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  • Sale! Crossfit Jump Rope Joinfit 1Cable Jump Rope Joinfit Pro 2021

    Speed Jump Rope | Crossfit Jump Rope | Joinfit

    Original price was: HK$220.00.Current price is: HK$128.00.
    • Unbelievably fast.
    • Unique with its ability to easily change lengths. High quality German made cable
    • Most used rope for Double Unders and Speed Jumping.
    • German made cable comes at 10ft / 3m . Tall enough for jumpers 6′ 6″. (Using Proper form)
    • Cable diameter , 2.5mm, PU coating for extra durability
    • Adjustable cable length = 3m (adjustable by unplugging one of the plastic ends and then feeding more or less the cable through the U-turn tunnel.
    • Handle length = 16.2cm
    • Handle diameter : a gradience of 18.7 mm  to 10.8mm, fitting all hand & grip sizes


  • Sale! suspension trainer TRX alternative Joinfit coversuspension trainer TRX alternative Joinfit 5

    Suspension Trainer | TRX Alternative | Extra Durable | Joinfit Pro

    Original price was: HK$500.00.Current price is: HK$450.00.

    Workout anywhere with this lightweight, portable suspension trainer to earn the results you want on your schedule

    • User-friendlyThe suspension trainer can be set up in seconds. It comes with quick snap carabiners and one pull strap adjustment which allow you to assemble it in no time.
    • Versatility: You can enjoy a diverse workout routine with very few components. This is a multipurpose, multitasking device which gives you the convenience of training anywhere. It also takes up less space, and you can exercise various muscle groups with a single piece of equipment.
    • Portability: The suspension trainer is easy to carry even when you are traveling, thanks to the compact mesh bag provided. It can be packed into a bag or a suitcase with ease.
    • Great Value for money
    • 1.5-inch thick military grade webbing,
    • Extra durable nylon fabric and metal parts
    • Slip-resistant stabilizer ring and grip handles
    • Two Suspension straps + Extender Strap + Door anchor + Travel Carry Bag

    X.F.009    ME-SF

  • Sale! Superband Resistance Loops Joinfit 2022 Front CSuperband Resistance Loops Joinfit 2022 Front A

    Super Band | Resistance Band | Bargain Pack | Latex | Joinfit

    • Buy a pack of 5 or pack of 3 to save more!!
    • Stretchability up to 4X!
    • 4 meter max-stretched circumference from the original 1 meter circumference
    • Guaranteed serving more no fewer than 10000 times of 2.5X stretches!
    • Great As Resisted Pushup Bands, Assisted Pull Up Bands, Weight Lifting Bands, Pilates Bands and Flex Bands
    • Great necessary tools for improving joint mobility
    • Substitute or Supplement Your Entire Gym Workout. Over 150 possible exercises.
    • These bands are manufactured as a durable continuous strip of natural latex.
    • 5 different resistance options, from very light (15lb resistance) to very strong (55lb resistance)
    • 41″ / 100cm long loop, 4.5mm thick
    • Very durable

    J.S.059 -> F.S.001 – ME-SIXTY

  • Sale! Loop Band Joinfit PRO 2021Joinfit Booty Band Pro 2020 4

    Booty Band | Mini Exercise Band | Joinfit Pro

    • STRONG BANDS THAT DON’T ROLL-Great for multiple exercise movements, these band will not roll up like latex loop bands will. Strong and durable, you will never have to replace them!
    • SUITABLE FOR MANY EXERCISES-Use these bands for a range of workouts, from glute and hip activation & strength techniques, to warming up your entire body while performing a dynamic warm up.
    • WORKOUT COMPATIBILITY- Booty Bands are ideal for assisting in P90x, CrossFit, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts. Anyone looking to increase mobility or muscle stamina and strength can use these bands, as they are used routinely by Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist. These bands are even adaptable at home for anyone looking to for an injury prevention or injury rehabilitation tool
    • QUALITY MATTERS-Don’t purchase a training set low ratings that will break within your first workout! These products are made to last and are backed by a trusted brand.
    • TAKE THEM ANYWHERE-Our bands even come with a sporty carrying case, making it even easier to take with you on the go.
    • 30cm long x  5.8 cm wide
    • Resistance of Light = 12LB when stretched double, 30LB when stretched triple the length.
    • Resistance of Medium= 20LB when stretched double, 45LB when stretched triple the length.
    • Resistance of Hard = 25LB when stretched double, 60LB when stretched triple the length.
    • 3-work-day-shipping if purchase this item according to the 3-day-shipping rule.  Click to learn more!


