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  • Sale! medicine ball lb bouncing joinfit 6medicine ball lb bouncing joinfit 2

    Medicine Ball | Weighted Ball | Bouncing | Commercial Grade | LB | Joinfit

    • Joinfit Medicine Balls bounce well, and are great for working out alone or with a partner.
    • The textured shell allows balls to last twice as longs as regular medicine balls.
    • Dimpled outer surface makes these balls slip resistant.
    • Can be inflated more for a higher bounce.
    • Specifications
      • 2 lbs. 19.5cm Orange/Black
      • 4 lbs. 19.5cm Pink/Black
      • 6 lbs. 22cm Yellow/Black
      • 8 lbs. 22cm Blue/Black
      • 10 lbs. 24cm Green/Gray
      • 12 lbs. 24cm Purple/Gray
      • 15 lbs 27.5m Orange/Black
      • 18 lbs 27.5cm Red/Black
      • 20 lbs 27.5cm Blue/Black


  • slam ball joinfit 12slam ball joinfit 1

    Slam Ball | Deadball | Joinfit

    • Designed for throwing, slamming, and catching
    • Firm texture allows for easy gripping
    •  Weights available: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 & 20 kg
    • 23cm diameter (2 – 10kg)  /  28cm diameter (12 – 20kg)
    • Color: Black
    • Non bounce No-roll construction
    • Trains Sports Specific Movements
    • Sold individually, not necessarily a set
    • 2 – 20kg regularly available in stock. Custom made up to 100kg (30 days)


  • Wall Ball Medicine Ball Joinfit PRO 3 1Wall Ball Medicine Ball Joinfit PRO 1

    Wall Ball | Crossfit Ball | LB | Joinfit PRO

    • non bouncing
    • perfect ball for Crossfit WODs
    • durable and slip-resistant PU surface
    • cotton-filled crust, softer to touch
    • compact rubber granule core filled to weight
    • minimize risk of finger jam, great for throw and catch exercises
    • available in  4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, and 20LB
    • Size 35cm / 14″ in diameter across all different weights
    • (ME-EF)
  • Sale! Medicine Ball Weight Ball Soft Mini Joinfit 1Medicine Ball Weight Ball Soft Mini Joinfit 2

    Medicine Ball | Soft & Mini | Air Crust | 1 to 5 LB | Joinfit

    • Mini medicine ball,  8 cm to 12cm in diameter for easy handling
    • Durable and Sand-filled
    • Soft vinyl covering for superior grip
    • Fits in palm of hand
    • Inflatable for adjusting softness
    • Non-bouncy, non-impact type, NOT for slaming to the ground or wall.
    • Specifications:
      • 1lb green 8cm
      • 2lb red 8.5cm
      • 3lb blue 9.5cm
      • 4lb yellow 10.5cm
      • 5lb blue 12cm


  • Joinfit Soft wall Balls J.C.036 1Joinfit Soft wall Ball J.C.036 5

    Wall Balls | Crossfit Balls | Joinfit

    • FOR BEGINNER OR ADVANCED-LEVEL TRAINING: The Joinfit 14-Inch Wall Ball is ideal for everything from wall ball throws to traditional trunk twists, squats, sit-ups and presses to improve endurance, explosiveness and core strength. It is available in a variety of weights for Beginner to Advanced Training.
    • BUILT TO WITHSTAND HEAVY-DUTY USE: The Joinfit Wall Ball is handcrafted with a moisture and scuff resistant vinyl shell. The durable, reinforced seam construction allows Joinfit Wall Balls to withstand heavy-duty use.
    • SOFT, EASY-TO-GRIP CONSTRUCTION: Joinfit Wall Ball features an interior filling that helps the ball keep its shape, and is forgiving enough to safely catch high-speed throws or bounces. It’s easy-to-grip construction allows you to keep hold of the Ball – no matter how hard you sweat.
    • MULTIPLE WEIGHT OPTIONS: The Joinfit Wall Ball is available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 kg weights, allowing you to select the right size for your workout or fitness level.
    • Number-coded to easily identify weight
    • One loop on either side of the stitching for easy storage or gripping for exercise


  • Medicine Ball Joinfit Pro 2021 1Joinfit PRO Med Ball 1

    Medicine Balls | Bouncing | Premium Rubber | Odourless | KG | Joinfit PRO

    • Great way to exercise any area of your body including the core, upper and lower extremeties.
    • Improves core strength, joint integrity, coordination, range of motion, and flexibility.
    • Can be used to train explosive power and improve coordination.
    • Features
    • Joinfit PRO Medicine Balls bounce well, and are great for working out alone or with a partner.
    • The textured shell allows balls to last twice as longs as regular medicine balls.
    • Dimpled outer surface makes these balls slip resistant.
    • Can be inflated more for a higher bounce.
    • Latex free, premium grade natural rubber, odourless


    • Sizes
      • 1-2kg = 19cm
      • 3-5kg = 23cm
      • 6-10kg =27.5cm



  • Medicine Ball Double Grip Joinfit 2021 coverMedicine Ball Double Grip Joinfit 2021 cover 1

    Medicine Ball | Dual Grip | Double Grip | Joinfit

    • Balanced & Solid Weighted Core
    • Easy Grip Handles
    • One Handed or two-handed
    • Durable Natural Rubber
    • Easy Grip Texture Surface
    • Bouncy
    • In pound (LB)


    JC034 ME-N

  • Sale! medicine ball lb bouncing joinfit 1

    Medicine Ball | Natural Rubber | Bouncing | LB | Joinfit

    • Made with natural rubber to improve bounciness and durability
    • Heavy duty weighted ball that you can pump air in to adjust bounce
    • Durably built to bounce off hard surfaces
    • Improve coordination and endurance
    • Easy-to-handle size
    • Great for indoor and outdoor training drills
    • metric = pound (LB)
  • JC009 1

    Tornado Ball | Power Rope Medicine Ball | Joinfit PRO



  • Medicine Ball Rack 5 Ball Rack Joinfit 1JM018A 001

    Medicine Ball Rack | for 5 balls | Joinfit

    • ORGANIZE YOUR WORKOUT: Keep your medicine balls organized and off the ground
    • 5-TIER VERTICAL RACK: Holds up to 5 medium-sized medicine balls at a time
    • SAFE DESIGN: Incline stand is designed for a secure hold to easily grab and store balls between workouts
    • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Made from powder coated steel to handle the weight of your medicine balls
    • STORE ANYWHERE: Adds a professional look to your home, gym, school, or training center
    • Simple DIY assembly required.
    • Balls in the pictures are for application reference only, not included and sold separately
    • Rack Dimensions: Hight:105cm ,Spacing 25cm




  • JM032 1JM032 1

    Joinfit Horizontal Medicine Ball Rack



  • medicine ball rack 10 balls Joinfit 1JM018 2

    Medicine Ball Rack | for 10 Balls | Joinfit


    Boasting a slim line design with an ultra-strong build, the Joinfit Medicine Ball Rack is the perfect fitness accessory for any workout studio, in-home or commercial gym, or physical therapy/rehab clinic. Housing ten medicine balls of varying sizes, this holding rack is a practical, unimposing way to organize your medicine ball collection. The reinforced, sturdy base ensures the tree rack won’t fall over under significant weight and will maintain its integrity over the years.

    The Joinfit Medcine ball rack is a classy and convenient way to keep your medicine balls organized, protected, and easily-accessible.