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    Dryland Swimming Trainer | Resistance Band Training for Swimming

    • Special paddle design to simulate swimming strokes 
    • Convenience: Light weight and small size, compact package for easy travel.
    • Easy to use: Easy to set up and suitable to use anywhere, such as gym, home, swimming pool, outdoor etc.
    • High quality performance: The resistance band is made with quality latex and it provides constant resistance for stimulating muscle strength.
    • 3 purchase options:
      • Home Training Single Set: Band length: 1.25m
        • 1:  Beginner: 20lb (Yellow)  HK$150 OR 
        • 2:  Expert: 40lb (Black) HK180
      • Professional Training Combo Set: band length: 2m
        • 3:  20lb: green AND 40lb: black  HK$300
      • Two application resistance options for meeting different training demands
          • Beginner 20lb resistance
          • Professional swimmier: 40lb resistance
    • Two length options are available for meeting different training environment
      • 1.25m for home or indoor training where space is limited (available in SINGLE only)
      • 2m for outdoor training (available in COMBO only)