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  • Joinfit Push up Stands J.T.077 7Joinfit Push up Stands J.T.077 1

    Push Up Stands | Extra Stable | Foldable | Joinfit | Takes 6 days to ship


    – Unique Foldable Triangle Design With a Lightweight Carry Bag – It’s portable and easy to fold for storage.Perfect crossfit – equipment for traveling or for gym push up bars exercises equipment.

    – Ergonomic Handle Grips and Comfortable Rubber – Protects your wrists.By gripping the handles of the stands,you’ll enjoy a greater range of motion during push-ups,helping your muscles develop even more efficiently.

    – No Scratch Floor and TPR Non-Slip Chassis Matches Any Surface – Four nonskid pads on the bottom of each bar provide secure rubber traction on various surfaces such as granite, marble,mat and hardwood floors to protect you from slipping during exercise.

    – We Value Your Safety – Each of our push-up stand is made of non-toxic materials that are free of PVC,latex,glues,and phthalates. Its sturdy construction is designed to bear up to 660 lbs of body weight with any exercise.

    Product Name : Foldable Push-up Stands

    Material: ABS+Steel+EVA Foam

    Color: Red + Black or Yellow + Grey

    Net weight : 280 gram per stand

    Packing : Poly bag + Carton Box


  • products joinfit rotating pushup JAT001 1products joinfit rotating pushup JAT001 5

    Rotating Pushup Grips / Handles | Joinfit

    • 2 in 1 Push Up Workout, Rotating push up grips, set of 2
    • Ergonomic handles: Maximum wrist protection, reduces strain on joints
    • Rotating discs:  Engage more muscles and increase engagement of your core, challenge your core and stabilizer muscles
    • Elevation : Intensify your workout with a deeper range of motion
    • Strengthens & tones: chest, arms, shoulders, back, abs & more!
    • Comfort Grips, non-slip grips & base, very hard to flip, good for wide base pushups
    • Maxload 150kg


    • (ME-EF)
  • Crossfit Climbing Rope Manila Rope Joinfit 2021Crossfit Climbing Rope Manila Fitness Rope 4m IronWOD Front

    Crossfit Climbing Rope | Manila Rope | 4 meters | Joinfit

    • Manila Climbing Rope w/ Eyelet End –  3.8cm diameter x 4m long
    • Made from durable and soft manilla import hemp, provide comfortable grip
    • Construction: 3 Strand Braid Design,
    • Tensile: 16,000 LB. Breaking Strength
    • Backup safety wire included
    • Color: Tan
    • Great for adding a new component to your regular training routines
    • The end of our thick gym climbing rope is heat shrunk rope end to prevent fraying increasing longevity.
    • Includes a heavy-duty metal eyehook for easy attachment nearly anywhere. Easy to install.
    • Suitable for as a battle rope climb, fitness CrossFit rope, and power training rope. Great for Training, Fitness, Exercise, Air Yoga, etc.
    • Variety of occasions: commercial gym, school, backyard, home, garden, garage outdoor, fire escape and so on.
    • Please note D.I.Y. installation required, you may consider hiring a handyman if you are not familiar of the operation of wall drilling, bolt expansion。


  • Parallettes Dip Bar FrontParallettes Dip Bar Front 1

    Parallettes | Dip Bar Station

    • Multiple exercises, one piece of gear
    • Dips build a sculpted upper body – fast
    • Angled grips and asymmetric frame enable both tricep dips and chest dips
    • Bodyweight Rows balance chest and shoulder development
    • Knee Raises strengthen core and lower back
    • Assisted exercise variations let you easily control resistance
    • Safe, stable and secure steel construction frees your focus for form and reps
    • Compact design is perfect for small spaces: homes, apartments, and office
    • Innovative design supports up to 160kg/ 350 lbs and users up to 190 cm / 6.5′
    • Moves and stores easily, folds and locks for closet and under-bed storage
    • Simple color coded assembly, no tools required!
    • Exceptional engineering looks great and saves you money
    • Adjustable leveling feet and high density foam grips
    • Unique walk-thru design and angled handles enable two dip positions and full Bodyweight Row
  • products joinfit climbing pegboard JS052 1JS052 6

    Climbing Pegboard

    •  ultimate test & training of upper body strength and coordination.
    • Versatile wall mounting system, you can arrange the board where you desire or even connect more boards to make your own ninja warrior obstacle course.
    • Each board Featuring 17 staggered holes per board, this piece of gym equipment is sure to add a new dimension to any space.
    • 1200mm long x 296m wide x 38mm thick
    • Includes: 1 x board, 2 x pegs, 2 x mounting brackets


    • D.I.Y. installation required, wall drill needed punch deep holes into the wall, bolts are not included. Many people find it hard to do that themselves and they usually hire a handyman to do that at their own extra cost.
    • You will need to install this onto a load bearing or concrete wall, please do not install on brick walls.

    IW-022  ME-E

  • Glute Bench Glute Trainer Box Thurst Wedge 2022 2Glute Bench Glute Trainer Box Thurst Wedge 2022 Front

    Glute Bench | Hip Thurst Bench | Glute Wedge Box

    Why Glute Bench is essential?
    • Hip Thrust
      • Angled surface ensures consistent point of contact during the whole movement
      • The angled top improves back support & stability
      • Prevents users from sliding backwards.
    • Elevated Glute Bridge
      • Either the front or back can be used, two different heights to position your feet.
      • Squat Jump
        • Slightly angled surface helps easier and proper landing form
        • Large training surface
      • Reverse Leg Raises
          • Ergonomically comfortable to the pelvis and hips.
          • Angled surface ensures proper form
          • Large training surface to support the body
    • Specifications:
      • Skin: TPU Tear-Resistant Synthetic Leather : >70N/mm
      • Core: High density solid & impact-absorbing EVA foam block: 140kg/cubic meter
      • Dimension: Back : 450mm & Front 360mm high  x  600mm wide  x 750 mm tall
      • Weight Capacity without making any dent : 200kg
      • Net weight : 18kg
    • Barbell and other tools shown in the pictures are for application demo only, to be sold separately.

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Is calisthenics better than weightlifting?

  • There is no “best” between calisthenics and weightlifting. There are significant differences and benefits in both calisthenics and weightlifting that make them both effective exercises for different purposes.
    Calisthenics is a lower-impact exercise, which makes it great for people who have health conditions like joint problems or back pain. Calisthenics workouts can also be more convenient if you live in an apartment and don’t have access to a gym.

What equipment do you need for calisthenics

  • There are three calisthenics equipment pieces that you need to buy: parallettes, rings, or a suspension trainer.
    You don’t need all three calisthenics equipment pieces. It’s up to you which pieces you want to get. Rings are not necessary if you’re just planning on calisthenics workouts at home and don’t have any open space outside of your house in order to do calisthenics workouts freehand or with parallel bars.