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  • Commercial Grade Product
  • Set Up Dimensions: 170 L x 70 W x 79 H (CM)
  • Net Set Up Weight : 45kg
  • Maxload: 220kg
  • black PVC synthetic leather coated PU & NBR padding for extra comfort
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • DIY Assembly Instruction sheet supplied, DIY assembly required after delivery

Joinfit PRO Light Commercial Multi-Workout Ab Bench / Hyper Back Extension Bench. Built with 76mm diameter x 2.5mm thick steel frame construction with 45 degree hyper back extension angle and 90cmL x 20-30cm W tapered bench with 6cm thick medium density foam, the Joinfit PRO Abdominal Bench can support 200kg of real weight capacity, and user height range of 150 to 190cm. With durable and wide thigh support cushion,  height adjustments and 1 flat and 3 decline bench adjustments, you can target your arm, chest and lower back muscles as well as abdominals with dumbbell exercises, back extensions, sit-ups and more. So train hard and get the results you want with Joinfit PRO Abdominal /Hyper Back Extension Bench.



If you’re looking for a great quality bench that allows you to do an excellent range of upper body and core exercises, including the elusive lower back extensions, this is it.

Joinfit PRO Light Commercial Multi-Workout Ab Bench / Hyper Back Extension Bench is one of the highest quality, best looking and most versatile workout benches you’ll find. This a really versatile piece of equipment. It has a ton of exercise options, so it’ll definitely give you a solid workout. In particular, it allows you to do really comfortable back extensions. Back extensions are difficult to do properly without the right equipment . Here are some of the main exercises you can do with this workout bench and the muscles they’ll work:

  • Lower back extensions

    Lower back extensions (sometimes referred to as ‘hyperextensions’) are a great exercise for developing strength through your lower back. You’ll primarily be working a group of 3 muscles known collectively as the erector spinae. To a lesser extent, lower back extensions also work the glutes (butt muscles) and hamstrings. Strengthening your lower back through hyperextensions is really important for developing a strong core, and for helping to reduce the risk of back injuries when doing more strenuous exercises like squats, deadlifts, and clean & jerks.

  • Sit-ups and reverse crunches

    The Joinfit PRO Light Commercial Multi-Workout Ab Bench / Hyper Back Extension Bench allows you to do both sit-ups and reverse crunches (bringing your legs towards your body from a straightened position), for a good abdominal workout. The bench can be adjusted to one of four different positions; 1 flat, and 3 declined positions, which will make your sit-ups and reverse crunches more or less difficult as needed. Also, for a well-rounded ab workout, you can turn yourself 90 degrees in the Roman Chair section and target your oblique abdominals.

  • Dumbbell exercises

    With the bench in the flat position, you can do a range of dumbbell exercises, including dumbbell rows for your latissimus dorsi (lats), deltoids (delts) and biceps, chest flyes and presses to give your pectorals (pecs) a good workout, and shoulder presses for your delts. You can also use the foam cushions to do preacher curls, which are a great isolation exercise for the biceps.

You can also use the handles next to the foam cushions to do inclined pushups, which work the lower portion of your pecs, however this is a very easy exercise and probably only suitable for people still developing the strength to do regular pushups.


3 reviews for Ab Bench | Back Extension Bench | Adjustable | Multi-Angle | Commercial Quality | Joinfit PRO

  1. pierre

    Very sturdy bench, multiple angles, weight bench & ab bench in one, make it easy to accommodate any exercise. This is a rock-solid piece of equipment. Heavy enough to allow safe hip-thrusters: it won’t budge when you lean on it sideways. And the rocker handle at the seat end & the drop-wheels at the other end, makes it very easy to move around. Quality stuff!

  2. Dalton

    I’ve been using this now for about 2 weeks after I realized I needed a more functional workout chair then a flat bench. Obviously this bench works phenomenally well for all of the weight lifting and ab or back workouts I can imagine, the possibilities have been incredible which have led to increased fitness all around.

    This is the gold standard of work considering how sturdy and well built the bench is.

  3. Bret S

    This was the most expensive piece of equipment I purchased for my home gym and, let me tell you, it was worth every penny! Very sturdy, well built, and has every adjustment needed for flat, decline and bench presses as well as abs. There is ZERO wobble in this bench. The material used in the padding covers is very sturdy as well. The only downside is it cannnot go incline or 90 degrees for mil presses, anyway I knew It’s a ab-bench-weight bench hybrid so I should not complain. I would highly recommend this bench over any others if it fits your purposes.

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  1. A This ab bench is used one of the declined positions usually. It cannot be stored upright though.
  2. A This ab bench can be set to flat so you can use it as a flat bench. No need or taking off the leg support.