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  • Joinfit PRO Balane Dome Better than BOSU 1Joinfit PRO Balane Dome Better than BOSU 2

    Balance Trainer | BOSU Pro Alternative | 63 x 22cm | Commercial Grade | Joinfit PRO

    1. Safe & Slip Resistance:Maximum user weight: 800 lbs!The Joinfit Pro BALANCE TRAINER, better than BOSU,  is a newest version of balance trainer in the market which features in its upgraded spiral textured matte surface made with environmentally friendly PVC that can be effectively slip resistant, allowing you to safely stand, jump, kneel, or lay on this balance trainer, achieving a completely worry free workout.
    2. 100% Safety:When it comes to user’s safety, Joinfit PRO never settles fro the second best, this half fitness ball is made of environmentally friendly PVC to ensure a 100% healthy and safe to use, without any worry of possible allergy. Also, the stable base is designed with 360 degree TPR anti-slip floor ring and finished in anti-skid texture, improving users’ stability to a maximum extent. Last but not least,  the tested and verified anti-burst technology guarantees a safety use.
    3. Versatile Workout Balance trainer: Exercise half ball with anti-skid spiral texture, which is the newest design in the current market, is compatible with a variety of exercises including lower-ab crunch, plank, triceps dip and more, ideal for users of all ages to increase core strength, stability and flexibility and making the best of your home fitness routine.
    4. Easy Maintain & Storage & Portability: This anti-burst half stability ball is durable and easy to clean after use. And easy to be deflated for a convenient carry and storage at home, office or gym.


  • Sale! BOSU Alternative Resistance Band Joinfit 2021 1BOSU Alternative Resistance Band Joinfit 2021 1a

    BOSU Balance Trainer Alternative | with Resistance Bands | Joinfit

    • Ball Diameter: 60cm
    • Ball Height (after get inflated): 22 to 23cm
    • Item Weighs: 5.1 kg
    • Max Load: 150kg
    • Material: PVC Dome Skin & ABS Base
    • Pink only (Black discontinued)
  • BOSU PRO alternative Balance Trainer Joinfit 2022 1ABOSU PRO alternative Balance Trainer Joinfit 2022 1

    Balance Trainer | BOSU PRO Alternative | 63 x 22cm | Commercial Grade | Joinfit

    • Can be used as a ball or board
    • Promotes balance and coordination
    • Surface – Skin and Environmentally friendly PVC imported from the US.
    • Base frame – 70%PP+30% Polyfiber coated withTPR anti-slip cover
    • Side frame – Aviation grade ABS
    • Latex Free
    • Full TPR rubber base to avoid sliding around (not only rubber feet)

    Dimensions and weight

    • Diameter:63CM
    • Height 20-24cm (optimal fullness is 22cm)
    • Side frame height:3.5CM
    • Net weight = 8.1kg
    • Max load = 300KG

    F.B.001 ME-N

  • Sale! Fitball Oval Shape Yoga Ball Joinfit 2022 frontFitball Oval Shape Yoga Ball Joinfit 2022 6

    Oval Ball | Fitball | Oval Yoga Ball | Anti-Burst | Joinfit

    • The many dimples on the top of the oval fitball help stabilize the user and provide a more secure grip during exercising. The other non-skid surface material helps to grip the floor.
    • In addition to the oval design prevents the ball from rolling away during use, the oval shape ball provides more “person to ball” and “ball to floor” contact help beginners to handle the fitball with ease, or let advanced users to try difficult stability or balancing exercises such as ball plank or ball push up.
    • The cushioning and curved design provide a more dynamic workout that strengthens core muscles faster and provide more versatility to an exercise routine.
    • Joinfit oval fitball features special anti-burst technology which provides extra safety. This ensures that if the ball is punctured while under the weight limit, the ball won’t burst; rather it deflates slowly, protecting the user from potential harm. Particularly helpful in a gym setting, giving the user extra burst-resistant safety.
    • Every box we ship contains an Oval Exercise Ball that inflates using the hand pump that goes with it. Within minutes, you can use it as a stability ball in any kind of fitness training such as Yoga or Pilates, or as a desk chair to correct your posture and support your back when you work.
    • Dimension: 60cm wide and 50cm tall
    • Color options: Lake Green / Cosmic Grey / Sky Blue

    ME-75  F.F013

  • Balance Trainer Oval BOSU Alternative Joinfit Pro 2022 4aBalance Trainer Oval BOSU Alternative Joinfit Pro 2022 1

    Balance Trainer | BOSU Alternative | Oval Shape | Joinfit Pro

    • More aerobic-step-like horizontal setting
    • balance trainer and fitness step training two in one
    • Durable PVC dome
    • Solid industrial grade ABS Frame
    • TPR shock absorbing bottom with EVA anti-skid layer
    • Net weight 2.8kg
    • 74CM long x 46CM wide, 19CM tall after inflation

    ME-SF  X.B.009A

  • Sale! mini Balance Trainer BOSU Alternative Joinfit 2022 frontmini Balance Trainer BOSU Alternative Joinfit 2022 front 1

    Balance Trainer | Mini 45cm | BOSU Alternative | Joinfit


    F.B.002   ME-SF

  • QQ图片20170828152901QQ图片20170828152901

    BOSU Balance Trainer Rack Cart | Store up to 14 BOSUs

    • Store up to 14 fully-inflated BOSU balance trainers or balance domes of other brands
    • Constructed of durable alloy with heavy-duty, non-marking casters for easy portability
    • Store up to 14 fully, inflated BOSU Balance Trainers Constructed of durable alloy and heavy duty, non,marking casters  
    • Fits through a standard size door
    • 49 1/2 x 25 x 76-Inch
    • Net weight:27kg
    • Cart/Rack only, domes or BOSUs not included
    • Packing – parts in brown box.
    • D.I.Y assembly required, simple instructing sheet provided

    JM038   ME-N

  • Sale! BOSU alternative Peanut Balance Dome Peanut BOSU Joinfit mainBOSU alternative Peanut Balance Dome Peanut BOSU Joinfit 1

    BOSU Alternative | Peanut Balance Trainer | Joinfit

    • When using one end only , it becomes a great balance tool a little more difficult than regular single dome BOSU or balance trainer because of smaller diameter
    • When using both ends, it becomes more aerobic-step-like
    • An aerobic step with balance element in it.
    • Contour service adds many possibility of balance or flexibility enhancing drills to your workout regime.
    • Turn-over for push-up with balance element
    • Detachable push up bars at the bottom
    • Comes with a pair of handled resistance band made of high quality TPE that can maintain constant resistance across stretch.
    • Specifications
      • Net weight = 9.1kg
      • 103 long  x 48.5 wide x 25cm max height when fully pumped up
      • Materials: environmentally friendly & industrial grade PP, TPE & PVC
  • JM026 001JM026 001

    Joinfit Balance Dome / BOSU Rack

    • Store up to 5 fully inflated BOSU Balance Trainers or balance domes of other brands. 
    • Constructed of durable steel and heavy duty, non-marking casters  
    • Fits through a standard size door


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