Dip Belt | Leather | Double Layered

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  • Extra double padded layer in the back region
  • Heavy-duty cast iron chain for hooking up with weight plates (weight not included)
  • One Size Fits All
  • Belt made of  6cm wide Heavy Duty Leather – 80cm  length
  • 15cm wide back piece for comfort
  • Rated at 1000kg
  • 5mm thick Steel Chain
  • 2x steel D-shaped Carabiners for easy adjustment
  • Net weight: 0.68kg
  • Leather dip belt for building strength
  • Adds weight to your tricep dip routine
  • Builds power and strength in arms and chest
  • Durable, comfortable leather construction

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Dip Belt is the essential  tool for improving  gymnastics strength through a full range of motion. No matter you do dips, pull-ups, or the hip belt squat,  the 6cm wide steel chain-link belt and solid carabiners on the Dip Belt allow for a  convenient adjustments, higher weight load capacity, and absolute safety even in heavy tension. This is the simple accessory to add to your gym tool box if you’re looking to add a challenging new element to an existing body-weight exercise.

The Dip Belt comes equipped with a double-layered & reinforced, comfort-fit buck leather body with heavy stitching , and a pair of straight-gate carabiners.

5 reviews for Dip Belt | Leather | Double Layered

  1. Joe Smith

    Fits well. I’m a 5’5″ guy with average/fit shape, around 140 lbs, and this thing is neither too tight or too loose. The chains are NOT going to hit your private area during weighted pull-up or weighted dip.

    So far I have only used 40 lbs on this belt and it has been working fine for me. Not at the level to do heavier weighted pull-up yet but I will try to update as I go.

  2. Chris E

    Weighted pull-ups were the primary reason for buying this product because i couldn’t keep asking someone to put dumbbells on my ankles forever (especially if they’re particularly heavy and i must rely on someone to properly put them there). The belt feels really solid and doesn’t have any give when you put weights on them. it is still a really good deal because this is something that’s going to last you a while.

  3. Caleb

    I use this belt to perform weighted pull-ups and dips. I have used it to hold 25kg so far, but it can easily handle much more. The belt sits comfortably around the hips and i have had no issues with slippage of any kind when the belt has weight pulling it down. The chain is long enough for the weight to be out of the way (most guys will understand what I mean by this). Overall a great product, and well worth the purchase price! Highly recommend it to anyone looking to add weight to their work out routine.

  4. Mk Man

    The belt is very comfortable for both weighted dips and pull-ups, and I think that I will probably wear out before it does. The only thing I don’t like is the clip and its placement on the belt.The clip likes to grab fingers and shirts, but that is personal preference. An anecdote on durability: I ran into a guy at the gym who had the same belt but 3 years old. It looked a little grubby, but there were no frays or tears and he has been hanging 90kg plus on it for most of that 3 years, so I am optimistic. The dip belt is a GREAT product; my only regret is that I didn’t buy 3 years ago.

  5. Walker

    I have only used this a handful of times, but WOW it is much better using this for weighted dips or pull ups! I previously used sand bags or weight in a backpack, or a padded strap harness with chain looped through plates, but that setup really compresses your trapezius, shoulders, neck and gets uncomfortable.

    with this belt and chain, it makes your whole body a little heavier, but doesn’t constrict your upper body motion or nerves/muscles. plus the weight hangs down more evenly instead of making your whole body tilt back like a weighted backpack does. Now I need to actually work out more with it.

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