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  • products joinfit collars PG003b 1collors 1

    Joinfit Snap-On Olympic (5cm) Barbell Collars

    • Product Features

    •Materials: Nylon Resin.

    •Best choice for group exercise.

    •Exceptional durability.

    •Will not damage chrome coatings

    .•Very strong.

  • products joinfit cushions JF101 1products joinfit cushions JF101 3



    J.F.101 ME-N

  • Squat Ramp Joinfit Vitox 8Squat Ramp Joinfit Vitox 1

    Squat Ramp | Full Rubber | Squat Wedge

    • Length: 70cm
    • Width: 16cm / Width tread: 14cm
    • Height / highest point: 5cm
    • Angle: 20 degrees
    • Weight: 4kg
    • Material: Solid rubber
  • Sale! Barbell Crash Pad 2022 FrontIron WOD Barbell Crash Mats Joinfit 2

    Barbell Crash Pads | Crash Mats | Crash Cushions | Iron WOD

    • REDUCE NOISE & VIBRATION: IronWOD Barbell Crash Pad features thick, high-density foam to absorb and diffuse the noise and vibration associated with heavy barbell drops, which helps protect the floor from damage
    • PVC LEATHER SHELL & HIGH-DENSITY STITCHING: Durable and high-quality  EVA foam will not tear, flatten or lose shape before 20,000 times of heavy crashing. Tear-resistant PVC cover built to withstand damage from heavy drops 
    • 100 x 60 x 15cm (LxWxH) SILENCER DROP PAD: The weightlifting pad measures 100 x 60 cm to give you enough room to comfortably drop your weight on and  15cm thickness to lessen the impact, vibration, and noise from each drop
    • HIGH-QUALITY ZIPPER: The power zipper has molded teeth which are large enough to function as a vent, which allows the pad to breathe with every drop. This breathing effect will ensure your  pad last for a long time usage
    • In addition to being a great solution for floor protection and noise reduction, it is also a a good tool for basic box jumps or  steps training!
  • Barbell Collars Aluminium 2022 bronze 2aBarbell Collars Aluminium 2022 bronze 1

    Barbell Collars | Aluminium | Snap-Secure

    • Aluminum Barbell Collars are sold in pairs
    • Fit all Olympic bars
    • Lock-open nylon lever includes a snap flexure that fully opens the collar for easier installation
    • Locks down in a split second for reliable stability even through high-rep workouts.
    • Barbells, weights in the pictures are for application demo only, those are sold separately.
  • Chain Weight Barbell Kettlebell 2021 Joinfit 1Chain Weight Barbell Kettlebell 2021 Joinfit 2

    Chain Weight | Weight Lifting Chain Set | For Barbell | 16kg or 32kg Pair | Joinfit

    • Heavy duty zinc coated forged steel weight lifting chains pair
    • 2 models, total weight either 16kg (16mm chain) / pair , 32 kg (22mm chain) / pair
    • Comes with chrome coated collars
    • Fits all Olmypic bars
    • Price for ONE PAIR OF CHAINS
    • Squat Racks & Barbell in the pictures are for application reference only, to be sold separately.

    Weightlifting chains help you train to get stronger and improve your bench presses and other barbell lifts. The bar gets heavier as you push or pull up and barbell and chain weights from the ground. More chains can be added to improve your blasting power!


  • Sale! Deadlift Blocks 1ADeadlift Blocks 1A

    Deadlift Wedge | Barbell Jack | Squat Ramp

    • creative substitutes of the hard pull jacks, let you can load/ unload easily.
    • put the deadlift wedges on the ground, roll the barbell onto the deadlift wedges. It will lift the barbell 2cm above the floor. So you can easily load or unload the bumper plates.
    • Full rubber protects your barbell, won’t clank your bar like metal bar jack does, also very good noise reduction
    • Fast-changing discs without lifting up bar
    • Floor protection
    • Also a good Squat Ramp
    • 500 x 250 x 73mm each
    • 10kg each, 20kg a pair
    • Sold as a pair
    • Barbbell is the pictures are for application reference only, to be sold separately.
  • Sale! Deadlift Barbell Jack Joinfit PRODeadlift Barbell Jack Joinfit PRO 2

    Wooden Barbell Jack | Joinfit PRO

    • High grade bamboo ply manufacturing.
    • Lift any straight barbell from floor level
    • Add plates quickly to heavy barbells
    • Speed up lifting sessions and aid classroom management
    • Simple to use
    • Wood surface for best barbell protection
    • MADE FROM 1 SOLID PIECE OF BAMBOO PLYWOOD-  sanded and varnished
    • SHIPPED AS SINGLE PIECE-the wooden base and handle in one piece
    • DESIGNED TO LIFT 1 SIDE OF THE BARBELL-for easy addition and removal of weight plates
    • 53cm x 23.5 x 3.5cm\
    • 1.5kg
  • Barbell Holder 9 barbells 2022olympic bar holder JM020D 1

    Joinfit Olympic 9 Bar Holder Stand


    JM020D ME-N

  • Sale! Vertical Barbell Hanger 6Vertical Barbell Hanger 4

    Barbell Hanger | Vertical

    • It can hold all kinds of bars – 15kg, 20kg, Ezcurl or Technique Barbells. (spacing varies when hanging wide specialty bars)
    • It can also hold some other equipment by way of hanging
    • Features
      • 9 bars hanger-capacity
      • Suitable for Olympic barbells
      • Black paint-coated steel frame
      • Wall mounted design
      • Standard wall fixings included
    • Specifications
      • Length: 600mm
      • Depth: 125mm
      • Steel plate thickness: 6mm
      • Material: black paint-coated steel
      • Net weight: 4.5kg
    • Equipment and bars shown in the pictures are for application reference only, not included and to be sold separately here
    • D.I.Y. assembly and mounting required, hardware included.

    ME-SF  VJ-767

  • Barbell Rack Wall Mounted 6 bars frontBarbell Rack Wall Mounted 6bars 4

    Barbell Rack | Wall Mounted

    • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: Organize your full collection of barbells with the Wall Mounted Barbell Rack from Titan Fitness. This dual, 6 bracketed design allows you to place the rack in any part of your gym for easy access to your free weights.
    • MULTIPLE USAGE: This dual-framed horizontal space-saving rack offers multiple storage spaces allowing you to store up to 6 or 10 barbells on a concrete or wooden wall.
    • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The durable bent powder-coated black steel brackets protect your barbells from damage while being stored.
    • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: 2 barbell rack bars & mounting hardware
    • Rack only barbells not included and to be sold separately here 
    • D.I.Y. assembly and mounting required, hardware included.
    • Specifications:
      • 10-bar Rack
        • 1540mm tall x 130mm x 50mm
        • net weight 6.5kg
        • weight capacity : 300kg
      • 6-bar Rack
        • 930mm tall x 130mm x 50mm
        • net weight 10.8kg
        • weight capacity : 450kg

    ME-SF    VJ-454

  • Barbell Rack Joinfit Pro 2022 1Barbell Rack Joinfit Pro 2022 2

    Barbell Rack | Commercial Grade | Rest 5 Olympic Bars

    • Commercial-rated barbell rack
    • Black powder-sprayed coating
    • 95*70*133cm
    • Single unit Barbell Rack holds 5 Olympic bars
    • net weight 30.5kg
    • This product is now being upgraded to Joinfit Pro commercial series, to be launched in October 2021, more pictures available soon

    JM063 ME-6

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