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  • products joinfit collars PG003b 1collors 1

    Joinfit Snap-On Olympic (5cm) Barbell Collars



    Product Features

    •Materials: Nylon Resin.

    •Best choice for group exercise.

    •Exceptional durability.

    •Will not damage chrome coatings

    .•Very strong.

  • bodypump style barbell Joinfit 2Joinfit Colorful Pump Style Barbell 20KG 1

    BodyPump Barbell Set | 19kg | Colorful | Tri Grip Plate | Non-Rollling | Joinfit

    • Excellent for body pump barbell exercises
    • Total 19.5kg barbell set (17.5kg plates + 2kg bar)
    • Standrard 25mm bar diameter
    • TRI-GRIP plates are versatile, you can easily use them as “Plate-bell”
    • One pair of each size: 5kg; 2.5kg; 1.25kg
    • One 130cm” x 25mm  (non-weight-area = 90cm) chrome finish hollow bar and 2 pcs 1″ quick spring collars
    • EVA padded bar weight = 2kg

    Barbell set comes with a pair of free spring collars, optional snap-on collars also available, one pair for HKD$120, please pick from “OPTION” manual.

    • This barbell set is of very good quality, sturdy and solid, suitable for Pump-Style less dynamic exercises.
    • 19.5kg is the maximum load, do not add any additional weight onto it.
    • Do not drop to the ground
    • Unlike power lifting or Olympic lifting equipment, there is no knurling on the bar, the bar is hollow and weight plates are not drop-resistant.
    • If you need to lift heavy weight or do power lifting, please turn to our pricier products in Power Lifting category for advanced product features.
    • If you need to do Olympic lifting, please turn to our pricier products in Olympic Lifting category for premium product features.


  • Sale! Olympic Bar Power Lifting Barbell 2.2 meter 20kg Joinfit 2021 1Olympic Bar 220CM Joinfit 1 1

    Olympic Bar | 2.2m x 5cm | 20kg | Needle Bearing | Premium Commercial Grade | Joinfit

    • Diameter: 28.5MM
    • Weight: 20KG
    • Stainless Steel Shaft
    • Sleeves: Stainless Steel
    • Chrome Coated
    • Dual Knurl Marks for Olympic and Power lifts
    • No Center Knurl
    • 200,000 PSI Tensile Strength Steel
    • Needle Bearing (4 & 8 bearings in the two different models respectively)
    • Max Load : 450kg or 680kg in the two different models respectively
    • 41.5cm loadable sleeve length
    • Joinfit branded endcaps


    J.S.073B    ME-450-75   ME-680-6

  • Sale! Olympic Bar 1.2M Curl Joinfit 3Olympic Bar 1.2M Straight Joinfit 4

    Olympic Bar | 1.2M | Curl Bar | Joinfit

    • Shaft: 28MM diameter
    • Sleeves: 50MM diameter, Bright Zinc finish, 190MM loadable length
    • Distance between sleeves: 780MM
    • Exclusive Joinfit Knurl Pattern
    • Cambered for reducing stress on wrists during curls
    • Bronze Bushings
    • Weight: 9KG


  • Sale! olympic bar 1.8m Joinfit 1olympic bar 1.8m Joinfit 2

    Olympic Bar |1.8m x 50mm | Chrome Coated | Power Lifting Bar


    Joinfit Olympic chrome bar is of very good quality and suitable for power lifting. All bars are precision engineered for balance and long-lasting performance. It’s designed with a medium-depth, diamond-knurled surface, while swiveling sleeves keep it from warping and reduce pressure on the wrists


    • 1.8m (30+120+30cm),  
    • net weight = 15kg,  
    • Max load = 150 kg
    • A pair of spring locks included





  • Olympic Bar 1.2M Straight Joinfit Platesolympic bar 120cm straight Joinfit

    Olympic Bar | 1.2M | Straight | Joinfit

    • Shaft: 28MM diameter
    • Sleeves: 50MM diameter, Bright Zinc finish, 190MM loadable length
    • Distance between sleeves: 780MM
    • Exclusive Joinfit Knurl Pattern
    • Straight Bar
    • Bronze Bushings
    • Weight: 9KG
    • Weight plates in the pictures are for application reference only, to be sold seperately.


