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  • High grade bamboo ply manufacturing.
  • Lift any straight barbell from floor level
  • Add plates quickly to heavy barbells
  • Speed up lifting sessions and aid classroom management
  • Simple to use
  • Wood surface for best barbell protection
  • MADE FROM 1 SOLID PIECE OF BAMBOO PLYWOOD-  sanded and varnished
  • SHIPPED AS SINGLE PIECE-the wooden base and handle in one piece
  • DESIGNED TO LIFT 1 SIDE OF THE BARBELL-for easy addition and removal of weight plates
  • 53cm x 23.5 x 3.5cm\
  • 1.5kg


Loading & Offloading Barbell Weight Plates. Designed for Deadlifting, Powerlifting, and Weightlifting

Joinfit PRO Single Wooden Deadlift Jack allows you to load and unload weight to your bar from the ground with ease. Place the bar on the jack and tilt it back to securely rack your bar. This gives you the ability to add plates for heavy lifts without struggle, saving your strength for the lift. The jack itself is made of single piece of fortified bamboo ply to protect the bar from wear and tear over time.

The Joinfit PRO deadlift jack will keep your barbell in place, and elevated off the ground.  Don’t waste your energy loading up those plates, save every ounce of it for the big lift!

5 reviews for Wooden Barbell Jack | Joinfit PRO

  1. Jimmy

    Fast delivery, good sales service as well. For the price of this jack, I expected lesser quality. I was very wrong. I love this thing. It’s very sturdy and easy to use. Awesome purchase for a home gym with limited space!

  2. Timonthy Lung

    I really like this thing, its one of those nice little extras you don’t need just sure does come in handy. The handle on it is incredibly useful for scooping in under the bar. The jack point space is wide enough to be used on normal barbells as well as fat axle bars . The high density wood do a good job protecting the knurling on my nice barbells and floor. I highly doubt there is a weight any person could lift that this jack couldn’t handle. There is no need to really look for clanky metal jack unless you just want to have another piece of metal around.

  3. Lawrence G

    As other 5-star reviews before this one have indicated, this is a very good mini-jack and seems well built and structurally sound for its application.

    The well designed and seemingly strong handle is really a big plus compared to its similar styled metal counter part, as some users may find it more practical to use their hands to place the jack, leveraging/ or opt to use foot for pushing down.
    Hassle free and REALLY allows you to move on with your circuit training minus tense lower back/ energy drain esp after handling the heavier weights.
    Worth the price from day one and onwards!

  4. Owen

    I found myself skipping occasional warm-up sets because of the hassle of progressively adding plates. This jack saves me time and energy and makes setup and cleanup a breeze. The bar jack I received appears to have very good quality and I’ve got no concerns about durability for a home gym that gets heavy, daily use, even though its a piece of wood.

  5. Kit Hung

    I brought this after I saw a gym in Central have it available for everyone. At first I didn’t know what it was, and joked about how a piece of wood can handle the task. Then I tried it one day and immediately knew I would be getting my own deadlift jack.

    I’ve had several people approach me in the gym and ask about this tool or make comments. All of them were positive. If you don’t have a tool like this already to do your deadlifts and other barbell floorwork with less effort, get this, save your back unnecessary strain and buy this. In terms of durability: I expect to have mine for several years before needing to replace it or upgrade.

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