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  • Buy a pack of 5 or pack of 3 to save more!!
  • Stretchability up to 4X!
  • 4 meter max-stretched circumference from the original 1 meter circumference
  • Guaranteed serving more no fewer than 10000 times of 2.5X stretches!
  • Great As Resisted Pushup Bands, Assisted Pull Up Bands, Weight Lifting Bands, Pilates Bands and Flex Bands
  • Great necessary tools for improving joint mobility
  • Substitute or Supplement Your Entire Gym Workout. Over 150 possible exercises.
  • These bands are manufactured as a durable continuous strip of natural latex.
  • 5 different resistance options, from very light (15lb resistance) to very strong (55lb resistance)
  • 41″ / 100cm long loop, 4.5mm thick
  • Very durable

J.S.059 -> F.S.001 – ME-SIXTY


Super  band  in standard 41 inch  / 100cm perimeter is one of our most popular bands. They are designed to train all aspects of fitness and performance. Super bands are a great addition to any home gym. Loaded with features and benefits, they can be used for offsetting body weight, strength training, stretching, or rehabilitation. Made of 100% natural latex rubber, they are 82 inches of band formed into a 41 inch (100cm) loop, 4.5 mm thick, and of various widths.

Ideal for pullups, muscle ups, or kipping pull ups, which can all be very challenging to begin. When tied between the bar and your knee or foot, the bands help you to not have to lift your entire body weight, allowing you to complete many more reps. As you progress, use smaller bands to decrease the assistance.

You can also use the smaller bands to perform deep stretching as a warm up or cool down, or just as part of a healthy stretching regimen. Your stretch bands are also helpful while recovering from injuries to increase flexibility and restore mobility and range of motion.

Super band can replace weights, and still target specific muscle groups with variable resistance for a custom workout. A single band can reproduce squats, seated rows, curls, or even a bench press.

These bands are of very good quality already, however if you are looking for supreme grade super bands with top elasticity, more constant resistance and longer lasting features, you will need bands that are built in layers on mandrels with no seams for potential breakage, no bonding, moulding or seams are used.  Our  high-quality, Quantum looped layered bands can be found here:  Top Quality Super Bands


Come learn from Michael Vazquez  about some efficient metabolic way of using a super band for a full body workout here:

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If you like this training protocol, please subscribe to his channel. Fitness equipment used in this video is very similar to but not Joinfit’s products.

Additional information

F.S.001 - Super Band

Bargain Pack of 3 – Light to Strong – HK$240, Bargain Pack of 3 – Mediium to V Strong – HK$280, Bargain Pack of 3 – Very Light to Mediium – HK$200, Bargain Pack of 5 – V Light to V Strong – HK$400, Pink-Very Light-HK$85, Green-Light-HK$95, Violet-Medium-HK$105, Orange-Strong-HK$115, Blue-Very Strong-HK$130


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