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  • punching mitts focus mitts leather joinfit 1punching mitts focus mitts leather joinfit 1

    Focus Mitts | Punching Mitts | 100% Pakistan Leather | Curved with Wrist Support | Joinfit

    • Made of tough 100% Premium Cow Leather from Pakistan
    • Ultra Durable Leather for a long lasting use
    • Curved design cradles punches,keep strikes centered and for added comfort
    • Raised palm grip holds mitts in place
    • Thick 2″ Padding for Maximum Shock Absorption
    • Large Wrist Padding to Stabilize Hand and Protect Joint
    • Additional wrist strap provides additional control and stability
    • 270 gram each
    • Sold as Pair (2 Mitts Included)
    • Red or White


    JK008V  ME-N

  • boxing gloves 12oz blue leather joinfit 1JK005 9

    Boxing Gloves | Pro Style | 12oz | Tough Pakistan Leather | Joinfit

    • 12Oz  680 gram
    • Genuine extra tough leather from Pakistan
    • Superior construction increases durability, Natural shape conforms to hand
    • Improved curved anatomical grip and fit. Ideal for sparring, heavy bag workouts, and mitt work
    • Full padding on the front and back (2cm pad thickness) of the wrist promotes proper technique
    • 25cm wrist opening, 7cm-wide Velcro strap
    • Color options : Blue

    ME-N    JK005

  • Strike Shied Thai Pad Focus Pad leather joinfit 1JK007 1

    Strike Shield | Thai Pad | Kick Focus Pad | Target Pad | Pakisatan Leather | Joinfit

    • Tough & durable genuine hide leather from Pakistan
    • 20.5cm long, 9.5cm wide and 9.5cm thick heavy duty strong cow leather construction
    • 620g
    • ‘Thick PE Foam padding for heavy duty shock absorption
    • Triple re-enforced stitched and riveted leather handle
    • Double layered webbing re-enforced buckle straps
    • White / Red
    • Sold individually 

    J.S.007  ME-N