Workout Bench | Adjustable Multi-Angle | 9 x 3 Stages | Incline | Flat | Decline | Commercial Grade

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  • Adjustable multi-angle workout bench for working upper and lower body muscles
  • black synthetic leather coated padding for extra comfort
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • 1240 x 540 x 610mm
  • Colors: a combo of red, black & grey on different parts
  • 7 day shipment time
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Add variety to your workout routine with this commercial grade adjustable multi-angle workout bench. The back can be adjusted to 9 angles by  -15°, 0°,-15°-30° -45°,-60°, 75°, 85° & 90° and the seat pad angle is adjustable from 0°to 30°(three slots), letting you customize your workouts to focus on your upper and lower body or core. The bench is also comfortable and supportive, with black synthetic leather coated padding. Made of powder-coated steel for durability

  • Assembly Instruction sheet supplied, DIY assembly required after delivery.
  • Joinfit can provide installation service at additional cost (between HK$400 to HK$900 depending on remoteness of your place, please schedule for installation service after delivery)
  • Net weight: 31kg
  • Maxload: 300kg

5 reviews for Workout Bench | Adjustable Multi-Angle | 9 x 3 Stages | Incline | Flat | Decline | Commercial Grade

  1. KK Wong

    I have to admit that I am a little bit lazy person, and I don’t have time to go to gym. This bench is a very good equipment for me. I can doing exercise at home anytime. The size is perfect to me , easy to adjust, doesn’t accupied much space. Good quality! The surface of the bench feels comfortable and it doesn’t slipped when you sit on top to do exercise. I like it there are many incline to decline angles you can get. Also when not used it is a beauttiful bench just to be put in the living room as an additional sitting bench. I hope this bench can help me to stick at exercise. when I see it, I’ll remember to that I have to move, which is less time and less money than going to the gym. I’ll recommend it to friends who want to exercise as much as I do but don’t have enough time.

  2. Louis

    It is not necessary to go to the gym anymore, I can workout anytime at home, and it is very convenient to adjust and use. i am so impressed with the quality and finishing,feel safe and stable when i use it。and of cause it’s very comfortable too . Quality product.

  3. Kwong

    This workout bench is of great value for its price and capabilities. It can incline and decline to the most comfortable angle that you will like. I need an adjustable bench, but there wasn’t much space, I just put it in my bedroom, and this fit perfectly. It’s strong. It is safe and does not shake during exercise. The back is long and comfortable. The leg are are reliable when I use this bench for sit-ups. The bench has rubber pads under the feet so that no matter how I moved it, it wouldn’t scratch my floor. This is great. I use it every day to exercise. I am satisfied with my purchase.

  4. Jeff

    Great product. I used to go to gym which cost me $800 a month and 30 minutes commute back and forth. Now instead spending that amount of money and time, I do exercise at home using this bench. It really helps me to do all the positions I need to do my full body dumbbell training. I am very satisfied with its design and price. The package includes a Allen wrench that will help you assemble the bench and trust me it is not a hard task to do. The beach stay durable, no shape changes or strange sounds come out. It will stay with me for a good long time.

  5. Rocky Tung

    This is my third home bench, and I’m very happy with it. I was worried about stability because of the first two other benches I ad before would creak or wobble when I lift heavy, this one is about 30kg and it has not been a problem. Adjustments are easy. I use this with dumbbells and short barbell, and I should have bought it sooner. It helps me focus more on technique and I am finding that I have to lower some of the weights I am using because of the improved focus on muscle groups. I do feel the gap between the lumbar support and the seat when I have the back reclined to a level position, but my wife gave me a small towel to put in the gap, and that works just fine. I like this bench.

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