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  • Includes 1 platform and 4 risers (two levels)
  • Easy to move in one-piece (risers clicked onto top board & each other)
  • TPR Platform surface & riser bases give the best traction of all steps.
  • Body made of automobile grade PP+ surface coated with  TPR
  • In commercial setting, simply detach risers after use and stack platforms and risers separately
  • Length = 107cm ; Width = 42cm
  • – Platform only height = 10cm ,
    – Total height after one level of risers added = 15cm
    – Total height after two levels of risers added = 20cm
  • Max  load = 200KG
  • Optional extra risers available for purchase
  • Perfect use in HIIT circuit training.



Multi purpose cardio and strength step. Features robust riser locking system to keep the platform sturdy during intense exercise. Use a single STEP for classic step exercises, raise the height with RISERs for more challenge, or create a flat platform for other bench work. Versatility is guaranteed and it’s easy to switch between configurations mid-workout.


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Aerobic Step - PRO

Aerobic Step PRO-HK$998-1 top board & 2 pairs of risers, HK$250-1 extra pair of risers

5 reviews for Pro Step | Aerobic Step | Fitness Step | Joinfit Pro

  1. Dominic

    Since I just don’t feel safe at my gym because of COVID19, I decided to equip a home gym for aerobics and light workouts. I enjoy step aerobics but didn’t want to shell out $2000 for the Les Mills equipment like they have at the gym. First, I bought a little $300 step without realizing it was a LITTLE step. I just didn’t feel confident stepping on and off from it. It was too small to be sturdy. Then I bought another bigger aerobic platform from other vendors that sell cheaper stuffs. It was NOT good. It “gave” in the middle when stepped upon and squeaked horribly with every step so finally, I purchased this step. This is EXACTLY like the Les Mills step but considerably way less pricey. It is very, very sturdy. It does not move, it doesn’t squeak and I feel confident with every step. I use it while playing the step videos included on Youtube and now I will never take another step class away from home again.

  2. Marissa Haigh

    This is awesome! Just got it today so if anything changes I’ll do an update. First my 250lb husband began jumping on it and he was very impressed with the sturdiness of this platform (he’s a personal trainer). I purchased because I enjoy doing Les Mills On demand videos and was looking for a sturdy step platform. The top of this and all the risers have sturdy rubber along with the floor grips. The risers can be used as part of a workout as well since there is grip on both top and bottom. There was no sliding on my concrete floors. There is an option of securing “locking” the risers in place unlike the original aerobic step which are loose plastic squares. You can secure them into an incline style bench as well. I’m very very pleased, I had looked at other steps and the reviews showed those breaking, I don’t think this platform will break under my weight.

  3. Steph

    It was confusing from the product menu of this thing, but it does come with the platform and 4 risers when you choose the platform option. It arrives just like the ones you use at the gym, no need to order extra risers if that’s what you’re looking for.

  4. Benjamin Eavey

    This step from Joinfit works great, and it’s priced at a nice discount from similar steps by Les Mills and others. It’s heavy and sturdy – my wife uses it for step classes at home, and it’s very solid. Also works well for BodyPump, although it’s just a bit uncomfortable on your back when doing chest work. I’m fine with it, but the discomfort could also be easily remedied with a towel. As others have mentioned, there’s a trick to getting the pieces separated: use your thumbs and push down at the connection points while holding the piece above with your fingers. Basically, use both hands, lift with your fingers on the upper piece, and press down with your thumbs on the piece below. Then they pop right apart. Both my wife and I are very happy with this piece of gear! And as a bonus, it comes in black and yellow. I’m a fan of yellow. 🙂

  5. Evan Stark

    Extremely durable, width and length of step platform is great, and I do not have a fear of falling off due to a narrow step surface. You can purchase extra risers for a more intense workout or just for a higher platform. The risers are easy to attached and can be a little hard to detach, but personally this gives me an added sense of security!

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  1. A yes, click the scroll down menu above, you will see a pair of extra risers available for HK$250.

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