  • products joinfit cushions JF101 1products joinfit cushions JF101 3



    J.F.101 ME-N

  • Sale! Olympic Bar 201CM Joinfit 15KG WomenJM008A1 2

    Olympic Bar | Women’s | 25mm Grip | 2M | 15KG | Joinfit

    • Brand : JOINFIT
    • Bar Type :  Women’s Bars
    • Bar Use : Multipurpose
    • Bar Weight :15KG
    • Diameter : 25MM
    • Knurl : Multi
    • Center Knurl : No
    • Knurl Marks : Dual
    • Shaft Coating : Chrome – Stainless Steel
    • Bar Length : 2.01M
    • Loadable Sleeve Length :  325MM
    • Bushing/Bearing  : 4 Bearing
    • Tensile Strength : 200,000 PSI

    J.S.073BA      ME-8

  • Sale! Olympic Bar 150cm 1Joinfit olympic bar 1.5m 3

    Olympic Bar | 1.5meter | 50mm | Joinfit

    • Chrome finish
    • 28mm grip
    • 50mm sleeves
    • 1.5m   (30+90+30cm)
    • net weight = 12kg,
    • Max load = 315 kg
    • A pair of spring locks included
    • Bar only, plates in the pictures are for application reference only, to be sold individually.


  • Sale! trap bar deadlift bar hex bar Joinfit 1Joinfit trap bar J.M.077 2

    Trap Bar | Deadlift Bar | Shrug Bar | Joinfit

    • Raised handles of this Olympic Trap Bar allow for easier pick up from the ground, as well as reduces the strain on your hands and back while performing traditional deadlifts and squats.
    • Designed to keep the weight centered through the body’s midline during deadlifts, shrugs and power pulls. Shifts the impacts from your glutes and hamstrings onto the quadriceps.
    • Loadable sleeve length of 330 mm each side. Perfect for adding weight to customize your work out. This Trap Bar holds up to 750lbs or 350kg
    • Reach a heavier one rep max with our barbell! Using a hex bar allows more peak force, speed and power to lift heavier loads than a traditional barbell. 
    • Handle diameter 28mm
    • Total Length 1600 mm, Length Between Handles : 610mm   Width 540mm,Hight 150mm,
    • Neight weight 30KG
    • Chrome Coated


  • barbell pro style straight Joinfit 1JM046A 2

    Barbell | Pro Style | Fixed Weight | Straight Bar

    • Sold individually, from 10 – 30 kg barbells in 5kg increments ( 5 different weights in the full series)
    • Impact resistant, high durometer smooth black poly urethane (PU) over solid steel heads cores.
    • Chrome plated steel curl bar shafts with 1.2″ / 30 mm diameter grip rated to 130,000 PSI.
    • 98cm wide bar gripping area (distance between heads). 
    • Weight increments permanently molded in large and colored numbers into barbell heads that will not wear off
    • This is “Straight Bar” model, if you want curl bar model, please click here

    JM046A ME-75

  • Chain Weight Barbell Kettlebell 2021 Joinfit 1Chain Weight Barbell Kettlebell 2021 Joinfit 2

    Chain Weight | Weight Lifting Chain Set | For Barbell | 16kg or 32kg Pair | Joinfit

    • Heavy duty zinc coated forged steel weight lifting chains pair
    • 2 models, total weight either 16kg (16mm chain) / pair , 32 kg (22mm chain) / pair
    • Comes with chrome coated collars
    • Fits all Olmypic bars
    • Price for ONE PAIR OF CHAINS
    • Squat Racks & Barbell in the pictures are for application reference only, to be sold separately.

    Weightlifting chains help you train to get stronger and improve your bench presses and other barbell lifts. The bar gets heavier as you push or pull up and barbell and chain weights from the ground. More chains can be added to improve your blasting power!