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  • Shaft: 28MM diameter
  • Sleeves: 50MM diameter, Bright Zinc finish, 190MM loadable length
  • Distance between sleeves: 780MM
  • Exclusive Joinfit Knurl Pattern
  • Cambered for reducing stress on wrists during curls
  • Bronze Bushings
  • Weight: 9KG


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Joinfit Olympic chrome bar is of very good quality and suitable for power lifting. All bars are precision engineered for balance and long-lasting performance. It’s designed with a medium-depth, diamond-knurled surface, while swiveling sleeves keep it from warping and reduce pressure on the wrists


Curlbar  1.2m   (21+78+21cm),   net weight = 9kg,   Max load = 225 kg

**This is Power Lifting Gear – good for less dynamic deadlift, squat, bench press and other less impact-type lifting moves alike. There is less spring in the bar and those are less drop-resistant plates. If you need a barbell which you can always drop to the ground, or you need a barbell with which you exercise very heavy snatch and clean, please turn to our products in the pricier weight lifting category

5 reviews for Olympic Bar | 1.2M | Curl Bar | Joinfit Pro

  1. Carl

    I had been making due with straight bars for curls, reverse curls, skull crushers, overhead extensions, chin-ups/pull downs, etc. This will likely put you on the fast path to golfer’s elbow, as it did me. I needed an EZ curl bent bar. This bar is a great tool for anyone looking to create a home gym. If you are terribly limited on space and don’t have room for an Olympic straight bar, you can try using this in it’s place, as it’s smaller, lighter and easier to store out of sight. I have a few other items from Joinfit, no disappointments ever.

  2. Richard WONG

    This EZ Curl bar has exceeded my expectations. The shipping packaging was a strong cardboard tube with plastic end caps stapled and taped down with the bar wrapped inside with thick plastic wrap. Not a stretch or ding anywhere on the really nice chrome coating.
    My clients and I have used this bar for a month now and I couldn’t be happier. The bar is solid and the bends are clean, even and equal on both sides. The knurling feels great and helps to grip for things like Curls and Skullchrushers.
    Not that it’s needed but the sleeves roll smoothly and there isn’t too much slop from bar to bushings to sleeves. I’ve used Curl bars that cost 2-3 times more than this and they don’t hold a candle to this bar. The value alone makes this bar a keeper but my clients and friends won’t know the difference because this bar looks and works great like a much more expensive piece of gym equipment from the US.
    I’m so glad I pulled the trigger and took a risk on this “cheaper” bar…that turned out to not be cheap at all…Joinfit is just a great deal all around.

  3. Jess

    This is a great bar for the money. Very high quality made. Both my husband and I have enjoyed using it in our home gym. He does curls with it. I use it as a light bar for triceps exercises and just curls without weights. It’s been helping me work my way up to being able to use the Olympic barbell. The packaging was really done well. They could teach people how to package products for shipment. Works well with our Olympica homemade cement weight plates. We’ve been happy with it. I really recommend this product. I was so lucky to catch it when it came in stock. Thank you!

  4. Arielle M

    After consulting with a few likeminded individuals, I decided to go ahead and buy one of these for myself. It does not disappoint. I consider myself still pretty much a beginner as far as weight lifting goes. I had no idea this would make curling so much easier. I would recommend giving this brand a try!

  5. Zier

    This bar is equivalent to the ez curl bar I would typically use at my gym. It is built sturdy and has bushings that allow the bar to spin when moving it, allowing for a fluid motion. We will see how it holds up over time. Good service and fast delivery.

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