  • Sale! Stretch Strap Stretching Rope Joinfit 1AStretch Strap Joinfit Pro main

    Stretch Strap | Stiff + Stretchy 2 in 1 | Multi-Grip for Progressive Stretching | Joinfit Pro

    Original price was: HK$140.00.Current price is: HK$120.00.
    • Stiff on one side; Stretchy on the other side
    • 230 cm / 7’6″L in length
    • 3cm Wide, 10 x 17cm grip loops.
    • 10 marked grip-loops, each one is marked alphabetically
    • Supreme versatility: Highly effective for warmup, exercise, and post-exercise; great for dancers and athletes, as well as for use in physical therapy, Pilates and yoga routines
    • Allows you to perform unassisted stretches with greater control: The top choice of physical therapists and athletic trainers for safe, effective, contract-relax stretches
    • Multitude of benefits for overall health: Greater flexibility, improved range of motion, enhanced muscle recovery, reduced risk of injury
    • Multiple loops permit deep, gradual stretching of major muscle groups with greater safety, control and effectiveness than is possible unaided.
    • 230cm / 7’6″ cotton & polyester mixed woven strap with 10 individual loops: Authentic design proven to be durable and long-lasting; will not easily wear or tear even with heavy use, unlike imitation straps
    • Color combination:  yellow & grey

    (ME-SF)  J.F.007E



  • Sale! resistance tube with Handles resistance band 3 resistance options Joinfit 2resistance tube with Handles resistance band 3 resistance options Joinfit 1

    Resistance Tube | Resistance Band | 8 、16 、22LB | With Handles | Anti-Snap | Joinfit

    • Single Resistance Band: Length of 1.2m / 4ft, Red (8 lbs.), Blue (16 lbs.), Grey/Black (22 lbs.)that fit different Workout plans
    • High-quality rubber material offers progressive resistance.
    • Cushioned foam handles provide comfortable and slip-free grip.
    • Increase Cardio, Strengthen Core, Build Muscle, Lose Weight, Enhance Flexibility, Tighten & Tone.


    • Versatile:Resistance bands are very extremely varsatile,ideal for P90x, Insanity, Crossfit Training, Yoga, Pilates, Beachbody, Physical Therapy, Strengthening, Toning Upper and Lower body. You can also isolate and target glutes, legs, hips & knees.
    • Exercise everywhere: Light and handy, easy to carry and keep,You can easily pack them in your suitcase for travel and do exercises in the car or in your hotel room.
    • Trim mutiple parts of your body: Providing resistance to an effective core workout as well as abdominal, thigh, leg and arm toning.Improve flexibility and alleviate pain by building muscle.Perfect for stimulating blood circulation, losing weight and gaining strength.
    • Perfect for all ages & all fitness levels: Easy to use and maintain, perfect for all ages & fitness levels & home gym workouts.Great for both general conditioning and rehabilitation
  • Sale! Massage Ball Set 3 in 1 2024 Joinfit VioletMassage Ball Peanut Joinfit 2022 4

    Sport Massage Ball Combo | 3 in 1| Peanut Ball | Lacrosse Ball | Spiky Ball | Joinfit

    Original price was: HK$200.00.Current price is: HK$150.00.
    • 1 spiky ball + 1 peanut ball +1 lacrosse ball
    • Sport Massage Ball Combination pack has three distinct muscle roller and sport massage balls that are perfect for rolling along the spine, deep into any muscle group or anywhere you would like to focus a deep, precise massage.
    • Use these 3 lacrosse balls for deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial release anytime and anywhere.
    • Perfect for trigger point therapy, myofascial release or deep tissue massage, the Joinfit deep tissue massage ball combination pack is a fantastic investment in your physical wellbeing.
    • Our lacrosse ball muscle roller massage balls are highly durable, premium quality physical therapy tools that are non-allergenic and have no smell or seams.
    • Often called Therapy Balls, our  sport massage balls are significantly more comfortable as well as being more robust and long-lasting than cheap rubber, foam or hard plastic massage balls.
    • All three balls are of the same firmness, suitable for experienced users.
    • Each set comes in a string bag.
    • Sizes :
      • Peanut Ball – 14cm*6.6cm  / 400g
      • Spiky Ball- 4.5cm x 6cm  / 50g
      • Lacrosse Ball-  6.3 cm / 150g
  • Sale! Yoga Mat 6 mm Non Slipping Heavy Lay Flat Stay in Place Odorless Joinfit Pro Grey CoverYoga Mat 5mm Non Slipping Odourless Joinfit 4

