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  • 2 in 1 : Sport massage foam roller, also a water-weight training bar , two in one!!!
  • Full Body Workout: The sloshing of the water will awake your whole body.  Add more water when you progress! Or fill it up and use it as a 6kg weight bar or “medicine log”.
  • Two handles allow more exercise variations to your current routine.
  • 6kg when filled up with water
  • Train Wherever: the aqua log is light and portable when empty. Just fill with water and you will be all set with a 6kg weight in just a couple of minutes!
  • 58 cm long x 15cm diameter
  • Net weight, 1 kg when empty, 6 kg when filled up with water
  • Crack proof log body made of toxin free PP (won’t crack under 80kg  rolling force and 150kg static force)
  • Covered with firm and skin-friendy EVA sponge layer, great rolling massage tool for relieving muscle fatique.
  • Rated the best hotel quarantine exercise equipment by hong kong media


In the current Covid-19 pandemic and hotel quarantine being mandatory for travellers arriving from overseas in Hong Kong. it can be difficult to stick to your regular fitness protocol when you are confined to a tiny hotel room.

Joinfit’s Water Weight & Foam Roller is a smart & compact 2 in 1 tool that gives you an adjustable 1 to 6 kg of water weight also a sport massage roller in one go!

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Aqua Log Foam Roller Colors

Aqua Log Foam Roller – Black HK$560, Aqua Log Foam Roller – Grey HK$560

7 reviews for Water Weight | 6kg | Foam Roller | 2 in 1 | Joinfit PRO

  1. WK Mok

    This toy saved my ass when I was being put in the longest cell confinement in my life. 6kg is enough to keep my fitness performance afloat in the hotel room cuz you can do a lot of different conditioning exercises with it. The foam roller function is a big plus, genius design! I also like it how the water moves inside, makes you work on your stability through every movement!

  2. Johnathan Singh

    An awesome tool used to enhance proprioception, muscle stimulation and also trigger point release. I can definitely use more after the hotel quarantine. Every hotel, fitness and wellness entity should have at least 5 of these handy!

  3. Cyrus Wong

    I love love this product. I like that it challenges you in every movement when using it I love the fact that you can use water instead of real metal weight cuz that would present me a real problem when I leave the hotel after quarantine! It super easy to fill up and get to working out in less than five minutes. The water weight will challenge all your muscle groups. I like doing compound movements with it and it forces you to engage your core in every movement. I would highly recommend the it to the novice to the advanced fitness person. Trust me you wont’ throw it away after leaving the hotel.

  4. David

    I really like how versatile this tool is. While performing movements the water moving around inside adds dynamic force, causing you to engage your core and use more muscle fibers to remain steady throughout the movement. Easy to fill also exceptional massage power too when you lean on it!. A great product overall.

  5. Jeremy

    Great weight for quarantine stay. I have only 18 sqft here and there’s no way I can put up a bunch of different weights, so being able to add/remove water as needed to adjust is perfect. The foam roller function gives my back a great time as either sitting in the filmsy hotel chair or lying in bed most of the time kills my back. You definitely get your money’s worth with this product.

  6. Melinda J

    This is a great alternative tool that can be used for a full body workout and is easily adjustable from 1 to 13 lbs so anyone can use it. The added benefit of the water sloshing around inside really gets those stabilizing muscles working and the fact that it is not bulky makes it perfect for those living in small apartments as you don’t have to worry about slamming steel weights on the ground.

  7. Warren

    I travel a lot and love working out wherever I can. HK has been my 6th quarantine stop in the past the years and thanks to Joinfit I finally got a useful workout tool that can fit the quarantine workout purpose well. I was looking for something affordable, quality, and easy to travel with. This water weight foam roller is exactly what I needed. I can easily set it up to the weight I need before use and it is so easy to pack away and travel with! They add a new level of difficulty to my workouts with the water moving around in the tank so our muscles must adapt to the ever changing weight distribution. I love the sport massage function too, really good value for money!

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