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  • Bright Green vs Grey contrast so you won’t likely mis-step on the edges, much ankle-friendly than traditional dark-dark color combination
  • Platform and risers are made of high-density polyethylene
  • Slip-proof, durable mat on top, non-marking rubber floor pads
  • 14 x 40 inch (36 x 100 cm) step surface
  • Adjustable to 4, 6, and 8 inches (10cm, 15cm & 20cm) in height
  • Get on your way to step fitness in your own home without going to a gym



Aerobic Step (The Step Box) by Joinfit is used by more than 2,000 health clubs in China and other cities in the world . This multi-function Aerobic Step Platform will help you get to your fitness goals in no time.

Bright Green vs Grey contrast so you won’t likely mis-step on the four edges, much ankle-friendly than traditional dark-dark color combination. The step box is made of high density polyethylene, and it supports up to 200 kg.

The lightweight, instantly adjustable Step platform has a slip-proof, durable mat on top, and non-marking rubber floor pads on the bottom of the platform and the rises. It has a generous 14 x 40 inches (36 x 100 cm)  stepping surface that adjust to 4, 6, and 8 inches. (10cm, 15cm & 20cm)

This Aerobic Step  has a special design for adjusting and stacking platforms or risers together making it suitable for beginners and advanced steppers alike. The Step aerobic activity involves low-impact, high-intensity exercise – recommended by physical therapists and fitness professionals.

You could learn from Hackensack Meridian Health  to see how you can invoice a step box in your workout

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5 reviews for Aerobic Step | Gym Quality | Gym-Sized | Extra Risers | Joinfit

  1. Busy teacher and mom

    I purchased this because I have used it in Phillip Wain step classes across all their centers in TST, TKS and CWB. These are very popular among students and many of us already got one for home workout when we cannot go to class. This step is very sturdy and perfect for my purposes!

  2. kellykallel

    Great responsive customer services over Whatsapp. This is a great stepper.i got it for my online step aerobics class.i love it. my old one from HKTV Mall would not stay in one place, that one slid on the floor. But this Joinfit tepper is stable & solid ,its bigger so i have lots of room to step and its sturdy also and stays in one place,it does not slide.thx so much

  3. Rosanne

    Better than I expected. Great for step aerobics (cardio) and a great piece of equipment to enhance my home exercise and training, i.e. for static lunges, box jumps, an extra “platform” for push ups and dumb bell training exercises. Quality material, as advertised (Health Club size) and good traction on the floor to prevent ‘slippage’. Great value. I’ll definitely use this equipment, frequently. I hope it maintains its quality over time.

  4. Della

    Great delivery service. This is large enough for all my moves. Great deal too, cheaper than last year. It’s not slippery just like the ones at the gym! I’m glad I chose this one, Thank you to all previous reviewers.

  5. Sonya

    They are not cheaply made the bright colored ridges are very good design safety. When you start to sweat the surface is not a slippery either!! I RECOMMEND the fitness step to everyone to everyone!! If you need to do push-ups or have to put your hands on the ridges, put a yoga mat down or a towel! I prefer the SAFETY of my clients! If you would like to see these steps in action come join our step classes at Phillip Wain!

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