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  • Sale! Plyobox plyometric jump box 3 dimensions in 1 Joinfit Pro 1Plyobox plyometric jump box 3 dimensions in 1 Joinfit Pro 2

    Plyobox | Jump Box | 3 height-in-1 | Foam Padded | Crash-Safe | Joinfit PRO

    • Can be easily adjusted to three different heights: 50cm,60cm,75cm
    • Surface layer built with ultra dense EVA foam for landing comfort
    • Ply-frame core, solid and anti-tipping net weight =  21 kg, much heavier than other similar boxes in the market
    • Ultra dense foam enclosed with 1000D heavy duty PVC anti-skid fabric for durability
    • Targets shoulders, Arms, chest, ABS, glutes and legs; strengthens and improves overall core stability and power
    • Versatile capabilities allow for various full body exercises; cross fit friendly

    X.B.006     ME-N

  • VITOX Wooden Plyobox 1Joinfit Wood Plyo Box 1

    VITOX 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric Box (Adjustable 40cm, 50cm & 65cm)


    JS032C   ME-N

  • products joinfit plyo boxes 3products joinfit plyo boxes 4

    Joinfit Plyo Boxes (Set of 4 heights)



    • New stock are all red frames, not grey frames
    • These Joinfit plyometric boxes provide maximum stability and durability with their steel construction and fully welded frames.
    •  Any athlete can use these boxes for forward jumps, lateral jumps, and other plyometric drills.
    • Available in 4 different heights for developing reaction time and overall explosiveness.
    • Nonslip platform maximizes safety. Square tubular steel construction.
    • Tops are reinforced 3/4″ plywood with 1cm nonslip composite rubber top.
    • Rubber bottoms protect floor. Stackable for easy storage.
    • Use indoors or outdoors.
    • Grey body / black top. Set includes one each of  18″, 24″, 30″ and 36″ boxes (47, 62, 77 & 91 cm)..
    • Set of 4 = 47 kg
    • Sold as a set of 4 chairs for HK$4700, not available individually.
  • Sale! Plyobox Wood Joinfit 2021 1APlyobox Wood Joinfit 2021 1

    Plyobox – 3 Heights-in-1 | Cab-Wood Jump Box | Joinfit

    • Varying heights based upon box orientation: 50CM / 60CM / 70CM
    • Heavy-duty cabinet grade 3/4″ Plywood
    • Designed with internal support braces
    • Two cut out handles for easy transport
    • Great aid for plyometric training
  • Sale! Joinfit PRO Plyoboxes 14Joinfit PRO Plyoboxes 1

    Plyometric Boxes | Plyoboxes | Foam Padded | Joinfit PRO

    • Available as as a set of four plyo boxes , 15cm, 30cm, 45cm, 60cm in heights
    • Commercial-grade product for plyometric training, cross-training, functional training.
    • All high-end wooden-frame construction. Extra firm core and softer but firm laminated EVA foam on outside.
    • 30 oz. UV stabilized mildew-resistant expanded vinyl w/non-skid landing zone. Hook & loop fasteners.
    • Footprint: cm x cm. Unit weight by height:
      • 15cm –  (90cm*75cm*15cm)
      • 30cm –  (90cm*75cm*30cm)
      • 45cm – (90cm*75cm*45cm)
      • 60cm – ( 90cm*75cm*60cm)
    • Total net weight of 4 boxes : 96kg
  • plyobox padded crash safe Joinfit 2021plyobox padded crash safe Joinfit 2021

    Plyometric Boxes | Plyoboxes | Foam Padded | Crash-Safe | Joinfit

    • Quality EVA foam padded, absolutely crash-safe, minimize damages or injuries if missing a landing.
    • Stack boxes together or use alone to achieve desired training height.
    • Made with a 100% durable and stable foam core that will not break down or soften over time.
    • Each plyometric box has three 5cm strips of Velcro to enable stacking and to prevent boxes from slipping apart.
    • Handles allow for easy re-positioning.
    • 4 sizes: 15cm H, 30cm H, 45cm H, 60cm H
    • All Foam Plyoboxes are 90CM W *75CM D
    • All black
    • Net weight of all four boxes : 90kg



    ME-N  JA028A