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  • 40 x 40 cm  (16” x 16” ) MINI STEP BOX: Slip-resistant, shock-absorbing high step aerobic platform with four additional removable 40 x 40 cm x 5cm ( 16” x 16” x 2”) risers provide a steady, safe, space-efficient and comfortable step workout experience
  • EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Increase workout difficulty and tweak your aerobic exercise routine according to your fitness level by adjusting platform height from 10cm up to 30cm (4” up to 12”) using 4 additional stackable risers
  • HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE MATERIAL: Constructed of recyclable, high-quality polyethylene material, This Mini Step Box / Mini Aerobic Platform can support up to 125kg (275 pounds), suitable for both low and high-impact step exercises
  • CONVENIENT TRANSPORTATION: Lightweight, compact and easy to install, you can take the Mini Step Aerobic Step Box Platform to your commercial gym, your workplace or your home
  • MULTIPLE BENEFITS: Offers you a multitude of health benefits such as helping you burn fat, lose weight, tone and retain your body as well as improving your cardio.

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The Mini Step or high step box platform with 4 risers provides a wide variety of options for aerobic exercises in regards to versatility and difficulty. Great for jump step-ups, offset-pushup crossovers, squat-pop overs, Bulgarian split squats, decline mountain climbers, and more.

Featuring a space-efficient square design with a high-density polyethylene anti-slip surface for maximized comfort and safety, the mini step is also equipped with 4 antiskid feet to prevent it from sliding during exercises and causing scratches to the flooring, great for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Ideal for cardio workout, lower body fitness, low and high-impact aerobics. You can also use combined with other fitness tools such as weight resistance bands or lightweight kettlebells to target more muscles.

4 reviews for Aerobic Step | Mini Step | High Step Box | Commercial Quality | 40 x 40 x 5cm to 20cm | 4 Height Options | Joinfit

  1. M Swisher

    I try to get small bits of exercise in when I get up from sitting. It gets my blood circulating and adds up to get me a little stronger. I have this in the living room and I do a few steps up and down all day long. It does not move or slide. The sides of the lifts are not sharp as someone else found on theirs. It is not painful to handle. The size is great as it does not take up too much space. It is big enough that I don”t have to focus too hard to make sure I don’t miss it or slip and I have big feet.

  2. Christina Leandra Lopez

    I purchased 2! So that I could stack one higher using stacks from the other and also to use both in some jump squats. Easier storage than the traditional long step ups. At yet can almost be used the same but better. Since working out at home due to Covid this was another great investment! I was previously using an empty paint bucket to do weighted step ups �� but love these cute pink ones! If you like adding variation into your HIIT workouts these are great! And find some more users on YouTube! Or follow @imrocksolid_fitness. I was watching his stories on IG and he uses something simila (not sure what brand though) when training his clients! I basically bought these bc of him �を泗交沛シ

  3. Ann

    Very sturdy with 4 add-on steps to challenge as desired. Black band at top of minimum height step is a slip-resistant element for safety. Surface is large enough to support my size 11s. Add-on steps are strong but light enough to easily reconfigure. A good purchase.

  4. Wilson Chang

    Love this for doing split squats, lunge variations, hip thrusts, frog pumps & so may other workouts. It is very sturdy; durable. I also store it in my small walk in closet when not in use; it doubles as seating for when I put on or tie shoes. Perfect investment for a tiny home or even an apartment gym.

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  1. A The max height of this aerobic step is 12 inches / 1 foot. The following is a legit jump box, the lowest side of it is 16 inches

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