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Cable machine attachments are bars, V- or D-shaped metal handles, or ankle cuffs that you clip onto the wire of a cable machine. Here we have more than 20+ different attachments available that serve different purposes and can be used to work different muscle groups.

What Cable Attachments Do You Need?

What cable attachments you need depends on your goals and which exercises you want to do most often. At a minimum, we recommend a tricep rope attachment, an EZ curl attachment, a lat pulldown attachment, and a D-handle. It’s always good to keep a basic set of these handy if you plan on using your cable machine frequently.

Amanda Dvorak, a powerlifting enthusiast. wrote a great article on how to pick the right set of cable attachments.

Additional information

Cable Attachments

A, V-Handle-HK320, B, Flat Handle – HK130, C, Double-D – fixed – HK$200, D, Double-D – rollable – HK$218, E, Row Bar – Compact – HK$268, F, Short V + Straight bar – HK$268, G, V-Bar – HK$238, H, V + Row bar – HK$328, I, Short Straight Bar 51cm – HK$288, J, Long Straight Bar 61cm D-handle – HK$328, K, EZ curl Straight Bar 71.5cm – HK$328, L, Long Straight Bar 88cm D-handle – HK$368, M, Long Straight Bar 92cm – HK$378, N, Long Straight Bar 125cm – HK$388, O, V-Bar + D-handle – HK$258, P, Single Rope – HK158, Q, Tricep Rope – HK200, R, Head Strap – HK$98, S, Thigh Strap – single – HK$98, T, Ankle Strap – single – HK98, U, Nylon D – single – HK$98, V, Crunch-Grip – HK$238


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