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  • Sale! Aerobic Step The Step Joinfit 2021the step box aerobic fitness step platform deck block adjustable restep alternative for home Joinfit Hong Kong Free Delivery 1

    Aerobic Step | Gym Quality | Gym-Sized | Extra Risers | Joinfit

    • Bright Green vs Grey contrast so you won’t likely mis-step on the edges, much ankle-friendly than traditional dark-dark color combination
    • Platform and risers are made of high-density polyethylene
    • Slip-proof, durable mat on top, non-marking rubber floor pads
    • 14 x 40 inch (36 x 100 cm) step surface
    • Adjustable to 4, 6, and 8 inches (10cm, 15cm & 20cm) in height
    • Get on your way to step fitness in your own home without going to a gym


  • Sale! small step box aerobic fitness step platform deck adjustable restep alternative for home Joinfit Hong Kong Free Delivery 3small step box aerobic fitness step platform deck adjustable restep alternative for home Joinfit Hong Kong Free Delivery 1

    Aerobic Step | Small Step Box | 81 x 31 x 10 to 20cm | 3 Height Options | Commerical Grade | Joinfit

      • Quickly change the intensity of your workout with a convenient height-level adjustment between 10cm, 15cm and 20cm

    • Enjoy custom intensity levels that match your fitness level
    • Non-Slip Surface, stay focused on each step without having to worry about slipping
    • Non-slip feet provides stability for your exercise
    • Lightweight (3.6kg) and portable,
    • 81 x 31cm foot print, compact design allows for convenient storage when not in use, easily move the adjustable step deck from room to room, convenient to take on the go.
    • Total Body Cardiovascular Workout, improve your cardiovascular health and endurance by engaging your entire body with your adjustable step deck – experience a superior workout from the privacy of your own home
    • 120kg. Weight Capacity
    • One color combination i.e. black + lake green
  • Joinfit Pro Step Fitness Step Aerobic Step CJoinfit Pro Step Fitness Step Aerobic Step A

    Pro Step | Aerobic Step | Fitness Step | Joinfit Pro

    • Includes 1 platform and 4 risers (two levels)
    • Easy to move in one-piece (risers clicked onto top board & each other)
    • TPR Platform surface & riser bases give the best traction of all steps.
    • Body made of automobile grade PP+ surface coated with  TPR
    • In commercial setting, simply detach risers after use and stack platforms and risers separately
    • Length = 107cm          Width = 42cm
    • Platform height = 10cm
    • One level of riser = 15cm
    • Height with all 4 risers installed = 20cm
    • Max  load = 200KG
    • Optional extra risers available for purchase
    • Perfect use in HIIT circuit training.
    • ME-7
  • Joinfit PRO Balane Dome Better than BOSU 1Joinfit PRO Balane Dome Better than BOSU 2

    Balance Trainer | BOSU Pro Alternative | 63 x 22cm | Commercial Grade | Joinfit PRO

    • Safe & Slip Resistance:Maximum user weight: 800 lbs!The Joinfit Pro BALANCE TRAINER, better than BOSU,  is a newest version of balance trainer in the market which features in its upgraded spiral textured matte surface made with environmentally friendly PVC that can be effectively slip resistant, allowing you to safely stand, jump, kneel, or lay on this balance trainer, achieving a completely worry free workout.
    • 100% Safety:When it comes to user’s safety, Joinfit PRO never settles fro the second best, this half fitness ball is made of environmentally friendly PVC to ensure a 100% healthy and safe to use, without any worry of possible allergy. Also, the stable base is designed with 360 degree TPR anti-slip floor ring and finished in anti-skid texture, improving users’ stability to a maximum extent. Last but not least,  the tested and verified anti-burst technology guarantees a safety use.
    • Versatile Workout Balance trainer: Exercise half ball with anti-skid spiral texture, which is the newest design in the current market, is compatible with a variety of exercises including lower-ab crunch, plank, triceps dip and more, ideal for users of all ages to increase core strength, stability and flexibility and making the best of your home fitness routine.
    • Easy Maintain & Storage & Portability: This anti-burst half stability ball is durable and easy to clean after use. And easy to be deflated for a convenient carry and storage at home, office or gym.


