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  • Sale! Crossfit Jump Rope Joinfit 1Cable Jump Rope Joinfit Pro 2021

    Speed Jump Rope | Crossfit Jump Rope | Joinfit

    • Unbelievably fast.
    • Unique with its ability to easily change lengths. High quality German made cable
    • Most used rope for Double Unders and Speed Jumping.
    • German made cable comes at 10ft / 3m . Tall enough for jumpers 6′ 6″. (Using Proper form)
    • Cable diameter , 2.5mm, PU coating for extra durability
    • Adjustable cable length = 3m (adjustable by unplugging one of the plastic ends and then feeding more or less the cable through the U-turn tunnel.
    • Handle length = 16.2cm
    • Handle diameter : a gradience of 18.7 mm  to 10.8mm, fitting all hand & grip sizes


  • Sale! Joinfit Fitness Equipment Skip Rope J.t.009b 4Joinfit Fitness Equipment Skip Rope J.t.009b 2

    Speed Skip Rope | Joinfit



  • Sale! Weighted Jump Rope Joinfit 2021 1Weighted Jump Rope Joinfit 2021 1a

    Joinfit Weighted Jump Rope

    • 1.38kg total weight!
    • 650 gram cable rope adds on to two 350 gram handles
    • Weighted jump rope made of PVC shelled steel cable with two EVA padded and extra-weighted handles
    • Extra 360gram of metal weight inside each handle to make total weighte evenly distributed throughout the rope
    • Full bearing swivel handles make the rope spin easier and reduce the stress on wrists, elbows, and shoulders
    • Cable Diameter 12mm.  Rope length 285 cm , fully adjustable
    • Handle length 12cm, handle diameter 4cm.


    • ME-EF
  • Jumbo Jump Rope 1Jumbo Jump Rope 2

    Jumbo Jump Rope

    • Molded end caps for solid grip
    • Midway protective abrasion resistant shell
    • Length: 2.8m (10 ft)   Diameter:  2.5cm / 1″ grip
    • Weight: Approx. 2.7 LB /1.2 kg
    • Material: Polyethylene
    • Color: Black
    • Recommend use on rubber or nonabrasive surface
    • Extra applications: Swings, windmills, high-pulls and presses or progressive weight for the same routines. Plus much more.


  • Joinfit Fitness Equipment Skip Rope J.t.009a 2Joinfit Fitness Equipment Skip Rope J.t.009a 3

    Leather Skip Rope | Joinfit



  • Sale! Jump Rope Resistance Tube 2 1 Joinfit Pro 2022 2Jump Rope Resistance Tube 2 1 Joinfit Pro 2022 1

    Fast Jump Rope + Resistance Cord | 2-in-1 | Joinfit Pro

    • Fast Jump Rope / Speed Rope Mode
      • 2.6m long
      • Adjustable length to fit all body sizes
      • Ultra-fast ball bearing inside each handle
    • Resistance Cord Mode
      • Yellow handles : 5mm thick, 4kg resistance
      • Black handles: 7mm thick cord, 7.5kg resistance
        • Overhead Press
        • Bicep Curl
        • Tricep Extension
        • Squat
        • Deltoid Fly and many more…….

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