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  • Weighted Bar Joinfit 1Weighted Bar Joinfit 6

    Weighted Bar | Commercial Grade | Joinfit

    • Made of cast iron with PU foam exterior
    • Ideal for home or group fitness sessions
    • Helps to workout biceps, squats, and triceps
    • Available in 2 to 10kg  for customized workout
    • Round shape provides more secure and comfortable grip
    • All bars of different weights are consistant 122cm long
      • Green caps = 2kg
      • Yellow caps = 3kg
      • Red caps = 4kg
      • Blue caps = 5kg
      • Orange caps = 6kg
      • Black caps = 8kg
      • Black caps =   10kg



  • Joinfit PRO Fitness Powerbag 15powerbag joinfit pro 2021

    Fitness Powerbag | Joinfit PRO

    • 51cm x 21cm
    • Ultra durable PVC outer skin , 5cm PU middle skin & EPE central filler that never goes out of shape and are leak proof
    • Leak-proof iron bead and sand core
    • Red – 5 kg
    • Yellow – 10 kg
    • Green – 15 kg
    • Blue – 20 kg
    • Grey – 25 kg

    Training with Joinfit PRO Fitness Powerbag teaches the body to use its core stabilizers effectively in order that transfer of energy can take place effectively during even the most complex of movement patterns. It provides a feedback mechanism to assist with the development of all movements being high quality. It constantly emphasizes a high level of co-ordination within each movement and increases the power by which these co-ordinate movements can be carried out.


  • Bulgarian Bag Joinfit PRO 2 1Bulgarian Bag Joinfit PRO 1 1

    Bulgarian Bag | Commercial Grade | Extra Durable | Easy Handles | Joinfit PRO

    • 1000D PVC Ultra durable yet comfortable bag skin
    • Various handle options mean there are a multitude of exercises to work your grip
    • Bright, eye catching label make weight selection easy, while also being attractive and inviting to all users
    • Skin made from durable PU synthetic leather
    • The ultimate total body workout tool
    • Bag Size : 69cm x 52cm
      • Grip handle length : 15.5cm , 4.5cm in diameter
      • Strap handle width : 3.5cm
      • Carry handle inner width : 11.5cm
  • Hammer Clubbell Fitness Power Training 2021 1AHammer Clubbell Fitness Power Training 2021 1B

    Club Hammer | 2-in-1 | Fitness Training

    • Over 1000+ Exercises can be done with this Tool. The Fitness Club /  Slammer /  Hammer is ideal for home workouts and couch workouts.
    • 100cm / 42″ Handle for maximum leverage (77cm for 4kg). The length of the handle allows for the widest range of exercises of any fitness product.
    • Circular head design makes it impossibe to have a bad hit with this hammer. All hits are perfectly balanced.
    • Hit with it, Lift with it, Stretch with it. This versatile Tool can be used indoor and outdoors. It has knurling on the handle for grip and appropriately coated for rust prevention.
    • Indestructable High Impact Design Quality; Its one piece construction is indestructable. The skelton of this club hammer is made of steel and you will not break its construction..
    • The coating on the handle and head, is rust proof and super durable.
    • This Club Hammer will be around for 20 + years because we have invested in quality materials.



  • log bar vipr alternative Joinfit 1ViPR alternative Log Bar Joinfit Pro 1

    Log Bar | ViPR Alternative | Joinfit Pro

    • Latest upgrade to Joinfit Pro Series, all in black rectangular shape
    • Five weight options, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 kg
    • Length :
      • 4, 6 & 8kg = 106cm
      • 10kg & 12kg = 115cm
    • Diameter:
      • 4 / 6 / 8kg = 14.4cm
      • 10kg  / 12kg = 16.7cm
    • Rectangular cylinder not easy to roll around when storage.
    • Perfectly balanced, these log bars are great for cleans, clean and presses, military presses, jerk presses, bent-over rows, also a vest arrays of throwing, flipping and dragging moves are possbile because it’s made of TPE rubber!
    • A great way to build the shoulders, chest and arms while keeping stress away from the shoulders with the neutral grip. An amazing bar for overall power and strength.
    • Increase functional mobility and agility, and improve multi-directional stability, strength and power. Log Bar training also enhances balance, timing, and coordination, while increasing calorie burn during and after workouts.
    • Sold Individually.

    Log Bar Features:

    • Combine movement and strength training
    • Increase mobility and agility
    • Improve multi-directional stability, strength and power
    • Enhance balance, timing and coordination
    • Intensify calorie burning

    ME-N J.S.016

  • Crossfit Tyre Tyre Flip WOD 1Joinfit Fitness Equipment Crossfit Training Tyre J.s.065 4

    Crossfit Tyre | Workout Tyre | Tire Flip WOD | Joinfit


    The workout tyre has been designed with safety in mind and the extra-tough base section means it won’t split or tear when it’s being put through its paces.

    This workout tyres unlike anything else on the market. Use it for bootcamps, PT sessions and to introduce strength training to a range of clients. Two weight options means all your members can get involved with the challenge.

    • 120kg : Outer diameter 122cm, inner diameter 60 cm, thickness : 45cm
    • 80kg : Outer diameter 102cm, inner diameter 50 cm, thickness : 45cm

    What tyre moves do regular WODs usually involve?

    • Box jumps, Tricep Dips, Decline Push-Ups, Touch Toes, Step-ups, Board Jumps over Tyre, Pop Squats, Tyre Flips, The Push, The Pulls
      J.S.065 ME-N