  • Balance Trainer BOSU Alternative Blue 3 Joinfit 2021Balance Trainer BOSU Alternative Blue Joinfit 2021

    Balance Trainer | BOSU PRO Alternative | 63 x 22cm | Commercial Grade | Joinfit

    • Can be used as a ball or board
    • Promotes balance and coordination
    • Surface – Skin and Environmentally friendly PVC imported from the US.
    • Base frame – 70%PP+30% Polyfiber coated withTPR anti-slip cover
    • Side frame – Aviation grade ABS
    • Latex Free
    • Rubber feet to avoid sliding around

    Dimensions and weight

    • Diameter:63.2CM
    • Height 20-24cm
    • Side frame height:3.5CM
    • Net weight = 7kg
    • Max load = 300KG

    J.B.018 ME-N

  • Sale! mini step box aerobic fitness step platform deck block adjustable restep alternative for home Joinfit Hong Kong Free Delivery 2mini step box aerobic fitness step platform deck block adjustable restep alternative for home Joinfit Hong Kong Free Delivery 1

    Aerobic Step | Mini Step | High Step Box | Commercial Quality | 40 x 40 x 5cm to 20cm | 4 Height Options | Joinfit

    • 40 x 40 cm  (16” x 16” ) MINI STEP BOX: Slip-resistant, shock-absorbing high step aerobic platform with four additional removable 40 x 40 cm x 5cm ( 16” x 16” x 2”) risers provide a steady, safe, space-efficient and comfortable step workout experience
    • EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Increase workout difficulty and tweak your aerobic exercise routine according to your fitness level by adjusting platform height from 10cm up to 30cm (4” up to 12”) using 4 additional stackable risers
    • HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE MATERIAL: Constructed of recyclable, high-quality polyethylene material, This Mini Step Box / Mini Aerobic Platform can support up to 125kg (275 pounds), suitable for both low and high-impact step exercises
    • CONVENIENT TRANSPORTATION: Lightweight, compact and easy to install, you can take the Mini Step Aerobic Step Box Platform to your commercial gym, your workplace or your home
    • MULTIPLE BENEFITS: Offers you a multitude of health benefits such as helping you burn fat, lose weight, tone and retain your body as well as improving your cardio.
  • plyobox padded crash safe Joinfit 2021plyobox padded crash safe Joinfit 2021

    Plyometric Boxes | Plyoboxes | Foam Padded | Crash-Safe | Joinfit

    • Quality EVA foam padded, absolutely crash-safe, minimize damages or injuries if missing a landing.
    • Stack boxes together or use alone to achieve desired training height.
    • Made with a 100% durable and stable foam core that will not break down or soften over time.
    • Each plyometric box has three 5cm strips of Velcro to enable stacking and to prevent boxes from slipping apart.
    • Handles allow for easy re-positioning.
    • 4 sizes: 15cm H, 30cm H, 45cm H, 60cm H
    • All Foam Plyoboxes are 90CM W *75CM D
    • All black
    • Net weight of all four boxes : 90kg



    ME-N  JA028A

  • Sale! aerobic step balance board Joinfit 1JM016F 2

    Balance Board | Aerobic Step | Step & Balance Board in 1 | Joinfit

    • Board dimesions : length 69.5cm,width 49.1cm
    • Materials: High quality ABS



  • Sale! BOSU alternative Peanut Balance Dome Peanut BOSU Joinfit mainBOSU alternative Peanut Balance Dome Peanut BOSU Joinfit 1

    BOSU Alternative | Peanut Balance Trainer | Joinfit

    • When using one end only , it becomes a great balance tool a little more difficult than regular single dome BOSU or balance trainer because of smaller diameter
    • When using both ends, it becomes easier.
    • An aerobic step with balance element in it.
    • Contour service adds many possibility of balance or flexibility enhancing drills to your workout regime.
    • Turn-over for push-up with balance element
    • Detachable push up bars at the bottom
    • Comes with a pair of handled resistance band made of high quality TPE that can maintain constant resistance across stretch.
    • Specifications
      • Net weight = 9.1kg
      • 103 long  x 48.5 wide x 25cm max height when fully pumped up
      • Materials: environmentally friendly & industrial grade PP, TPE & PVC