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  • Quality EVA foam padded, absolutely crash-safe, minimize damages or injuries if missing a landing.
  • Stack boxes together or use alone to achieve desired training height.
  • Made with a 100% durable and stable foam core that will not break down or soften over time.
  • Each plyometric box has three 5cm strips of Velcro to enable stacking and to prevent boxes from slipping apart.
  • Handles allow for easy re-positioning.
  • 4 sizes: 15cm H, 30cm H, 45cm H, 60cm H
  • All Foam Plyoboxes are 90CM W *75CM D
  • All black
  • Net weight of all four boxes : 90kg



ME-E  JA028A


Latest color upgrade of the plyoboxes is all black

Plyo boxes made of foam core can solve one of the biggest problems with getting new athletes to perform box jumps, to minimize the very real fear of injuring themselves while doing the movement. Advanced athletes are also reluctant to push their limits on taller boxes for the same reason. If an athlete does not commit to the jump out of fear, the chances of getting hurt further increase.

Joinfit plyo boxes are firm enough to perform plyometric movements, but soft enough that they will not injure your shins if you miss. You can customize the height of the box so that athletes can either work their way up to a prescribed workout height or up to a personal max box jump.

  • Heights available: 15cm, 30cm, 45cm, and 60cm, and the ability to stack the boxes
  • Ultra durable wooden frame core and dense EVA foam middle skin on all 6 sides
  • Covered with heavy duty PVC skin
  • Large hook and loop strips on all 4 sides ensure the boxes will not slip when stacked

The boxes can also be used for athletes working on improving the depth of their squat or for athletes that need a tactile cue to learn where their perfect bottom position will be without completely unloading the posterior chain.






IMPORTANT: Foam Plyo boxes should NOT be used on any smooth flooring (wood, smooth concrete, tile, etc).

5 reviews for Plyometric Boxes | Plyoboxes | Foam Padded | Crash-Safe | Joinfit

  1. Greg

    This jump box is well made and seemingly durable. The four dimensions are great for progressive plyometric challenges. It is large enough not to move or shift when exercising, but not so bulky that it can’t be moved and stored easily. (The 60cm version is just as well made, but its size makes it harder to move and store.) It is better than a traditional plywood box because it provides cushion and isn’t loud to use.

  2. Douglas Hung

    This is a very well made plyo box. It connects with others and the velcro is good quality and looks like it will last well. It also has a handle, which makes it easier to grab and move around.

  3. Keller

    I was worried it wasn’t hard enough but it was. I own a gym and i have youth athletes and adults running outside and back inside doing jumps and the durability isn’t a concern.

  4. Jones

    I like this box, it’s perfect for box jumps or barbell hip thrusts. Love the handle on it for easy moving . Quality materials, I believe they will last long.

  5. KC Wen

    For being 5’2″ this has been a game-changer for hip thrusts. It is strong and stable box but soft enough to still be able to lean on it and complete my workout. I have been using it religiously for about a month and the firmness has not changed a bit.

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  1. A 90KG all four boxes.

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