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  • Sale! dip belt 2021 ModelDip Belt 2021 1

    Dip Belt | Leather | Double Layered

    • This item can be shipped to you in 7 days even in the Omicron outbreak period in Hong Kong

    • Extra double padded layer in the back region
    • Heavy-duty cast iron chain for hooking up with weight plates (weight not included)
    • One Size Fits All
    • Belt made of  6cm wide Heavy Duty Leather – 80cm  length
    • 15cm wide back piece for comfort
    • Rated at 1000kg
    • 5mm thick Steel Chain
    • 2x steel D-shaped Carabiners for easy adjustment
    • Net weight: 0.68kg
    • Leather dip belt for building strength
    • Adds weight to your tricep dip routine
    • Builds power and strength in arms and chest
    • Durable, comfortable leather construction
  • tricep rope joinfit 2Joinfit Fitness Equipment Cable Grip Rope J.t.016 3

    Tricep Rope | Cable Attachement | Grip Rope | Joinfit

    • Durable Braided Triceps Rope, durable coated black nylon braided rope.
    • With Solid Rubber End, the rubber end prevents the user’s hand from slipping.
    • Perfect Triceps and Grip Strength, Pull Down help the muscles around the elbows, wrists, back, abdominal muscles and shoulders.
    • Dimensions are 27″ x 3″ x 2.75 ” / 63cm long, weighs 0.89kg
    • Multi-functional Exercise, ideal for exercising triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abdomen, and improving grip strength.
  • Joinfit Ergo Gym Cable Attachement Cable Grips 1aJoinfit Ergo Gym Cable Attachement Cable Grips 6 1

    Ergo Grip | Cable Attachment | Mag Grip Alternative

    • Instead of grip strength, focus on the targeted muscle groups
    • More ergonomically comfortable & efficient than old-school round handles
    • Proper form in lifting is important, each grip design is tailored to specific back exercises
    • Durable and washable rubber coated high grade steel construct
    • Scratch and chip-resistant surface texture
    • Suitable for high-end gym and club environments
    • Five grips available, with three variations; neutral, pronate and supinate
      •  A – Close Grip Pronate –  31cm wide, 11cm tall
      •  B – Close Grip Supinate –  31.5cm wide, 16cm tall
      •  C – Medium Grip Natural –  54cm wide, 10cm tall
      •  D – Medium Grip Pronate –  61cm wide, 10cm tall
      •  E – Wide Grip –  82cm wide, 10.5cm tall
    • Best mag-grip alternatives
  • Prowler Sled 2021 1Prowler Sled 2021 2

    Prowler Sled | Joinfit

    • Heavy-duty commercial quality prowler
    • Measures 930*647 footprint, 413mm long plate pole and 923mm tall push poles.
    • Heavy duty 7 gauge and 11 gauge steel, our  prowler is beefier than the rest
    • Skid pads on the two sides
    • Pole handles – you can grab whereever the height fits you
    • One eyelet on each side for attaching a strap and harness (included) for dragging.
    • 300kg  load capacity 
  • VITOX Single Landmine CoreStation Joinfit 1VITOX Single Landmine CoreStation Joinfit 3

    Total Core Station (aka Core Landmine)



  • Sale! landmine core station dual barbell joinfit 1Joinfit pro dual landmine trainer J.S.036 1

    Landmine Trainer | Dual Barbell | Joinfit


    • A total core station that will challenge your core in ways you never imagined possible
    • Work rotational movement in ways you never imagined possible.
    • Explosive movements like a squat & thrust
    • A great tool also for Rehab patients
    • Gives the ability to go from one exercise to another without putting the bars down

    The LANDMINE DUAL is the perfect piece of equipment to build shoulder, upper back, and upper body strength. The adjustable positions allow for a wide range of movement and full range of motion providing hundreds of options for core and shoulder exercises.

    • For Olympic and standard sized (25mm / 50mm) bar ends
    • Can take two barbells in one go
    • bars and plates not included, to be sold separately

    JS036A  ME-N

  • Joinfit cable attachment J.T.224B

    Joinfit Cable Attachment


    J.T.224B (C)