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  • Excellent for body pump barbell exercises
  • Total 19.5kg barbell set (17.5kg plates + 2kg bar)
  • Standard 25mm bar diameter
  • TRI-GRIP plates are versatile, you can easily use them as “Plate-bell”
  • One pair of each size: 5kg; 2.5kg; 1.25kg
  • One 130cm” x 25mm  (non-weight-area = 90cm) chrome finish hollow bar and 2 pcs of 1″ quick spring collars
  • EVA padded bar weight = 2kg
  • This barbell set is of very good quality, sturdy and solid, suitable for Pump-Style less dynamic or impact type of lifting exercises.
  • 19.5kg is the maximum load, do not add any additional weight onto it.
  • Do not drop to the ground
  • Unlike power lifting or Olympic lifting equipment, there is no knurling on the bar, the bar is hollow and weight plates are not drop-resistant.
  • If you need to lift heavy weight or do power lifting, please turn to our pricier products in Power Lifting category for advanced product features.
  • If you need to do Olympic lifting, please turn to our pricier products in Olympic Lifting category for premium product features.
  • This barbell set comes with a pair of free spring collars, optional pair of snap-on collars also available at extra cost, please pick from “OPTION” manual.


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Bodypump barbell set is adaptable to all fitness level ranging from beginner to experienced. The range of plates allows the fitness user to build and progress at their own pace towards lifting the maximum weight level by increasing muscle endurance gradually. Plates can be mixed and matched to suit both low and high intensity workouts including but not limited to bicep curls, dead lifts and ab roll out. Adjustability is a key feature of the bodypump barbell which creates a tailor made fitness routine adjusted to the weight needs of the user. The bodypump barbell set is easy to assemble and ideal for both home fitness and professional gyms including personal trainers.


  • Adaptable to all fitness levels
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Range of plates allowing for adjustments to suit the weight needs of the user
  • Colored plates for distinguishing weights at glance
  • Rubber coated to reduce noise and floor impact
  • Non-rolling plate design


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6 reviews for BodyPump Barbell Set | 19.5kg | Colorful | Tri Grip Plate | Non-Rollling | Joinfit

  1. Meredith (verified owner)

    We were looking for a weight set similar to Bodypump but a fraction of the price when we came across this weight set by Joinfit. The quality of the product is great and we love that the weights are a steering wheel design so we can take them off the bars and use them for workout routines! Would highly recommend this product!!

  2. TM Chan

    This weight set is functionally simliar to those many others used in clubs for programs like Body Pump. I like the padded handles which provide some flexibility for workouts. I combined this with an aerobic step that I also bought from Joinfit. The combination helps me get a good strength and cardio workout at home. The weight set arrived in great condition. Online service is quick & responsive.

  3. Kelvin Liu

    These are the best weights ever for my workout. The weights have a handle so you can use them alone as dumbbells off the bar. I do a lot of reps and like to vary the amount of weight between sets. I also bought the collar upgrades and they are super quick to use making swapping out weights on the bar so easy. I can blast through my workout. My spouse often joins me and what I like is while one of us is using the barbell & weights, the other can use just the plates. Super quiet, no clanging is a bonus too!

  4. Ruby Poon

    I’m happy with my purchase and have recommended this set to my friends. I love the easy interchangeable weights and easy upgrade clips to keep them in place making it safe and effective for home workouts. I recommend this set, I love working out at home compared to the gym and this equipment doesn’t take up too much space at all. I’m loving my workouts now!

  5. Charles

    I was looking for a set that allowed me to do “Body Pump” style workouts at home (for myself and my teen daughter) and this set is VERY similar to the sets I used at my gym. This set comes with a total of 3 pairs (6 total) of sand filled plates, with each pair a different weight for a total of around 19.5kg also counting the bar. I have been using this set for about a month a it meets my needs perfectly. Of note is when the set arrived, one of the collars was missing, after following up with the company on whatsapp, the missing collar arrived and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I do own Olympic weights (the metal ones) and purchased this because they are quieter when I lift while my children are sleeping. The plastic appears sturdy enough that the set will last for many years of regular/daily use. If you are looking for a weight set and don’t lift more than 20kg, this set is for you. Again, this is the perfect “Body-Pump” set for home.

  6. Sharon

    This is a great barbell set! I use it for Les Mills Bodypump, and it works perfectly. The other thumb up is you can grip the weights to use as free weights . Good price to quality ratio. Great purchase!

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  1. A the pump barbell set is not suppoesd to go more than 20kg of total weight. If you need a heavier load, please turn to our 1.2m bar & weight plates here

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