    Yoga Mat | 6 mm | Non-Slipping | Heavy-Lay-Flat-Stay-in-Place | Odorless | Joinfit

    Original price was: HK$360.00.Current price is: HK$320.00.
    • 2.5kg net weight, solidly lay flat on the floor
    • Guarantee No Ripples, No Waves, No Wrinkles in it
    • No rising from the surface. Guarantee No Buckling
    • Odorless, free from toxic phthalates, no heavy metals
    • hard to kick out of position, no other cheap mats can compare
    • Superior cushioning quality for more added support than standard mats
    • Premium foam technology with amazing stability and added comfort. 
    • Durable and resilient non-slip support with excellent fraction and grip
    • Yoga & Exercise mat in one, either bare feet or shoes with aggressive bottoms are no problem!
    • 180cm*60cm*6mm
    • Grey / Purple / Pink


  • Sale! door anchor resistance tube Joinfit 2021 2door anchor resistance tube Joinfit 2021 1

    Door Anchor for Resistance Tube | Joinfit

    Original price was: HK$100.00.Current price is: HK$80.00.
    • Nylon strap firmly connect to resistance tube(s)
    • Durable sponge foam jam head safe to application and to door
    • Height can be set according to individual needs,
    • Can be used with Joinfit’s or any other exercise bands or tubing
    • Put at top of door for different pull down exercises such as lat pull down and tricep extension
    • Put along the height of the door for pull or row or extension exercises at various angles
    • Put at the bottom of the door for lat row up, bicep curl, arm and leg extension exercises etc.
    • Materials: NBR, Nylon, PP
    • Dimensions:
      • Sponge stopper  12.5 x 3.5 x 1cm
      • Nylon stripe width : 3cm
      • Loop Diameter : 6.5cm
      • 40gram
  • Water Medicine Ball Aqua Ball Water Filled Weight Ball Joinfit 2024 2Water Medicine Ball Aqua Ball Water Filled Weight Ball Joinfit 2024 1kg

    Water Medicine Ball | Aqua Ball | Water Filled Weight Ball | Joinfit


    HydroCore Water-Filled Medicine Ball

    Joinfit  HydroCore Water-Filled Medicine Ball, the ultimate tool for dynamic strength training and functional fitness. Filled with water for adjustable weight and dynamic resistance, this medicine ball is designed to enhance your workouts and challenge your muscles in new ways. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the Joinfit HydroCore ball offers versatility, safety, and effectiveness for a wide range of exercises. Choose from two weight options: 1kg or 2kg, and take your fitness routine to the next level with the Joinfit HydroCore Water-Filled Medicine Ball.

    Key Features:

    • Fixed weight with water filling (two production options : 1kg or 2kg)
    • Weight not adjustable (full enclosure, water inside not changeable)
    • Durable outer PVC shell for long-lasting performance
    • Dynamic resistance for enhanced muscle engagement
    • Versatile tool for strength training, functional fitness, and rehabilitation
    • Soft and safe construction reduces the risk of injury


    • Weight Options: 1kg or 2kg
    • Material: High-quality PVC outer shell
    • Color:
      • Blue (2kg)
      • Red (1kg)
    • Diameter: 16cm (1kg), 23cm (2kg)
    • Easy-to-grip surface

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Joinfit Water-Filled Medicine Ball

    Customer Reviews: “Love this medicine ball! The water filling adds a whole new level of challenge to my workouts. Highly recommend!” – Sarah M. “Great quality and very versatile. I use it for a variety of exercises and love that I can adjust the weight with water. Perfect for home workouts!” – Michael L.

