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  • ideal for preventing injuries specifically ankle injuries. The trainers can be used to strengthen the joints and ligaments of the ankles to help prevent and sprains, strains or injuries that could occur.
  • heavy duty PVC, and molded in closed-cell foam
  • Disc Diameter :33cm, 4.8cm tall.


X.B.007A   ME-SF


Joinfit Pro Stability Trainer Disc is made of heavy duty PVC, and molded in closed-cell foam with an anti-slip ridged surface. Excellent for balance and proprioception training, core, upper and lower extremity strength and stability training, ankle range of motion and flexibility training, sensorimotor training, closed kinetic chain exercises, targeted injury prevention and strengthening.

Balance and Strength Exercises

There are a variety of balance and strength exercises that can be done with the Joinfit Pro Stability Trainer Disc, including the single leg pistol squat, single leg stance and single leg forward lunge..  The surface bears an anti-skid pattern that resist slipping for balance training.


Additional information

Mini Yoga Mats in Pair

Blue – 8mm – 50g, Grey – 6mm – 35g

6 reviews for Stability Trainer Disc | Balance Pad | TheraBand Alternative | Joinfit Pro

  1. Wendy Kwok

    I loooove this product! I actually came across this knee pad by accident. I was searching for knee pads to use during my workout since some of the exercises require me to kneel. My yoga mat didn’t seem to be enough so I tried to find knee pads. I found a different knee pad that goes on the floor, I think it was in the shape of a circle but after reading the reviews I saw comments about it moving during exercise. One of the reviewers suggested this pad or one similar to it. I felt confident that my search was over. These knee pads have been life changing! It makes me look forward to exercise instead of avoiding it because of the knee pain I would experience from hard floors. This pad stays in place and will allow you to focus on your workout instead of the pain that comes from doing certain exercises. You will not be disappointed with this product!

  2. Cheung K W

    I have hardwood floors in my house, so my yoga mat with a yoga towel are still a little too thin to prevent discomfort on my wrists and knees. I purchased this little cushion to move around as needed and it works great. I do both barre and yoga exercises on my setup, and the pads feels great in the places where I need a little extra cushion. I put it under my hands for pushups, I kneel on it when I’m doing exercises requiring that action, I stand on it for barre, and sometimes I fold it in half and use it for a little extra lift when needed for ab exercises. It is space-econ and the gray color is about the same as my towel, so everything matches really nicely. Overall I’m happy with this small mat.

  3. Cynthia

    I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. My rheumatologist recommended yoga since I can start in a chair and work my way up. But I had a hard time doing the floor exercises that require you to be on your knees. I happen to come across the Yoga Knee Pad when I was looking for a thicker Yoga mat. My Yoga mat is 3/4 inch and adding these extra pads makes it just over an inch at two different spots which significantly helps cushion my knees, even my hands and elbows. I think this is a great buy if you need just a little more support when doing Yoga floor exercises.

  4. Fontaine W

    I finally reached the point in my yoga practice where a folded towel under my knees was no longer providing enough support to keep my practice pain free, so I decided to upgrade to this knee pad and I am extremely happy I did! I use this in a fast moving vinyasa class that includes lots of kneeling poses and it is the perfect size to support one or both knees in every pose that requires it while still being short enough that it doesn’t get in the way of my standing series. I should clarify that my knee pain was from wear and tear from a daily yoga practice coupled with extremely bony knees–I haven’t had an injury/surgery so I am not sure how well it would work in that case, but as someone who just needs a bit of extra support beyond the thickness of my mat, this was perfect. I purchased the dark blue color and when I opened it for the first time there was a bit of a smell but it dissipated within a few hours. I have also only been using it for a short time, so I can’t speak to its durability, but it appears to be pretty dense foam and it springs back to its original shape after every class, so I am hopeful that it will last for a good long while.

  5. Darcy

    This has been my 1st and only yoga “extra” purchase and it was the best move I could have made.
    My knees have always been sensitive to hard surfaces so I knew that if I was going to invest in this practice and journey, I needed to be comfortable from the start.
    People always ask me where I got this once I pull it out to use it. It easily fits in my yoga mat bag and flattens back out (since it was curled around my mat) upon use. It is super easy to use and much more comfortable and convenient than using a blanket.
    Great price and great product. I have had it for 2 months and it is still going strong!

  6. Jake Schaefer

    This is awesome! My knees have been sore from yoga lately (too many table tops and forward lunges). Instead of buying a thicker mat, I found this. It’s been awesome! It’s small enough that I can still carry it with my other yoga gear. It fits perfectly across my mat and between the thickness of this mat and my actual yoga mat, my knee pain is gone!

    My only “con” to this is how it was sent. It was so tightly curled, I had to spend a day to weigh it down with two dumbbells to get it to stay straight.

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