
    • Versatility: You can enjoy a diverse workout routine with very few components. This is a multipurpose, multitasking device which gives you the convenience of training anywhere. It also takes up less space, and you can exercise various muscle groups with a single piece of equipment.
    • Portability: The suspension trainer is easy to carry even when you are traveling, thanks to the compact mesh bag provided. It can be packed into a bag or a suitcase with ease.
    • Great Value for money
    • 1.5-inch thick military grade webbing,
    • Extra durable nylon fabric and metal parts
    • Slip-resistant stabilizer ring and grip handles
    • Two Suspension straps + Extender Strap + Door anchor + Travel Carry Bag

    X.F.009    ME-SF

  • Sale! Gymnastic Rings Wood FIG Joinfit 1Gymnastic Rings Wood FIG Joinfit 2

    Gymnastic Rings | Wood |

    • Clear length markings on both straps, you can easily tell both sides are of the same height or not when adjusting.
    • 500kg / 1100 lbs capacity : The 32mm exercises gymnastic rings made of birch wood, wide enough for comfortable grip. The pull up rings have great load-bearing capacity up to 500kg / 1100 lbs, very secure and strong
    • 1.5” Wider Straps And Touch Fastener: Our 1.5 inches/3.8cm wide straps are wider than other cheap rings on the market,  durable and safer. The adjustable straps with scale markings ensure that the training rings are at the same height.
    • Secure Serrated Edge Buckle: The interior of the buckle adopts serrated contact surface, the biting force of which is stronger and safer. The straps are 4.5m long, so there is enough length and you can adjust freely as required.
    • Set of gymnastic rings for working muscles in coordinated manner
    • Facilitate body weight exercises as push-ups, iron cross, dips, pull-ups, and more
    • Better grip than Abs plastic ones when you need to use chalk to neutralize sweat on palms.
    • Straps made of premium-quality nylon fabric with combined 250 kg break strength each
    • Nylon Webbing Straps (W x L): 3.8cm X 4.5m, extra-long; easy to adjust
    • Quick-Adjust buckles
    • The Wood Rings:
      • Inside Diameter of the rings 17 cm
      • Total Diameter of the rings 23.5 cm
      • Grip Diameter 32 mm
    • Maximum Load: 500 KG
    • Net weight: 1.8 kg
    • A pair of bolts and karabiners are included, or you can also consider buying two of our ring hanger if you want to upgrade the hanging facilities
    • The latest products do not bear our Joinfit logo
  • products joinfit Gym ring anchor J.C.044 3products joinfit Gym ring anchor J.C.044 4

    TRX | Suspension Trainer | Gym Ring Anchor


    anchor diameter: 11.7cm

    Anchor tip:  7cm

    bolt : 8cm


  • JM031 TRX悬挂架2JM031 TRX悬挂架2

    Joinfit Suspension Trainer Hanger


    JM031B   ME-N


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Is calisthenics better than weightlifting?

  • There is no “best” between calisthenics and weightlifting. There are significant differences and benefits in both calisthenics and weightlifting that make them both effective exercises for different purposes.
    Calisthenics is a lower-impact exercise, which makes it great for people who have health conditions like joint problems or back pain. Calisthenics workouts can also be more convenient if you live in an apartment and don’t have access to a gym.

What equipment do you need for calisthenics

  • There are three calisthenics equipment pieces that you need to buy: parallettes, rings, or a suspension trainer.
    You don’t need all three calisthenics equipment pieces. It’s up to you which pieces you want to get. Rings are not necessary if you’re just planning on calisthenics workouts at home and don’t have any open space outside of your house in order to do calisthenics workouts freehand or with parallel bars.