  • Sale! Jump Rope Resistance Tube 2 1 Joinfit Pro 2022 2Jump Rope Resistance Tube 2 1 Joinfit Pro 2022 1

    Fast Jump Rope + Resistance Cord | 2-in-1 | Joinfit Pro

    • Fast Jump Rope / Speed Rope Mode
      • 2.6m long
      • Adjustable length to fit all body sizes
      • Ultra-fast ball bearing inside each handle
    • Resistance Cord Mode
      • Yellow handles : 5mm thick, 4kg resistance
      • Black handles: 7mm thick cord, 7.5kg resistance
        • Overhead Press
        • Bicep Curl
        • Tricep Extension
        • Squat
        • Deltoid Fly and many more…….
  • Sale! Joinfit Pro Water Weight Foam Roller 2021 smallAqua Log Foam Roller Joinfit PRO 1

    Water Weight | 6kg | Foam Roller | 2 in 1 | Joinfit PRO

    • 2 in 1 : Sport massage foam roller, also a water-weight training bar , two in one!!!
    • Full Body Workout: The sloshing of the water will awake your whole body.  Add more water when you progress! Or fill it up and use it as a 6kg weight bar or “medicine log”.
    • Two handles allow more exercise variations to your current routine.
    • 6kg when filled up with water
    • Train Wherever: the aqua log is light and portable when empty. Just fill with water and you will be all set with a 6kg weight in just a couple of minutes!
    • 58 cm long x 15cm diameter
    • Net weight, 1 kg when empty, 6 kg when filled up with water
    • Crack proof log body made of toxin free PP (won’t crack under 80kg  rolling force and 150kg static force)
    • Covered with firm and skin-friendy EVA sponge layer, great rolling massage tool for relieving muscle fatique.
    • Rated the best hotel quarantine exercise equipment by hong kong media

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1, Why do I need to do exercise in my quarantine hotel room?

If you don't exercise nor move around much in a confined space for 14 to 21 days, the following terrible changes happen to your body:
Muscle size can decrease by up to 11% within 10 days without exercise, even if you are active and not in bed.
Possible 5 percent loss in aerobic capacity in two weeks. Various degrees of rising in cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure...........

2, What kind of workouts do I need during hotel quarantine?

Simple aerobic exercise that makes you sweat so as to keep your cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure in check, Also at least maintaining your aerobic capacity at a good level if not boosting it up! Simple tools like a jump rope can help a lot, body weight HIIT is also one of the best options.

Resistance training - Different forms of resistance training include using water weights, resistance bands and your own body weight can help maintain or build muscle mass. You need to train at least three times per week to gain the maximum benefit.

Stretching & Massage- help ease muscle strain, relieve mental tension and improve blood circulation. Stretching can be done simply without any tools if you know how, an exercise mat and a stretching strap are nice addition of course. A few massage balls in different shapes can help you nail the trigger point corners in your muscles that even your massage therapist did not know exist.

3, What are the best and worst workout equipment ideas if I want to workout in my quarantine hotel room in Hong Kong?

Don't consider metal weights such as barbells or dumbbells, you don't want to carry them in your luggage when you leave the hotel after the 14 to 21 grueling days. The hotel would also charge you a big invoice to get rid of them as the recycling or landfill cost in Hong Kong is huge!

Treadmill? Bike? C'mon! Even if your room is one of those penthouse suites, you always want to have those extra space to yourself but not to a big machine that you only use 20 - 30 mins a day right?

Consider tools that can leverage your body weight also give you a lot of exercise choices, such as suspension trainer that can safely anchor to your hotel door without damaging anything. TRX is a popular brand but somewhat  over-priced. You can easily find high quality suspension trainer above to replace TRX.

Consider water weights if possible, you simply fill it up with water and there you go! You don't have to worry about the over-weighted luggage when you leave the hotel.

A firm and comfortable exercise yoga mat that offers solid grip no matter you work on it bare-foot or in shoes.

Simple resistance band set that comes with varity of resistnace tubes, a door anchor and comfortable handles.

Some simple sport massage tools such as small massage balls in different shapes.

All the exercise equipment listed below fit the above requirements well. Joinfit offers Free Shipping to any Hong Kong hotel in 4 to 5 work days!!